GIA To Experiment With Lab-Grown Diamonds Soon

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  • Posted: Tuesday, September 8, 2015
GIA To Experiment With Lab-Grown Diamonds Soon

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has decided to synthetically produce diamonds from the coming year. The move has been decided in order to understand the properties of these precious stones and also as an attempt to improve identification capabilities.The development was announced during the International Diamond Week by GIA’sexecutive vice president and chief laboratory and research office Tom Moses.

Moses indicated during the event that the move to produce lab-grown stones would help keep themselves abreast with technological developments. He also said that synthetic production of diamonds has become a part and parcel of the diamond industry today. Moses also mentioned that GIA would ensure that through identification and disclosuresynthetic diamonds do not undermine the value of natural diamonds.

Synthetic production of diamonds would begin at GIA’s facility in New Jersey, confirmed the grading laboratory’s spokesperson Stephen Morisseau.

Morisseau said that the move to produce synthetic diamonds was part of GIA’songoing research into the sector. He also added that research into this sector had begun 60 years ago when man-made diamonds were first developed.

The GIA facility in New Jersey is expected to begin production by January 2016, after acquiring information from GIA’s education program, industry conferences and various publications.


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