Few tricks and fashion tips, a child's play for you all

By Gemexi Team | Fashion Tips
  • Posted: Monday, December 21, 2015
Few tricks and fashion tips, a child's play for you all

Fashion is a craze for many people around the globe who follow the fashion tips to project the best in the end. These tips let you keep both yourself and your belongings perfect. You may read these fashion tips for the ultimate show.

If you are planning for a big event some time soon and your tummy looks bloated, refrain yourself from the dairy products and the whole grain food. Look ravishing with this fashion tip.



Know yourself. Wear what you are comfortable in. Do not play with the clothing at the last moment. This may lead you to an embarrassment.


Avoid wearing garments just after ironing them. You may get new wrinkles while putting them on. A simple tip to go crisp for your work or party.


If you have got the lint balls all over your winter wears, use a pumice stone to get all the away. The pilling will go away if you do it carefully.


If you own clip-on earrings, clutch them on to your collar or your shoes for further embellishments. Snap it up for fashionable you.


Clean the glasses of your specks with the neat cotton cloth to keep it scratch-free. Go clean with cleaner eye vision.


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