Few Tips to build a classic fashion statement and an updated closet

By Gemexi Team | Fashion Tips
  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Few Tips to build a classic fashion statement and an updated closet

We bring you the easiest ways and tips to beautify your looks and multiply your personality impact. These fashion tips are worth reading and I am sure you will consider these as a savior once you adopt these.

Try mixing prints with unifying color

If you are really in love with the monochrome patterns or maybe the polka dots, try mixing the colors with one unifying base color.


Tuck Your Shirt

Wearing shirts with denim shorts or maybe a pair of jeans has always been a source of attraction. A smart look created the simplest way. Tuck in your shirts, maybe just half of it or from the front side and leave the rest outside. For a newer version pick printed shorts and a plain shirt.


Stretch your shoes at home

Does your shoe hurt you in your toes? Try this trick to stretch your shoe at home. Fill in the two Ziplock bags with water. Remove as much air as you can from the bag. Place them in two shoes and freeze them. Next day morning, break the ice and remove the zip bags. See the shoe might fit you.


Read the Cloth Labels

Next time before you make the final purchase, just read the cloth label for the percentage component of cotton and Lycra. For your Jeans, it must have at least 2 percent Lycra.


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