Few Tips to be in vogue and reflect the great style and attitude

By Gemexi Team | Fashion Tips
  • Updated On Mar 25, 2020
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Few Tips to be in vogue and reflect the great style and attitude

Fashion tips are the ideas suggesting the best of the ways in which you can carry yourself. The tips are easy to adapt to the ultimate results that will work wonders for you.

Get your clothes Tailored

After you make a purchase of the dress that misses a perfect fit on your body, get it to nip and tuck from the tailor close by. Get a perfect finesse with best fits.


Always Iron all your clothes

The clean and crisp look surely attracts many. Before you leave your home for work or a casual outing, make sure there are no wrinkles on your clothes. Keep them crisp and ironed.


Keep it simple and not too gaudy with the Gold Accessories.

Accessorize your clothes with the simplest of gold rings, earrings or neckpiece. Don’t make it too gaudy and showy. A must-know fashion tip.


Try the tonal colors for a casual outing

Colors add life to you and reflect a lot about your mind and personalities. However, you may still try the tonal colors like all whites or maybe all blacks. Match it with the contrast footwear and bags. A new and unique tip for you.


Let everything like bag shine and keep it clean

Keep your handbag shiny and clean. Don’t show the dirt stick in your bag for long. Clean it before you carry it. Keep all the accessories clean and dust-free. Use unscented body lotions for the leather bags.


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