Snake Jewelry

Equally one of the most precious and most widespread mythological symbols, it’s no doubt snakes (serpents) remained as trendy and admired in jewelry as they acted back in ancient Egyptian times. 

Snake Jewelry in History

Snake jewelry remains fascinating to mankind due to its expression of dual characters, i.e., good and evil, poison and medicine as well as fertility and rebirth. Wrapped in history anaconda snake earrings, rings, and another jewelry accessory is the most adorned silver jewelry due to its ability to represent the wearer’s sensuousness and seductiveness. Throughout the ages, different cultures have interpreted the snakes in various ways. In the Egyptian culture wearing the snake bracelets and earrings represents royalty as a serpent's symbolized deity. In Rabbinic Judaism as well as in Hinduism, the serpents symbolize sexual passion and desire, thus wearing snake rings and pendants represents the wearer’s sexual desire with enhanced glamorous seductiveness that attracts the opposite sex. In Roman tradition, snake signifies everlasting love, so people wearing snake jewelry show their eternal love for their soulmate and family.

Snake silver jewelry was first crafted in the Victorian era after Prince Albert proposed to Queen Victoria. Queen Victoria consider snakes an emblem of eternal love when she got a snake theme engagement ring from Prince Albert. Today snake theme rings are mostly preferred as engagement and wedding rings to show them as a token of love “happily-ever-after.” In the 1840s or say in that era, snake speculated as a symbol of wisdom and eternity. Thus, people use serpents as a predominant motif on rings, pendants, and necklaces including bracelets. Even during the Art Nouveau period, snake-themed jewelry enjoyed a brief and ubiquitous comeback, French jewelry loves to craft their jewelry with the snake as a base design.

In ancient times, snakes were considered a creature that plays a prominent role in life as well as an ancient underworld god. The striking appeals of the serpents attract the attention of the classy people and evoke a desire to wear them or their presence as a jewelry ornament. Whether curved in a tie atop a band or enfolded around the wrist as a fashionable, classy bracelet, the snake remains a revered favorite, cherished amongst jewelry motifs. The rope-like consistency and a charismatic skin of a snake make it a perfect example from which to cast a piece of jewelry.  The frames and configurations of this mythic being serve to test a jeweler’s creative gift.  Several jewelry houses have yet incorporated the serpent (snake) into their Maison’s identity, employing it as the central motif in several of their iconic collections. 

Healing with Snake Silver Jewelry collection

Snakes symbolize both positive and negative meanings in a dream.  Dreaming snakes in a dream means you are facing some challenges in your daily life and feeling depressed about the circumstances. In the dream, the snake signifies the male energy in addition to the way you experience your sexuality. Snakes in ancient civilizations too phrased that they symbolize the unconscious. Further, serpents show that a dreamer is in the process of healing the overall self in an unconscious manner and resolving issues.

Snakes too represent the untamed emotions of self in addition to the untapped resource that helps to control self. Snakes also symbolize intuition (intuitive self) or spiritual aspects of self. Furthermore, these serpents show your instinctual drive that moves you from the depths of your psyche. Seeing serpents (snakes) in your dream too signifies transition and transformation as they hold the ability to shed their skin. In many cultures, snakes stand for creativity and your hidden potential.

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