Marquise Shape Jewelry

The best reason for buying a jewelry piece is for the happiness that it brings. Then what can be better than a jewelry cut that resembles a smile? Marquise jewelry can instantly light up your mood with its trendy shape that is mostly a highly modified brilliant-cut. 

A Journey of Centuries

It is said that the marquise style of jewelry making originated from the court of King Louis XVI of France. Looking at the polished dignity of this cut on shining gemstones, it is hard to believe that it is not a modern shape. This marquise-shaped gemstone jewelry has created hype in today's market and has certainly become one of the hottest jewelry trends of 2021. It initially began as a cut for diamonds, but with time, it has successfully adapted itself into colored gemstones as well. 

Marquise shape gems jewelry can capture hearts with its classic shape that also resembles a diamond. It is a variant of round and pear-shaped gemstones, and can perfectly complement long fingers or make your fingers look really long if you wear them in rings. The long-thin body along with the pointed ends can immediately capture the sight and create an illusion of length. 

One of the most common trends in this style is the marquise-shaped silver jewelry that looks very graceful in the faded colors of silver and the bright, exuberant shades of the gemstones. The interesting clubbing of different kinds of unique gemstones and styles can create various sterling silver marquise shape jewelry that is loved by all. 

Looking For Ideal Marquise Shape Jewelry?

As alluring pieces of jewelry, there is nothing that matches the charm of wholesale marquise-shaped jewelry. You can get them at an affordable deal from reliable clients like Gemexi, who also offer great collections up for bulk buy marquise shape jewelry. Available in pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and jewelry sets, an investment in marquise-shaped jewelry can immediately enhance your presence. 

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