Cushion Shape Jewelry

If we rank the most popular jewelry cuts, then cushion jewelry always takes a position in the first three. This vintage style has covered a long journey with an element of nostalgia attached to it. After becoming widely famous in the middle of the last century, this trend is all set to make it come back in the third decade of the 21st century. 


Revisiting The Glamor With Modern Finish

Cushion shape silver jewelry is called so because of its square shape and rounded corners in multifaceted gems. There are even different styles of cushion-shaped gem jewelry that enhance its gorgeousness. 

  1. ● The old mine cushions are known for having geometric faces and a chunky look for an exuberant look.
  2. ● The brilliant-cut cushion-shaped gemstone jewelry is such that it exhibits brilliance and enhances the light return of the gemstone.
  3. ●  The crushed ice modified cushion is a modern version where the facets resemble the arms of a star and overall give a crushed ice kind of look. 
  4. ● Hybrid cushion cut gemstones combine the best features of brilliant-cut and crushed ice cut to give a star-faceted look with enhanced light return and brilliance. 

You are getting all these wonderful designs in sterling silver cushion shape jewelry that has unparalleled quality in the gemstone industry. The advantages of these jewelry pieces are:

  1. ●    Costs much less than regular gemstones
  2. ●    Looks luxurious even at affordable rates
  3. ●    Perfect for personalization
  4. ●    Excellence sparkle and illuminance
  5. ●    Trendy now, evergreen later with classic shape

Your One-Stop-Shop

At Gemexi, we offer wholesale cushion shape jewelry in a wide variety of styles. From our website, you can pick between cushion-cut gemstone rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and even sets of jewelry. There is a large range of colors, themes, stones, and sizes to choose from. With such vast options curated according to the market trends, you cannot go wrong with your investment. Bulk buy cushion-shaped jewelry from us to get alluring discounts and deals that you simply cannot refuse. 

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