Natural 18.85ct wave rolling hills dolomite 16x17mm cushion loose gemstone s3797

Item Code: S240-S3797

  • Model #S3797
  • Primary StoneDolomite
  • Metal Type925 Silver
  • ColorBROWN
  • Stylegemstones
  • Design Pattern
  • Stone Weight (Ct)18.85
  • Weight (Gms)3.77
  • Size: (inch)
  • Secondary StoneExotic


Dolomite, extracted in various hues assessed as a gentle gem that heartens compassion and bounteousness. It too encourages the feeling of giving as well as receiving to manifest creative skill. The charismatic tint of the stone helps to egg on the energetic philosophy and thoughts. The resonating energies of Dolomite help to enhance imagination along with the spontaneity. The vitality of the stone too helps to build up stamina for dealing with perturbed people. It holds the propensity to align all the chakras, moreover cleans the blockages for the proper flow of the energies. Dolomite contemplates as a balancing gem nugget that is predisposed to balance the spirit and soul with the changing life. Dolomite speculates to stabilize the ener...

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