Rolling Hills Dolomite

Rolling Hills Dolomite - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Rolling Hills Dolomite speculate as a Wave Dolomite holds the beautiful striped designs that show alluring wavy streaks. The rising and falling patterns of this enthralling gem nugget captivates the attention of all. The charismatic designs of this gem gave it a new name, Desert Sandstorm. A semi-precious jewel nugget is made up of sedimentary carbonate rock that appears same like calcite, but it too holds the properties of magnesium. Magnesium is the added mineral like calcite, the combination of these two forms this entrancing stone. It shows its appearance in all over the world, so kept in the category of both mineral and rock. Rolling Hills Dolomite too holds the impurities of Calcite and Quartz in addition to Feldspar. It’s shine can be enhanced with a polish of green rouge. Further, the hardness of the stone is measured roughly betwixt 3.5 to 4.

Rolling Hills Dolomite was uncovered by Dolomieu, in the year 1791 while voyaging in the regions of Alps. The waves of this enigmatic gem nugget balance the physical torso in addition to the emotional and intellectual torso. It too supports the soul by soothing the emotions and infusing tranquillity in the inner spirit. The resonating brown vigor of the stone too heartens understanding along with self-realization. It assists the soul to accept the changes of life and patiently watch the process of modernization. It endorse self-control as well as obliterate the off-putting emotions.

Rolling Hills Dolomite instigates the process of absorption of calcium and magnesium in the physical torso as well as maintains equilibrium betwixt both the minerals. On the physical ground, the healing properties of the gem cure health, basically blood and its circulation in addition to the heart. The resonating energies too soothe cramps and muscles pain. The wave patterns of the stone speculate to connect the energies of the soul with the core of mother earth and universe to infuse the grounding vibes in the overall torso. Rolling Hills Dolomite too contemplates to evoke the feeling f joy and pleasure due to its wavy patterns that shore up encouragement as well as optimism. It too guards the soul and spirit from depression by wiping out the unconstructive thoughts from the intellect. It holds the graceful wave pattern that is predisposed to fabricate a flow of energy in a circular path. Further, this chosen path assessed to trigger the intellect to intensify attitude.
The energy patterns and wave design of Rolling Hills Dolomite instigate dynamism in the emotional and intellectual torso for receiving the positive vibes from the surroundings. The elegant tint of the stone connects the soul with Nature, thus encouraging liveliness in the spirit and the soul. The potency of the stone too upholds mental agility and adroitness. It too proffers dexterity in the thought process of the soul for gaining flexibility while taking actions. It likewise evokes the zeal to look ardently for the profitable solutions to lead an opulent lifestyle. The engrossing vibes of the stone help to attract positivity from the aura and help to gain audacity to articulate self in front of others.

As the name suggest, the sliding, up and down waves of the stone too help to conquer the fear as well as gain patience to face the twists and turns of the life. It often speculates as a gem of fortune that attracts luck and affluence in life. Aside from obliterating the negative vibes from the aura, it too elicits the intuitive capabilities to experience unconditional love along with happiness. In the contradiction of the wave design, the energies of Rolling Hills Dolomite endorse inner stability and maturity along with the feeling of equanimity. The brown and the reddish-brown tints of this captivating gem nugget proffers warmth in the emotional soul, furthermore dispense the constructive vibes to intensify self-confidence. It too encourages the feeling of security.

Rolling Hills Dolomite when seen from the different standpoint serve to become benevolent in thoughts and actions. The roller coaster waves of this stone help to get over the past troubles skilfully moreover help to accept the changes of life in a positive manner. Further, it is acknowledged to control and settle down the upheavals come in the phase of life. It too brings the soul out from the gloominess and let the spirit experience the unseen beauty of life. The resonating energies of earthy hues infuse strength to face the challenges as well as release negative emotions like anger, anxiety and fear.

Where is Rolling Hills Dolomite found?

Rolling Hills Dolomite speculates to be forced out of the region of Algeria, Brazil, and Switzerland. It is also extracted from Namibia, Spain along with Great Britain, India, and Mexico. Further, the expanse from where this alluring gem nugget is hauled out is Italy, Australia, and The USA.


Healing Properties

Rolling Hills Dolomite contemplate a best age nugget for people associated with the writing profession, as it provokes the ability to think new and creative each time. It too helps to bring clarity into thoughts to process them into fruitful actions. The reverberating and the grounding vibes of the stone allows the flow of imaginative and inventive ideas in the intellectual torso to catches the attention of the people around. On the intellectual level, the earthy tints of the stone eliminate stress from the overall torso and too align the chakras for attaining a balanced life. It too fixes the energy leakage to bestow the proper flow of energies in the overall torso. Further, the alluring vibes of the gem nugget fuses strength in the physical torso for rooting out the troubling symptoms and weakness from the body. It too fortifies the aura that results in building a stronger torso as a whole. It is likewise contemplated to bring synergy in the torso by purifying the energy flow structure. The tints and the wave patterns of the stone not only balance the absorption of calcium and magnesium but too help in building the bones, teeth and nails stronger. Further, the energetic vibes of the stone perk up muscles flexibility as well as its structure.

The booming and the proficient vibes of Rolling Hills Dolomite aligns the chakras and the energies to connect with the potency of the divine soul. The vigor of the stone proffers an understanding that helps the soul to lead the future life peacefully, as it shows the divine purpose of living to the soul. It too wipes out the sentiments that always keeps expectations, furthermore help to experience the hidden charisma of the life. The energies of the stone too help to live every moment of life to the fullest as well as pacify the inner aura to gain a balanced self.

Physical Healing:

Rolling Hills Dolomite is predisposed to attain equilibrium in the upsetting emotional torso, thus balancing self within the surroundings. It too heals and reinforce the overall torso in addition to the physical. Aside from dealing with the emotional issues, it handles the physical symptoms that trouble the body. It regulates the women hormones effectually and mends the issues of “PMS”. The grounding energies and the earthy shades of the stone too help to renovate the building blocks of the body to build up the healthy figure. The tints of Rolling Hills Dolomite disperse vitality in the internal aura along with the external to mend the physical issues. It tends to mend the broken muscles and the deformed chain of the DNA. The infused vivacity and grounding energy of the stone heal the cells of the blood including platelets counts. Further, it makes the bones, teeth and nails of the soul strong.

Rolling Hills Dolomite is predisposed to appease the troubles related to the dermis, moreover pump the oxygen in addition to the blood to the desired place correctly. It likewise disperses oxygen to the lungs along with the cells for a hassle free living. The reverberating vibes of this enthralling stone also treat the disorders related to the secretory organs, the urogenital system as well as reproductive parts of the body.

The vibes of the stone too assist in the weight loss by controlling the eating habits also the metabolic functions. It too speculate as an excellent detoxifying gem nugget and root out the harmful minerals from the body.

Emotional Healing:

Rolling Hills Dolomite triggers the slumbering heart to open up the gates and let go the hurtful emotions gained from the past. It too attracts the positive emotions and allow to savor the moments of life and praise the gifted beauty of Nature. The energies likewise help to be in the moments of life and realize the ordinary experience a peculiar one for enjoying self even in the heaviest moments of a lifetime. Since ages, Rolling Hills Dolomite speculates to have patience as well as build consistency, fidelity and loyalty in the path to attaining desired results. It overly helps to love self and get rid of the harmful behavior along with the dependencies.


Spiritual Healing:

Rolling Hills Dolomite assessed a centering nugget too holds the grounding energies to intensifies the energies to imbibe the meditative understanding. Further, it enhances the meditative skill to connect with the forces of the cosmos. It is predisposed to hold the vitality that balances the unbalanced energies, moreover pacify the agitated thoughts for leading a serene life. Rolling Hills Dolomite likewise provokes spiritual abilities as well as capability to learn the unlearn things in life to gain a strong base for attaining spiritualism.

The reverberating vibes of Rolling Hills Dolomite align the energies that are not streamlined for gaining a well-off living. It is a gem nugget that too leads a constructive outcome. Furthermore, the energies of the stone too serve to reach the spiritual life. It likewise heals the rupture blocks as well as aligns and balances the chakras to attain equilibrium to live in an ever changing environment peacefully.

Heals and Balances Chakra:

Rolling Hills Dolomite , as a name suggests, holds the energy of the wave patterns appears in the stone. It is also regarded as an encouraging stone that serves to cure as well as aligns the chakras through the zips of the Mother Nature. Further, the vitalities of Rolling Hills Dolomite assessed to be tied with the zips of the earth that proffers the strength to face, moreover handle the upsetting situations of the life. It also renews the vivacity of the surrounding for drawing the positive vibes into the interior self. Aside from setting the heart chakra on, it too triggers the chakras associated with the design pattern and the color energies. The activated chakra bestows the appreciative perspective for leading a tranquil life. Further, it is acknowledged to guard the soul and spirit against the off-putting ambience.

Rolling Hills Dolomite Facts

  • It is found that the rock of this captivating gem was uncovered by the French explorer named, Dolomieu in the 18th C.
  • In southern Tirol, a group of mountains often contemplated as the Alps termed as the Dolomites.
  • It’s yet not solved by the geologists; dolomites exact geological source or basis.
  • The formation of Dolomite is not just from the sedimentary rocks, as at times it is too formed by the transmutation of the limestone.
  • The presence of magnesium in Dolomite is still undiscovered.
  • Apart from employing it in enhancing the beauty of ornaments, Dolomite contemplates being used in the fabrication of cement as it is supposed a dangerous origin of magnesium oxide.
  • In horticulture, Dolomite too is used to press down the level of acidity in the soil.

Metaphysical Properties

The vibration number of Dolomite speculate to be is three and best stone for zodiac sign, Aries. The potent attributes of the stone acknowledged as grounding, encouraging as well as centering. It is a gem nugget that holds the earth elements. Dolomite is massive and has fibrous crystalline habits. It is a significant mineral in the carbonate rock, and its properties are similar to that of calcite. Its severity is measured from 3.5 to 4 on the Mohs scale. Dolomite too holds a vitreous lustre, as its transparency ranges from transparent to translucent

Rolling Hills Dolomite Color

The hues in which this beautiful and resounding gem extracted is reddish-brown as well as in the tone of yellowish-brown.

with Great Britain, India, and Mexico. Further, the expanse from where this alluring gem nugget is hauled out is Italy, Australia, and The USA.


  • Cleavage1,3 - rhombohedral
  • Other Names
  • Crystal Habitrhombohedral or tabular often with carved faces
  • Streakwhite
  • Refractive Indexnω = 1.679–1.681 nε = 1.500
  • DiaphaneityTransparent to nearly opaque
  • Mohs scale (hardness)3.5-4
  • SourcesAlgeria, Brazil, Switzerland, Namibia, Spain, Great Britain, India, Mexico, Italy, Australia, and USA
  • Chemical formulaCaMg(CO3)2
  • LustreVitreous
  • Colorpink, white, colourless, grey, yellow
  • Chakra HealingHeart chakra
  • BirthstoneJune
  • Zodiacaries
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