Swiss Opal Green

Swiss Opal Green- Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Let us unveil some important information about yet another beautiful stone called “Swiss Opal Green”. With its striking resemblance to opal, this stone is called Swiss Opal Green. This unique looking stone called “Swiss Opal Green” is getting very popular these days. If you do not believe us, just search for this stone or Swiss Opal Green jewelry online and you will come across numerous search results. 

Swiss Opal Green is a beautiful and unique looking natural stone. It’ natural dark green color long with the patchy pattern provides an awesome look. When carved into jewelry, Swiss Opal Green comes out as beautiful ornaments. Today, you can find many jewelry forms that are done in this amazing looking stone. You can cherish a lovely ring, pendant, earrings and other jewel forms done in Swiss Opal Green. Apart from its amazing looks, this stone is also treasured for its amazing healing properties. Let us take a look at the same.

Healing Properties

• Helps on both mental and physical level – Swiss Green Opal helps the wearer on both physical and mental levels. Helping people to help their emotional wounds, this green stone provides great emotional strength. Also, the stone has been noticed to fight a few physical problems also. For example, it helps to keep negativity away and thus, those who feel stressed, both physically and mentally, can benefit from this jewelry stone called Swiss Opal Green. Also, the stone is helpful in bringing down the body temperature. Hence, it can be used by those who are suffering from extreme fever. It is also helpful in fighting infections and improving memory.

• Provides strength to relationships - Swiss Opal Green is said to be very reliable and strong stone when it comes to strengthening relationships. Be it the relationship of any kind, the Swiss Opal Green stone provides power and positivity to various kinds of relationships. Thus, whoever feels lack of strength in a relationship with family members; friends or anyone can use this stone for nourishing the relationships. 

• Fills your heart with positivity – Wear this stone near your heart in form of a pendant and you will feel that your heart is full of positivity and strength. 

• Aids in enhancing your spiritual side – It is said that Swiss Opal Green is a great stone of change. It opens up your psychic and spiritual side so that you can understand spirituality in a better way. Those who wish to know and understand the spiritual concepts in a better way can use Swiss Opal Green with complete trust. 

Swiss Opal Green Facts

• The stone is helpful in providing positivity to the wearer.
• It helps fight fever, infections and stress.
• It is also used to combat fear of any type.
• It can be used for strengthening any sort of relationship. 
• It can be found in unique jewelry forms like pendants, earrings, rings, etc. 


Metaphysical Properties

• Shapes - Swiss Opal Green can be given various shapes like the oval shape, pear shape, round shape, octagon shape, square shape, teardrop pattern, heart shape, rectangular shape, and many other shapes too. It can be cut as a cabochon also.

• Clarity – When it comes to clarity, the Swiss Opal Green stone is considered opaque.
• Luster – When seen in light, it gives an awesome luster just like precious opals.

Swiss Opal Green In News

Swiss Opal Green Color

This stone is mostly found in the dark green shade. However, few pieces may also be found in other shades of green. You can also notice a lizard skin-like pattern on the surface of this stone. When light falls on this stone, it shines beautifully and also changes color, just like opals. The change in colors is caused by the refracted light. 

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  • BirthstoneAugust
  • Zodiacpisces
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