Star Rutilated Quartz

Star Rutilated Quartz- Healing Properties, Color, Power & Facts

Quartz is one of the most abundantly found minerals on earth. It is found in a wide range of forms. The rutilated quartz, also known as rutile quartz is a popular type of quartz that shows beautiful inclusions in form of needles or hair. While there can be few different forms of rutile quartz itself, the most popular rutilated quartz is the Star Rutilated Quartz which shows the uniqueness of particular star-like patterns of rutiles (needle-type inclusions). 

Star Rutilated Quartz is also called the Asteriated Quartz. This quartz variety can be worked into fine cabochons and dazzling jewelry pieces. The stunning beauty and unique rutile pattern in this quartz make it an amazing gemstone for jewelry purposes. However, this exquisite gemstone is also worn for many healing objectives as mentioned in the later paragraphs. 

Star Rutilated Quartz Healing Properties

One of the best healing properties of star rutilated quartz is that it promotes the healing abilities of various other crystals used by the wearer. In other words, using star rutile quartz with other crystals is a great idea as it augments the healing process provided by other gemstones and crystals. Using this gemstone, you can keep stress away and achieve a relaxed state. 

Wearing the Star rutilated quartz is not only good for spiritual and mental health but also for physical health. The star rutile quartz works as an amazing option for people who face the trouble of insomnia or sleeplessness. Using this gemstone, one can achieve timely, relaxed, and better sleep. It is also a wonderful gemstone for those who are looking for solutions for their respiratory diseases. The stone is known to provide quick and significant solutions in case of asthma, bronchial problems, and other ailments related to respiration. It is also strongly believed that wearing the star rutilated quartz improves the health and condition of your teeth, nails, skin, and hair. 

One can also use the star rutilated quartz for improving his or her power of intuition. Wearing this rutile quartz also helps forget the bitter memories of the past. 

Star Rutilated Quartz Facts

  1. Rutile quartz is also known as Cupid's Darts, Fleches D'Amour, and Venus hair stone. 
  2. The rutile inclusions found inside the star rutile quartz are actually the titanium dioxide mineral formations. These inclusions also show the presence of iron oxide. The beautiful red and golden rutile structures are formed when there is a rich amount of iron oxide. 
  3. Star rutilated quartz shows the refractive index of 1.544 to 1.553. 
  4. It has a lovely transparent to translucent appearance with a vitreous luster. 
  5. The beautiful looking star rutile quartz shows a hardness of around 7 on the Mohs scale. 
  6. Star rutilated quartz is considered one of the best options when it is about cleansing all chakras of the body and removing any energy blocks. 
  7. It is believed that using or wearing the star rutile quartz helps in getting protection from the negative feelings and thoughts of other people. 

Metaphysical Properties Of Star Rutilated Quartz

  1. Using the star rutilated quartz, you can ignite the feelings of love and passion inside you. One can also get tons of confidence and an optimistic approach in life by using the star rutile quartz. The gemstone teaches to believe in oneself and thus, makes its wearer stronger and confident from within. 
  2. This stunning gemstone is known for cleansing and stimulating all chakras (energy points) of the body.
  3. The astonishingly beautiful star rutilated quartz also teaches its user/wearer the significance of staying organized, systematic, and disciplined in life. 
  4. If you feel that you are stuck in your past life and are not able to concentrate on your present, using the star rutilated quartz can help you. It will help you let go of your painful past experiences and start life with a new zeal and energy. 
  5. In case, you feel that your bond with your soulmate is weak and both of you are going through a difficult phase of your relationship, use the star rutilated quartz as it is admired for strengthening the relationships and adding lots of love to the same! 
  6. Using this gemstone helps you take better decisions during complicated situations. 
  7. The stone is loved and respected for its amazing support in spiritualism. It helps you connect with the divine reign. 
  8. Star rutilated quartz is one of the best gemstones for people who want to augment their innovative powers, creativity, and imagination. 
  9. The stone also supports better and focused meditation resulting in a better understanding of inner self-conscience. 
  10. The stone is known to provide lots of courage to its wearer or user so that every tough situation of life can be fought with courage and positivity. 
  11. Use this lovely rutile quartz to invite happiness and satisfaction in your life. 
  12. The stone is recommended to those who want to ward off depression and anxiety. You can also wear the beautiful star rutile quartz for keeping loneliness away.

Star Rutilated Quartz In News

Star Rutilated Quartz Color

One of the most exciting features about the Star Rutile Quartz is that the quartz crystal is generally transparent but the rutile or the needle-like inclusions can be of different shades including grey, green, brown, black, golden, orange, or red. Though all rutile inclusions look equally captivating, the deep copper-red ones or the ones with golden shade demand a much higher price and value while you buy the star rutilated quartz gemstone jewelry

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