Septarian Nodules - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Septarian Nodule also known as Concretion, Dragon stone or sometimes as aka Septoria captures the viewer along with the wearer’s attention through its playful patterns and colors. It is said to stimulate the pulsating energies of fun, stratagem and opens to the higher vibrational emotions within the physical body. With the properties of the Clarity, Vitality and Creativity it here reminds the wearing individual that there is a game in the process and he is the master player of it. It is ideal stone to work within relationships and office projects.

Formed during the Cretaceous Period, around 50 to 70 million years ago, Septarian Nodule is truly a magnificent piece of artwork from Mother Nature. It is formed when periodic volcanic eruptions killed the smaller sea life and sank them to the seabed which in turn allow their decomposing. Now the minerals in the shell and carcasses attracted sea floor sediments, then these sea floor sediments accumulate around the carcasses and create these fashioned nodules or mud balls. Over the years, calcite leached down into the cracks and formed calcite crystals which grew to occupy the gaps/cracks. The interface edge between the calcite and the bentonite clay changed into aragonite which is the dark brown crystal stratum. After that bentonite mud finally replaced with the limestone which then complete the transformation of the entire nodule to stone.

 Septarian Nodules also project tenacity and resolve the feeling of lost. Nodule’s energies will materialize to remind the wearer that life is wholly about the journey and fun the individual create along the way. Infant this elusive stone does not magically show the resultant of the maze; instead it helps one to find his inner resources that anchor him back to intrigue the surrounding wonders and to feel carefree in the stressed situations. It facilitates to access all the senses, including sixth sense and also help to know when and which one to call upon. It is known to make a strong connection with the lower energy centers and successfully manifest your desires and bring them into the physical world. With a potent combination of feelings and intuitions, it gives its wearer an intuitive sense.

The word Septarian comes from the Latin word septum, a partition which refers to the cracks in the rock. Also termed as ‘Concretions’, these are rounded rocks embedded in layers of stone in sedimentary rocks. Whether out of the host rock they are habitually harder than the surrounding rock. Often spherical, these nodules are shaped like potatoes.

Where is Septarian Nodules found?

An extravagant case in point of septarian concretions is found eroding out of Paleocene mudstone of the Morikis, South Island and New Zealand. Comparable concretions called "Koutu Boulders", is formed along the beach of Koutu and Kauwhare points along the south shore of the Hokianga and Harbour of Hokianga. Also found in the Kimmeridge Clay exposed in cliffs along the Wessex Coast of England. This stone has the ability to focus the body’s own healing power.

Healing Properties

Septarian Nodules with a combination of the healing properties and mineral properties becomes an extremely powerful stone. It is supposed to aid communication with the Mother Earth, which in turn heals the overall personality and body (health) of the holder. As a good grounding stone, it is utilized to assist in communication by giving weight to the wearer’s words. It too takes on a role in rapid healing for the body and degeneration of teeth bones and sinews. Septarian Nodules by banishing nightmares help to get rid of negative energy and blockage psychic vampirism.

Traditionally, Septarian means seven according to Latin vocabulary as the mud balls possess seven cracks running around in every direction and thereby creating the beautiful distinctive pattern these septarian nodules exhibit. Septarian, Yellow Centres are composed of Calcite and the Brown Lines present in it is composed of Aragonite and the outer grey rock is made up of Limestone.

  • Physical Healing

It takes a role in rapid healing for the body, Seasonal affective disorders and degeneration of teeth bones and muscles.  By enhancing the immune system and metabolism of the body, it helps in growth of small children. It treats ulcers, intestines and kidneys disorders. Known to heal skin disorders it is also helpful in heart and blood related problems. It promotes calcium intake in the body and makes bones strong, assists in calcium absorption and treats night twitches, muscle spasm and disc elasticity. By increasing physical vitality, it promotes mineral build-up in veins.

Traditionally, it is too believed to cure Reynaud’s disease, chills, warts, dementia, senility, skeleton, organs of elimination, joints and intestinal conditions.

  • Emotional Healing

Septarian Nodules augments patience, holistic healing and self-healing of the mind. It helps to release emotional stress, anger, negative thoughts, depression, turbulent emotions and bad dreams. It gives strength, endurance and physical energy to his wearer. It motivates generosity and  hostility.

With  a lovely look, it possess an amazing soft calming energy and revitalize the depressing emotions. The divine balancing vibration accumulates, releases and regulates the energy of the wearer's body and as a master healer, it is proved excellent to put a normal footing on the unblocked energy.

  • Spiritual Healing

Septarian Nodules strengthens the spirit and provides a physicality to the soul. It reminds the wearer that he is the spiritual beings on a human journey and can joyfully embrace the incarnation. It is also believed to raise and links into the collective consciousness of the oneness of life. It heartens consideration of one’s life experiences that lead to spiritual growth and inner stability.

The energies of this stone create the bridge between the Solar Plexus Energy Center which is known to send the message to full range of emotions and the Root Energy which is known as a home of safety and security.

  • Chakra Healing

A useful tool for public speaking, Septarian stimulates the Solar Plexus Energy Center of the wearer and make him confident raise his self-esteem as well as  make him responsible, and reliable. It too helps the holder to become self-disciplined by bringing warmth in the personality. By enhancing the capability to communicate within the group and also cohere spiritual groups. The energy of this chakra fuelled by the stone allows to transform inertia into an action and then into movement. By balancing the personal power, it allows to meet challenges and move forward with life.

An excellent supportive stone for self-nurturing, it builds the caring attitude towards others and for the earth. It covers ideas and assists in bringing them to fruition and harmonizes emotions and intelligence with the higher mind. This stone assists people to pattern and reprogram the outgrown behaviour along with the emotions.

Septarian Nodules stabilizes the aura, eliminate and transform the negative energies by inspiring and arousing the root chakra. It is thought to control the energy of kinesthetic feeling and movement over and above it is known to have a powerful cleansing effect at all levels. The base chakra is acknowledged as a home of messages for safety and security. Foundation of physical and spiritual energy for the body, it boosts up enthusiasm, strength and stamina.

Septarian Nodules Facts

Some facts about Septarian Nodule

With the governing planet Earth, its elements are Fire and Air.
Produced about 100 million years ago by the volcanic eruptions and decomposing of seashell life, it is found in Southern Utah and also in Mahajanga in Madagascar and Morocco.
With a monoclinic crystal system, it belongs to number 33.
Considerably different in color and pattern, it is unusual in its looks.
Volcanic in nature, these nodules are a form of geodes (sedimentary geode).
Septarian Nodules is filled with different minerals from inside such as calcite.
Septarian is also identified as 'Dragon Stone' because of its formations which resemble scales of a dragon.


Metaphysical Properties

Septarian brings in the calming energies with the feelings of delight and spiritual upliftment for the possessor. It also sustains a nurturing feel which is used to enhance communication, and easier to speak clearly. Support communication with Mother Earth, it is said to carry comatose foreknowledge required by the user to help him or her always be prepared for what is coming up.
In healing folklore, it is used for healing of the blood and kidneys. Septarian is affiliated to the lower chakras (root chakra) in addition to the solar plexus. It is also known as concretion stone, a protective stone which provide both grounding and shielding of the physical, psychological, and poignant bodies. A stone to regulate spiritual, mental, and physical prowess, it promotes understanding at the emotional level. It is calming and amplifying to one’s energies, it enhances well being. Determining the direction in which to progress, emanate a kind, loving and sincere energy pattern. Septarian is a lovely stone to be held.


Septarian Nodules In News

Septarian Nodules Color

Septarian a "concretion" stone is generally found in Yellowish, brownish and whitish colors. The yellowish centers of the Septarian are composed of calcite and the outer grey rock is of limestone while the embedded brown lines are because of the Aragonite.

  • CleavageNone
  • Other NamesSeptarian Concretions, Dragon Stone Or Septaria
  • Crystal Habit
  • StreakWhite
  • Refractive Index1.660
  • DiaphaneityOpaque
  • Mohs scale (hardness)3.5-4.0
  • SourcesIndia, Iceland, Russia, USA, Brazil
  • Chemical formulaCa (A12Si7O18 y H2O NaCa4) (Al9Si27) O72 3O-H2O, Zeolite
  • LustreDull
  • ColorBrown, Tan, Black, Gray, White, Reddish, Golden
  • Chakra HealingSolar Plexus Chakra
  • BirthstoneMay
  • Zodiactaurus
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