Pink Conch Shell Pearls - Healing Properties, Color, Power & Facts

Pink conch shell pearls are pastel-colored and pretty naturally occurring pearls formed by the calcareous concretion of the Queen conch. Queen conch is a mollusk i.e. a sea snail which is edible and found in the Caribbean region. It is a rare pearl which is elusive and the probability of finding a conch shell pearl is around 1 in 10-20000 shells. These pearls have been widely used for decorative and ornamental purposes since ancient times. These pearls are fibrous, non-nacreous, and asymmetrical and grow within the pearl sac of the Queen conch. As the shell is spiral, it is very difficult to find a pink conch shell pearl that can be used for pink conch shell pearls ring, pink conch shell pearls earring or
Pink conch shell pearls pendant. As they are rare, pink conch shell pearls Jewelry is often highly prized and affordable by elite clients.

Healing Properties

1.    It can bring luck: These pearls are considered to be a symbol of infinity and hence it helps you to grab infinite opportunities. If you want to broaden your horizon and want a leap in your career or personal life then this is the perfect gemstone for you. In love relationships, it can strengthen compassion or attract a good match. It is excellent for money and success in business or job. It is recommended for those who are planning for children. 

2.    Physical health benefits: These beautiful pink pearls are known to maintain a balance between the soul, body, and mind. It is beneficial for diseases associated with the lung such as bronchitis, asthma, and tuberculosis. It is known to heal the urinary system, heart, kidneys, and liver. It has a sedative effect and calms the body and mind, promotes good sleep and even lowers acidity and neutralizes toxic elements. It can be used to cure bleeding, indigestion, fever and basic ailments of the eye. It is known to reduce headaches, allergies, exhaustion, and hypertension. It also aids in fertility and birthing process as it has a soothing effect. It promotes the production of new cells and hence makes the skin elastic, smooth, healthy and fine. 

3.    Mental and emotional health benefits: As this gemstone has calm and centering effect it has several mental health benefits and can reduce stress. It promotes charity, purity, honesty, faith, wisdom, and personal integrity. It is known to remove the negativity from one's mind and gives a positive outlook towards the struggles of life. It is beneficial for people experiencing psychic attacks. It is used during meditation to get benefits of lunar and water energy. They should be cleaned regularly and kept under the moonlight to get recharged. These pearls make you more responsible and confident about your actions and thoughts. It can enhance your skills and talents as well as creativity.

Conch Shell Pearls Facts

•    These pearls were used for carving of cameos in the Victorian era and gained high popularity in the reign of King Edward. You can find pink conch shell pearls in jewelry pieces of Art Nouveau. 

•    The conch shell pearl which has a pink hue is used widely in pink conch shell pearls women's Jewelry designs. 

•    These pearls are non-nacreous and hence they are not true pearls. They are not exactly symmetrical and are like Melo Melo pearls. 

•    The weight of these pearls is more than an oyster pearl. They are harder and also resistant to erosion. 

•    The size of conch shell pearls is measured in carat instead of millimeters. 

•    The rarest pearls have a visible flame-like structure on it. 

•    Out of 2000 shells, one holds a pearl while one in 10K has a conch that is fit for use in jewelry while one in 1 lac shells has a pearl which is of gem quality. 

•    Queen conch lives in relatively shallow waters and has a long maturity time and hence it is now an endangered species in many countries.

Metaphysical Properties

  • It can help in purifying the energy of its owner:  This pearl has the power to heal the hurts and sins of the past and hence it has been used as an amulet which brings hope for long life since ancient times. It makes the wearer’s energy pure and vitalizes the life’s energy. It is known to broaden one’s conscious level as it is formed in the ocean. With this gemstone comes a lot of positive energy and is best for people who are under stress or depression. It brings with it good luck and prosperity. 
  • Balances the mind, body, and soul: The structure and pattern of the pearls control the mind, body, and soul. It is known to repel negative energies and bring about a balance between the mind and body, thoughts and actions. It is recommended for people who are little reserved and cannot express their thoughts clearly. It builds up self-confidence and one can take actions without stress or fear. 


Conch Shell Pearls Color

Pink conch shells pearls are very rare and occur in a unique range of shades from watermelon translucence to pink. In some cases, even you can find a vibrant, visible, flame-like pattern present on their surface. This flame-like pattern is detrimental in deciding the value of this conch pearl along with its color, size, and shape. The variety of shades of pink that this pearl offers is one of the most alluring attributes of this gemstone.

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