Moroccan Seam Agate

Moroccan Seam Agate - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

The semi-precious gemstones Agates are indeed a popular name in the world of jewelry. Agates are actually the colored variety of chalcedony. In turn, chalcedony is silicon dioxide (available in microscopic fibrous quartz crystals form). Moroccon Seam Agate is a pretty looking semi-precious Agate which often occurs in shades of orange, yellow, red and grey. The inclusion of seams on its surface and the fact that it is mostly mined from various locations around Morocco are the two chief reasons why this Agate is known as “Moroccon Seam Agate”. 

The question of how agates are formed has got an interesting answer. In fact, when the hollow pockets of host rock get filled in through layers and molecule-by-molecule, the agate is formed as concentric bands. Interestingly, the microcrystals in these rocks self organize! Agates are formed in the empty cavities. It is a fact that most of the gates of the world were formed in olden volcanic lava. The process of continents’ formation forced the molten lava towards the surface of the earth. The lava contained various gases. The gases got relieved when rocks cooled down. This resulted in crack and cavities too. The varying lava-cooling rates also affected the types and formation of cracks. The Moroccon Seam Agate contains interesting seams and reflects parallel framed bands also. These bands actually fill the seams on Moroccon Seam Agate.  

Every agate has a unique appearance. The agates are found in various hues and styles because these factors get affected due to a lot of things like the surrounding temperature, pressure and also the associated minerals of the host rock. You will be surprised to know that even if you cut any agate from the similar agate slab, the achieved agates will differ from one another. 

Where is Moroccan Seam Agate found?

It is an interesting fact to know that Moroccan Agate is mined at multiple locations around Morocco. Each such agate based on its location portrays various attributes. Some of the popular Moroccon Agate forms include Moroccan green skin agate, Moroccan ghost seam agate, banded Moroccan agate, Moroccan tube agate, and Moroccan peach skin Agate. 

Healing Properties

• Provides security and protection – Agates are popular for providing protection to its wearer, especially to those who are traveling. Hence, they are often used by travelers. 

• Improves self confidence If you feel low on your confidence, use this enchanting stone to improve self-confidence.

• Induces and enhances physical stamina – Agate is believed to instill and increase physical strength in its user/wearer.

• Induces Realistic thinking - Agate also inspires realistic thinking.  

• Helps you achieve peace – Interestingly, the usual patterned Agates promote peace in its wearer while the unusual ones promote action as well as the power of taking a decision. 

• Good for self analysis Use the amazing looking agates to enhance self-analysis skills.  

Moroccan Seam Agate Facts

• Every agate is different in appearance, even when cut from a similar specimen.
• Agates are found all over the world.
• The names of agates are often named after their appearance or their locations where they are found, for example, the Moroccon Seam Agate that comes from Morocco. 
• Agate has been in use since ancient times and they have been found with the ancient objects of Neolithic people too. 
• The ancient uses of Agates included the medicinal uses, the polishing, cutting, and jewelry uses.


Metaphysical Properties

Agates are helpful in various ways. They help the new moms to fight the condition of ‘baby blues’ and also promotes the process of lactation in them. Using agates, you can improve your focus power and analytical skills. Those who have digestive disorders can find relief through agates. The agates are also used for achieving beneficial results for problems related to stomach, eyes, uterus, etc. By using agates, you can also achieve positive results for the health of your heart. 

Moroccan Seam Agate In News

Moroccan Seam Agate Color

The pattern, as well as colors of Moroccan Seam Agate, will leave you breathless. Though red is the most beautiful as well as popular color in Moroccan Seam Agate, you can also observe shades ranging from deep orange and red to yellow to grey. 

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