Moroccan Seam Agate Healing Powers You Must Know

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Posted: Thursday, January 23, 2020
Moroccan Seam Agate Healing Powers You Must Know

Moroccan Seam Agate-a pretty looking variety of agate has numerous healing powers. It falls in the colors of orange, yellow, red, grey and has composition similar to that of agate. The two basic reasons why this stone is named so is, first, there are inclusions of seams on its surface and second, it is mostly mined from various locations around Morocco. 
Agates fall in the category of semi-precious stones and have a very interesting way of being formed. Agates are formed in the empty cavities. When hollow pockets of the host rocks keep gets filling with layer by layer and molecule by molecule, the agate is formed in concentric bands. Interestingly, the microcrystals in these agates self-organize themselves.   Agates are basically the colored variety of chalcedony. They occur in different hues and styles because of the varying temperature, pressure and host rock every time. Every agate is unique in appearance. For that matter, even you cut the agate from the same slab, the resultant agates will differ from one another. 
Moroccan Seam agate is mined at multiple locations near Morocco. The most popular forms of Moroccan agate is Moroccan green seam agate, Moroccan tube agate, Moroccan peach skin agate, and banded Moroccan agate. The benefits of Moroccan seam agate that one must be aware of are:
Physical healing properties of Moroccan seam agate:  Agates are believed to really increase the physical stamina in the person. It is beneficial for hollow organs like the stomach, uterus, intestine, etc. and stimulates the digestive system very well. It is excellent for the eyes and also heals the skin issues caused due to insect bite. Agates are usually advised to be placed on the forehead to cure fever. It helps the heart and even guards against sleepwalking.
Emotional healing properties of Moroccan seam agate: Agate is known to protect its wearer. It is especially carried by travelers while traveling. It improves self-confidence and inspires realistic thinking. It enhances self-analyzing abilities and really promotes one to think properly before taking any action. It surrounds the wearer with peaceful and positive vibes and always foster love in his heart for others.
Spiritual healing properties of Moroccan seam agate: Agate raises awareness, links into one’s collective consciousness and completes the cycle of life experiences. It brings inner stability and thereby leads to spiritual growth. Meditating with agate is quite relaxing. It opens up the mind to higher thought and inner truths. 
Moroccan seam agate possesses the color energy too. With a strong play of yellow, orange, red and grey, it comes across a very bright and bold stone. The Moroccan seam agate silver jewelry is another new charm for jewelry lovers nowadays. When this bright-hued stone fixes into silver metal, the look of overall piece gleams suddenly. Of course, wearing the Moroccan seam agate silver jewelry adds to your look as well as imparts the benefits. The people who don’t want to wear jewelry can carry loose Moroccan seam agate stone to experience the same healing and calmness.

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