Mojave Turquoise

Rich in ancient history, Mojave Turquoise is blessed with divine glory and healing properties to its name. It beautifully showcases an array of colors that blend well together. From crimson red to blues and greens - Mojave Turquoise is full of vivid colors that resemble nature. A stone of strength and overall well-being, Mojave Turquoise is a smooth healer. 

The chronicles of gemstones hold Mojave Turquoise in high regard because it happens to be one of the first gemstones to be mined. “Ferozah” or “Callais” were the names of Mojave Turquoise in ancient times. Interesting, isn’t it? This beautiful and super rare copper silicate is actually mined from the Kingman Turquoise mine in Kingman Arizona, in the United States. And surprisingly, it’s the only place on earth that is bestowed with the blessing of producing genuine and high-quality Mojave stones! 

Mojave Turquoise may have acquired massive limelight of fame only recently. But if history is to be believed, then Mojave is said to be one of those crystals that have always been treasured in the forms of antiques, earrings, and pendants for ages now! Believe it or not - just like today, back in those olden days too, fashion aficionados would lose their hearts on the extravagant colors worn in the form of Mojave Turquoise jewelry!

It is believed that if a piece of Mojave Turquoise is offered as a present, its metaphysical properties are transferred to the receiver of the present. No doubt, it is considered the best talisman for gifting for a reason! In fact, many cultures also consider Mojave Turquoise to be a sacred gemstone! Now, let’s discover everything about a mystical piece of Mojave Turquoise - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History, and Myths - in detail.