Mojave Turquoise

Mojave Turquoise - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Rich in ancient history, Mojave Turquoise is blessed with divine glory and healing properties to its name. It beautifully showcases an array of colors that blend well together. From crimson red to blues and greens - Mojave Turquoise is full of vivid colors that resemble nature. A stone of strength and overall well-being, Mojave Turquoise is a smooth healer. 

The chronicles of gemstones hold Mojave Turquoise in high regard because it happens to be one of the first gemstones to be mined. “Ferozah” or “Callais” were the names of Mojave Turquoise in ancient times. Interesting, isn’t it? This beautiful and super rare copper silicate is actually mined from the Kingman Turquoise mine in Kingman Arizona, in the United States. And surprisingly, it’s the only place on earth that is bestowed with the blessing of producing genuine and high-quality Mojave stones! 

Mojave Turquoise may have acquired massive limelight of fame only recently. But if history is to be believed, then Mojave is said to be one of those crystals that have always been treasured in the forms of antiques, earrings, and pendants for ages now! Believe it or not - just like today, back in those olden days too, fashion aficionados would lose their hearts on the extravagant colors worn in the form of Mojave Turquoise jewelry!

It is believed that if a piece of Mojave Turquoise is offered as a present, its metaphysical properties are transferred to the receiver of the present. No doubt, it is considered the best talisman for gifting for a reason! In fact, many cultures also consider Mojave Turquoise to be a sacred gemstone! Now, let’s discover everything about a mystical piece of Mojave Turquoise - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History, and Myths - in detail.

Where Is Mojave Turquoise Stone Found?

The best varieties of Turquoise stones come typically from Iran, Australia, Tibet, Afghanistan, and the south-western USA. But since Turquoise is Iran’s national gemstone so apparently, it also homes some of its exquisite varieties - including the stunning Mojave Turquoise. However, there’s a catch - when it’s down to the Mojave variety, only the Kingman Arizona region in the US is known for producing top-quality beads. And this is also the very reason why this specific variety of Turquoise is extremely rare to locate. Finding a genuine bead of Mojave Turquoise is not easy.

Healing Properties Of Mojave Turquoise

Healing Properties on Mind, Body, Soul, and Chakras:

People turn to gemstones for they have immense healing properties. Here are some offered by our very own Mojave Turquoise:
  1. Mind - In a challenging world like ours, the mind is the greatest weapon. Mojave alleviates mental illness while shooing away emotional distress. Toe the line with Mojave Turquoise to enhance the abilities of your mind. The sense of calm and fearlessness that arises on touching Mojave Turquoise is worth every penny. Not only do they help anger out of your mind but also heal your past traumas. 

    Not only this, Mojave is one such gemstone that casts out optimism to combat negativity. Its sheen attracts self-love and positive vibrations into one’s life. The rhythmic appearance of Mojave helps you let go of intense emotions. It is thought to be a panacea for the many ailments corresponding to one’s mental health. 
  2. Body - Mojave does not only improve psychic abilities but also the physical immune system. It is said to possess anti-inflammatory as well as detoxifying properties to get that glowing skin. It is said to regulate hormonal imbalances and helps during menopause. Isn’t that another reason to add Mojave Turquoise to the arsenal of jewelry you possess? 

    Moreover, legends believe that Mojave Turquoise is a pioneer in treating throat and respiratory problems as it is connected to the Throat Chakra of our body. It flushes out toxins from our digestive system and ensures a proper supply of nutrients. Thus, the overall digestion of the wearer improves. All in all, Mojave is your ticket to good health.
  3. Soul - Mojave Turquoise is no less than a portion of food for your soul. This vibrant gemstone nurtures your soul by taking you closer to your truest self, to your ‘own’ truth. As a result of this, you gain clarity and purpose. It welcomes harmony, creativity, compassion, and confidence. Use Mojave as a piece of jewelry to get things rolling on a subconscious level.

    Spiritually, it helps the wearer feel and sense the beauty that prevails in the heavenly powers. Mojave gemstone encompasses positivity. Thus, the wearer takes a positive outlook on life. With magical cleansing properties, Mojave Turquoise cleanses your energy and fills your life with light and love.
  4. Chakras - Mojave Turquoise toes the line with the Throat Chakra of the body. Not only does it improve your communication skills but also empowers you to speak the truth. You can place your Mojave jewelry on your throat to unlock the healing powers. This sparkling gemstone helps one increase concentration powers as well. The best way to tap into the metaphysical properties of Mojave is through meditation. 

    The soothing energy of Mojave clears the negative energy that builds up on Chakras. The healing powers of the Mojave Turquoise remove the negative energy prevailing there.

Mojave Turquoise Facts

Mojave Turquoise is similar to a world that hasn’t been explored yet. So, here are 10 facts to help you understand all about it in a nutshell:
  1. Mojave Turquoise is one of the world's oldest gemstones.
  2. Mojave Turquoise is the designated birthstone for December.
  3. Ancient Egyptian rulers cherished this vivid crystal.
  4. Tibetans believe that Mojave Turquoise is a talisman for good luck. It is one of the most pricey gemstones in Tibet.
  5. This gemstone is considered sacred by Native Americans.
  6. Mojave Turquoise is said to save the wearer from unnatural death.
  7. The US is the sole producer of Mojave Turquoise.
  8. Old Europeans credit Mojave Turquoise with helping them achieve a higher state of consciousness.
  9. According to Hindu mystics, seeing a Mojave Turquoise after viewing the new moon assured extraordinary fortune.
  10. A Mojave Turquoise ring symbolizes "Do not forget me" in European culture.

Metaphysical Properties Of Mojave Turquoise

Turquoise gemstone is a mineral that is made up of hydrous phosphate of copper and aluminum. However, Mojave Turquoise is a mixture of bronze and Blue Turquoise gemstone jewelry
These vibrant gems are cut as high-quality cabochons with unequaled luster.

Some Mojave Turquoise gems are treated to improve their marketability. Untreated Mojave is rare nowadays. Natural and untreated Mojave Turquoise is hard to find and has the finest healing powers.

A durable crystal, Mojave Turquoise must always be stored carefully so as to avoid inclusions and scratches. The most excellent quality of Mojave Turquoise is also prone to fracture, and as a result of which it reaches an utmost hardness of just in between 5-7 on the Moh’s scale.

Mojave gems have lower than ideal hardness and are not put on regular use. Characteristically, these gemstones possess the unique ability to absorb liquids. They are porous and permeable, thus, dying these crystals is an easy task when compared with other crystals. 

Mojave Turquoise In News

Mojave Turquoise Color

Turquoise stones are generally recognized by their blue, green, and sea green hues. The Mojave Turquoise beautifully showcases bright crimsons, blues, greens, pinks, orange, purples, and violets with striking golden metallic veins of bronze. There’s a color for everyone that particularly adds to their allure.

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