Mexican Bird Eye - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Mexican Bird’s Eye is a form of Rhyolite, which aids in communication and brings in the clarity to what is being said. A stone of general healing, it permits the wearing individual to understand the bigger picture of a state of affairs. This protecting and regenerating stone features bands swirled together in unique patterns of yellow, ruddy and brown gloss. Crystal-rich layers named as the streaming rock, this gem has beautiful lava flows onto the surface. It appears different depending on how it erupts but has a theme similar to granite with a smaller grain size. Mined in Mexico, Mexican Bird Eye shows us how to enjoy the immense potential within ourselves. It serves to maintain focus on the present moment and leads to progression in life; it is used for meditation and resolving issues which are not even finished.

Mexican Bird Eye forms in a massive rhyolitic deposit that features a global form of red, cream, gray and pinkish colors. It triggers creativity in individuals who are ready to go ahead and make things materialize in their lifetime. It leaves one to reach out beyond his capabilities of what he can accomplish, by helping one to intersperse through the mental barriers and to attain a vast potential within him. Said to be an earth stone, it bears a secure connection to planet earth and all its inhabitants. It passes from the wearing individual a deeper connectedness with the Mother Gaia and the natural order; minerals, plants, and creatures.It can aid in establishing contact with the natural world, rudimentary beings and other members of the Devic realm.

This Mexican Bird Eye celebrates the joy of life and brings in the awareness as well as joy for the natural state of the physical structure, emotional balance and interaction with other living organisms and beings. Because of its assorted formational traits it represents variety and advancement. It is believed that this magical stone lights the fire of imagination within the wearer’s soul and even facilitates a deep state of meditation in which both inner and outer journeys can be established. By renewing the emotional state, it offers positive energy and brings hope to alleviate depression. Trusted to deal with past-life issues and heal deep emotional wounds, it created a connector between the individual’s karma and what is occurring now in spiritual life.

Known as stone of balance, it is recommended for dealing with problems of self-esteem and emotional strength while it stimulates insight into solutions and alternatives too. When facing confrontation, it is said to be a perfect stone to carry. It brings the lovers together and help one to actualize that in guild to grow one needs to change sometimes.

Where is Mexican Bird Eye found?

This particular Mexican Birds Eye stone is found in Casas Grandes of Chihuahua Mexico. Color or property of the stone is because of the certain mineral which is found in the open pit of the Chihuahua Mountains. Casas Grandes is considered to be the most important archaeological zone of the north region of the country in Chihuahua, Mexico. Scientifically, it is occurred in a valley without vegetation.  Hard rock mining needs to be done to get to this particular rough.

Healing Properties

One of Nature’s most healing gemstone of the heart and mind, it assists the wearer to know the right path for society to execute goals and aspirations. Mexican Bird Eye dedicated to balancing the emotional body resonates with the frequency of love, compassion and kindness. Assimilates the past with the present for past life healing, it smooth the progress of deep meditation. It is too believed to fortify the body's natural resistance and improves muscle tone. The swirled bands of this unique stone embody harmonious relationships and balance aspects of the heart by lifting spirits when the wearer feels down. By promoting patience and perseverance, it gently releases deep-seated emotions. Mexican Bird’s Eye as it name supports the wearer who feels a little lost and has trouble focusing on the here and now to concentrate. With a memorable phrase ‘growing together,’ this stone firmly believes in what comes together belongs together.

  • Physical Healer

Mexican Bird Eye boosts the immune system and fortifies the body’s natural resistance by cleaning the kidneys and liver. It is believed to dissolve hardened tissues and promote the growth of healthy tissue. By treating kidney stones, it is useful in support of the heart and lungs. It perks up the assimilation of B vitamins and has a strong cleansing action. As an elixir, toning and strengthening muscles, it balances body fluids and metabolism. Assisting heart and lung circulation functions, it treats veins and infections. It also treats rashes and skin disorders.

Birds Eye healing crystal supports the reproductive system or sexual organs. It is also believed to balance the breathing problems. It proves to be highly restorative in cases of tissue deterioration or can say treating cancers of those areas.

  • Emotional Healer

Mexican Bird Eye boosts the power centre, the Core Self. It attunes the wearing individual to the earth and offers a steady source of energy for healing and renewal. It not only supports the heart, but gently searches out the root cause of the issues caused by the emotional heart, predominantly deep-seated feelings that have been repressed, such as annoyance and bitterness. Incorporation of these emotions creates standing patterns of energy inside the torso. This stone brings the wounds to the airfoil in a manner that avoids any trauma and ameliorates their release constantly with time, also deal with the negative thoughts and toxic behaviors that perpetuate them.

It is believed that this stone helped to enjoy healthy relationships with balanced emotions and make him confident, responsible, and reliable. Being the centre of self-esteem, it increases will willpower along with warmth and self-discipline. Said to be a stone of courage, it by easing stress provides a strengthening energy for the emotional body and produce a calm stability. The energy of this stone invites the feelings of compassion, humility and allows one to meet forward in life. It consciously harnesses the energy of a being and make the wearing individual proactive rather than reactive or inactive. People wearing this stone react to life circumstances and gets the power to control and manage emotional outbursts.

The message of this powerful balancing stone is: One has the power to choose. One can choose and achieve his life purpose or can live out his karma or past experiences.

  • Spiritual Healer

Mexican Bird Eye provides a calm, ideal for grounding and harmonious energy for meditation. It is epically good for releasing pain and anger with the help of medications as it promotes it and it too eliminates other obstacles to personal development. It opens the Third Eye for visualization and psychic vision. It helps the wearing individual to born directly out of Chaos, so called the primal emptiness as it believed to honour the Greek Earth Mother Goddess (Gaia). This beautiful banded stone aligns the emotional body with one’s spirituality. As said to encourage tolerance and gentleness toward all beings, it helps the one striving for harmony within the self. It is an excellent teacher of life force. By bringing insights from the past to light, it is highly beneficial for rebirthing and gently releases issues that inhibit one’s spiritual growth.

  • Heals and Balances Chakra

Related to the solar plexus chakra and the throat chakra,  represents blue and yellow colors of the stone. By enhancing The Solar Plexus Chakra, it augments personal strength, command over knowledge and learning capabilities. As said, Mexican Bird Eye guides the wearing individual in the course of life by creating a strong sagacity of self, setting individual boundaries, as well as building self-esteem and self-control. It gives the wearer the strength and ability to bring change into his life. By purifying the past, this stone energizes progress towards mental awareness and spiritual advancement.

By awakening and balancing the third eye chakra, it makes the wearer feel friendly, joyful and confident. This in turn helps the warning individual to live a deeply fulfilling emotional life and take a gregarious and extrovert attitude to the world. It makes the wearer daring to take risks and evokes leadership qualities. When wearing this stone person attracts charismatic qualities within and invite concerns of others. It is believed the stone yellow bands bask in the yellow energy of the sun and its radiance allows, one can deal with the ebbs and flows of emotional relationships by understanding the cyclic nature, and agree to the changes.

As blue bands of the stone associated with The Throat Chakra, helps to enhance Self Expression and Communication of the wearing individual as well as assist in resolving emotional issues. Individual wearing this stone gains faithfulness and gets an ability to express himself, his ideas, his improved communication skills, his will power and his honesty.

Mexican Bird Eye Facts

Facts about Mexican Bird's Eye

  • For lasting love and as a commitment symbol, this stone is traditionally used.
  • During pregnancy, a piece of Mexican Bird eye stone, if placed in the womb is believed that it helps parents-to-be make a spiritual link with their unborn child.
  • It is marvelous to use for harmonious partnerships, both in love and in the business.
  • It fosters healthy relationships with a relative or friend and with those where personal interactions are vital.
  • As a supportive stone, it helps to increase business success and also said to be a sustaining stone for marriage analysts.
  • It is believed to be superb for healing and nurturing the wearer physically and emotionally.
  • It circulate the Earth energies in the individual and bring gradual strength along with renewed vitality.
  • With time, it helps to overcome painful emotional experiences and removing harmful toxins and energies from the wearer’s body.
  • If placed on the third eye chakra, it promotes psychic vision and visualization.

Metaphysical Properties

Mexican Bird’s Eye, an igneous of felsic composition volcanic extrusive rock. Also occur as breccias, represents change, variety, and advancement. It ignites the flame of creativity inside the soul, bringing to fruition the quests upon which one has longed to go.  It assists one to strengthen both body and mind and to discover how to enjoy the vast potential within the self.  It is an excellent stone for propagating with humility the concept of and actualization of self-realization.

Mexican Bird Eye Color

Mexican Bird’s Eye features bands which are swirled together in a unique pattern of yellow, red and brown color. Stone used for meditation, it is basically composed of the light-colored silicates; usually polish to pink in color. Depending on how this stone erupts has a composition similar to granite but with a smaller grain size. Mined in Mexico, it helps to focus on the present moment and teaches one to relish the vast hidden potential within an individual.

Mexican Bird Eye Colors

  • Cleavage
  • Other NamesElixerite, Hickoryite, Liparite, Wonderstone
  • Crystal HabitTrigonal-Crystal-System
  • StreakReddish-Brown
  • Refractive Index1.86(1), and X-ray amorphous, indicating its metamict state
  • DiaphaneityTransparent to nearly opaque
  • Mohs scale (hardness)7 - 9
  • SourcesMexico
  • Chemical formulaSiO2 + K2O + 70-75% silicon dioxide + Potassium Oxide
  • LustreDull
  • ColorBrown, Green, White, Yellow, caramel and orangey-tan or red
  • Chakra HealingSolar Plexus Chakra,Throat Chakra
  • BirthstoneOctober
  • Zodiaclibra,scorpio
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