Libyan desert glass

Libyan Desert Glass - Meaning, Properties, Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

The Libyan Desert Glass Stone is a naturally occurring glass that can be found in the eastern Sahara Desert in Libya, Africa. It is believed to have formed around 29 million years ago when a meteorite impacted the Earth's surface, melting and fusing the sand in the desert into glass.

The glass is yellow-green in color and can range in size from small fragments to large boulders. It is highly prized by collectors and jewelry makers due to its unique appearance and rarity.

In ancient times, the Libyan Desert Glass Stone was highly valued and used for jewelry and decorative objects. It was also used by the ancient Egyptians to make amulets and other ceremonial objects.

Today, the Libyan Desert Glass Stone is still highly sought after and is used for making jewelry, decorative objects, and as a collector's item. It is also studied by scientists who are interested in its unique properties and its origins as a result of meteorite impact.

The Libyan Desert Glass has been named after the Libyan Desert. However, it was discovered in the Western Desert of Egypt. It is called glass as it is actually natural glass made of fused silica. It is also known as Libyan Gold Tektite. The Libyan Desert Glass jewelry is extremely useful for people who want to strengthen their will power. A great source for spiritual energy, the Libyan Gold Tektite is considered as a strong protective stone that contains the unique power of golden ray within it. Golden ray is a strong spiritual energy which shows significant spiritual vibration. The stone can also be used beneficially by people who often feel that their origin is not Earth but some other place in the universe. 

Where is Libyan Desert Glass found?

The Libyan Desert Glass Stone is found in the eastern Sahara Desert, primarily in the areas of Libya and Egypt. The glass is scattered over a large area, approximately 6,000 square kilometers in size, known as the Great Sand Sea. The area is very remote and difficult to access, making it a challenge for researchers and collectors to study and obtain samples of the glass.

In addition to its natural occurrence, the Libyan Desert Glass Stone has also been found at archaeological sites, indicating that it was used by ancient civilizations in the region. These sites include areas in Egypt, such as the temple of Tutankhamun, and in other parts of North Africa. Today, the Libyan Desert Glass Stone is still highly prized by collectors and scientists alike, and efforts are ongoing to learn more about its unique properties and origins.

Healing Properties Of Libyan Desert Glass Stone

Libyan Desert Glass Physical Healing Properties

Libyan Desert Glass is a bundle of multiple healing properties. When it comes to physical healing, this yellow glass can help you in many ways. It has the capability to calm down your irritable bowel syndrome. It can help you achieve positive healing results with a number of stomach ailments. Be it your improper digestion, disturbed bowel, stomach pain or upset stomach problem, the Libyan Desert Glass helps your stomach to work in a proper and required manner. Helping with proper digestion of food, the Libyan Desert Glass also stimulates the thymus and thus, helps in fortifying the immune system of a human body. Thus, while you flaunt the beauty of this precious glass, you also get to enjoy numerous physical healing benefits.

Emotional Healing Properties of Libyan Desert Glass

  1. Protection against energy vampires – Energy vampires are immature people who cannot see things from others perspectives. Use this beautiful gem stone to stay protected from such people.
  2. Helps you stay happy – Say goodbye to your negative thoughts and feelings and get a cheerful mood as Libyan Desert Glass helps invite happiness in ysour life and attitude.
  3. Enhances mental powers - Libyan Desert Glass is considered to augment mental powers in its user or wearer. Be it logical reasoning or memorizing, the stone helps improve your mental capabilities in an amazing way.
  4. Strengthens will power – The lack of strong will leads to failure. Using Libyan Desert Glass is beneficial in strengthening your will power and determination.
  5. Provides spiritual grounding – Using this stone also help in providing spiritual grounding and lets the user sty firm in its spiritual exploration and beliefs.
  6. Improves your creative side – Sharpen and enhance your creative skills by using this enchanting stone called Libyan Desert Glass. This stone can be extremely useful for professions which involve creativity as a major eligibility criterion.
  7. Instills kindness & sympathy – Become a better person and bring sympathy and kindness in your behavior by using Libyan Desert Glass. It fills your mind with kind and gentle thoughts so that you can understand the problems of others.

Libyan Desert Glass Spiritual Healing Properties

  1. Opens your vision –Using Libyan Desert Glass aids in opening one’s spiritual vision. This further leads to better spiritual responsiveness.
  2. Spiritual protection – When a person uses this enchanting stone, he or she stay guarded against any negative or psychic attack.
  3. Reconnect with the knowledge of past – Use this amazingly lovely stone to get yourself acquainted with the knowledge of past. Providing you visions from the past, this stone lets you take a clear glimpse of your past life.
  4. Supports your spiritual journey – Be it about learning spiritual concepts or excelling in the spiritual world by connecting to the other realms, the Libyan Desert Glass helps and supports you in your ongoing spiritual journey.
  5. Helps you establish the connection with other worlds – If anyone is interested in getting connected with the other worlds, the Libyan Desert Glass provides support in the same. It gives you a clear understanding and awareness for other worlds so that you know how to get connected with them.
  6. Contains unique mystical energy – Libyan Desert Glass contains amazing and unique mystic spiritual energy that has the potential of carrying out rituals in a proper way.  
  7. Stops building up of psychic energy – When you use this enchanting stone, the negative psychic energy does not get accumulated in your Solar Plexus Chakra. This is essential in order to continue your spiritual journey.
  8. Keeps your own energy safe – Be it spirituality or something else, using Libyan Desert Glass is of extreme help as it helps to save and guard your own energy. Remember that energy can be stolen and taken away by energy thieves such as psychic vampires.  
  9. Grounds surplus spiritual energy – When you use this stone you also get the chance to ground your extra spiritual energy to the Earth Chakra. Thus, you stay connected to the Earth and do not get to misuse the surplus spiritual energy.

Meditation with Libyan Desert Glass

Possessing Golden Ray and strong spiritual energies, the stone helps in achieving better meditation. It also helps in exploring your past life and experiences. Providing better mental powers and focus, the Libyan Desert Glass gives you a much better meditation experience.

Libyan Desert Glass Chakra Healing

  1. The Libyan Desert Glass has a similarity and empathy with three diverse rays including the Golden Ray, the Green Ray, and the Yellow Ray. The Golden Ray relates to the crown chakra while the Green Ray connects to the heart chakra. The third ray or the Yellow Ray is associated with the solar plexus chakra. Hence, working on three different chakras through three varied rays, the stone helps you resolve various physical and emotional issues related to the associated chakras.
  2. The stone is also considered quite effective for the lower chakras and provides positive healing results for the problems related to these chakras.
  3. All chakras below the heart get rejuvenated and lively with the help of Golden Ray possessed in the Libyan Desert Glass.

Use this stone to form a better, strong, and smooth flow of life force energy all through your body.

Libyan Desert Glass Facts

  1. Libyan Desert Glass (LDG) is also known as Great Sand Sea glass.
  2. There is ample evidence which proves that Libyan Desert glass was used as a tool in the Pleistocene age.
  3. This glass has instilled a lot of curiosity and excitement among because the origin of Libyan Desert glass remains a mystery. There are varied theories regarding the origin of this glass.  
  4. The most prevalent theory about the Libyan Desert glass is that it got formed from a meteor impact.
  5. The green and yellow part in the Tutanhkamen pendant is made of Libyan glass
  6. The glass was called ‘Rock of God’ by the Egyptians.
  7. It is also said that this beautiful glass was even known to pre-historic women.
  8. Libyan Desert Glass is used for making beautiful jewelry.
  9. It is widely believed that the glass got formed almost 28 million years ago.

Libyan Desert Glass Metaphysical Properties

Let’s take a look at the metaphysical properties of Libyan Desert Glass.

  1. Chemical Name – Its chemical name is Silicon dioxide.
  2. Chemical Formula – The chemical formula for Libyan Desert Glass is SiO2
  3. Classification – It has been classified under Mineraloid.
  4. Crystallography – It shows amorphous natural glass crystallography.
  5. Specific Gravity – In Libyan Desert Glass, the toughness varies. It is typically 2.2
  6. Toughness – The toughness varies in Libyan Desert Glass.
  7. Inclusions – The captivating Libyan Desert Glass can have gas bubbles of varied shaped. It can also occasionally show small round grains.
  8. Luster – It shows an alluring vitreous luster.
  9. Fracture – It has conchoidal fracture
  10. Transparency – It is semitransparent to translucent in appearance.
  11. Refractive Index – its refractive index is 1.46.

Libyan Desert Glass In News

Libyan Desert Glass Color

The color of Libyan Desert Glass is very beautiful. It can be yellow-brown, greenish yellow, champagne yellow or light yellow in shade. Usually, it shows an attractive yellow shade but can sometimes be milky or pale yellow too. Few of its specimens can show deep brown swirls or bands. It is believed that these bands or swirls are actually melted form of extraterrestrial elements that got preserved into the Libyan Desert Glass.

  • Cleavage
  • Other Names
  • Crystal Habit
  • Streak
  • Refractive Index1.46
  • Diaphaneitysemitransparent - translucent
  • Mohs scale (hardness)5-5.5
  • SourcesWestern Desert of Egypt
  • Chemical formula SiO2
  • LustrevitreousÂ
  • ColorLight Yellow To Greenish Yellow
  • Chakra HealingHeart chakra,Crown Chakra
  • Birthstone
  • Zodiac
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