Untreated Blue Topaz Jewelry

Untreated Blue Topaz - A Brief Introduction

You must have surely heard about Topaz which is considered the birthstone for December. The word ‘Topaz’ is actually believed to be derived from “Topazian” (a Greek word) and the Sanskrit word “Tapas” which means fire. Today, Topaz is popular as an icon of love and that’s the reason why it is often gifted on marriage anniversaries. The precious Topaz is found in a few beautiful colors but the white hue is considered as the purest one. Now coming to Untreated Blue Topaz, let us tell you that it is one of the most coveted forms of Blue Topaz. Untreated blue topaz is actually that form of Blue Topaz which has not experienced any sort of exposure to any type of radiations. Thus, it can be said that Untreated Blue Topaz is the natural blue type of topaz.
Untreated blue topaz is honored for its wonderful abilities, most importantly, for its ability to transform the water devoured by the wearer. The stone is believed to oxygenate, hydrate and nurture the cells of the wearer so that his/her body gets completely detoxified.

Untreated Blue Topaz – Few Significant Historical Facts

There are historical references available for Blue Topaz which indicates that it was used by the ancient Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, and Germans. Aaron also chose the stone to be used on his priest breastplate. The Egyptians valued Blue Topaz as they believed that it was the representation of Sun God. 

Where is Untreated Blue Topaz Found?

Untreated Blue Topaz mainly comes from Brazil. The other chief localities for the same include Burma, Nigeria, Mexico, Brazil, and Australia. 

The Beautiful & Popular Styles of Untreated Blue Topaz Jewelry 

The jewelry made of Untreated Blue Topaz looks very appealing. The attractive blue shade and the sparkling effect of this stone look even more enchanting when worked into creative designs of jewelry. By wearing Untreated Blue Topaz jewelry, you can easily raise your self-confidence. One also gets improve his/her thinking power as the stone is believed to provide energy of awareness to the wearer. Those who want to improve their communication skills can also use Untreated Blue Topaz as it is believed to improve communication power. 

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