Untreated Blue Topaz - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Topaz is a popular gemstone which constitutes of aluminum silicate-containing hydroxyl and fluorine. This rare and precious stone is available in multiple color variants, but the purest one is colorless, i.e., white. It has been used in Egyptian times as it was believed to get its hue from the Sun God. Its name is considered to have a French, Latin and Greek origin. References to this gem are also found in the old Christian testament. Some people believe that its name originated from the Greek word Topazos and the Sanskrit word Tapas which means fire. 

Blue topaz is one of the most popular and in-demand variants of topaz and is the most valuable too. It is widely found in Brazil. Its value is determined by its color intensity. Untreated blue topaz can vitalize your body, and it works by transforming the water consumed by a person. Untreated blue topaz means the one that is not exposed to any radiations and is the naturally blue form of topaz. It makes the water more nourishing, hydrating and oxygenating for your cells. It helps to flush out toxins and dissolve plaque from your body's tissues. This way it can cure illness and injury and has a relaxing effect on the mind. It reflects the energy of knowledge and mind and can stimulate self-confidence, ability to think and learn and be creative. It improves communication abilities too and helps in achieving perfection.

Blue Topaz is a stone of peacefulness, calming to the emotions, and ideal for meditation and connecting with spiritual beings. These stones are resonant with the perfected pattern of the human body and energy system and are ideal for the gemstone. It inculcates the feeling of forgiveness and truth and brings abundance, joy, good health and generosity as well as affection, love and good fortune. It can help one understand his life and his strongest desire. It will help you set your future goals. 

Untreated Blue Topaz Healing Properties

This is an excellent crystal for meditation as it has numerous healing powers.  It can unite your mind, body, and soul with the forces of the universe.  It helps in visualizations and affirmations and can direct your mind for healing, manifestation, and attraction. The divinity associated with this gemstone encourages you to say truth with confidence, and then you can take control of any situation. This crystal allows you to converse with the angels and seek help from their wisdom.  It is associated with Archangels Michael and Raziel. This crystal honors the goddess Aditi who is the goddess of the boundless sky. 
Physical well being: It can correct several disorders by fortifying the nerves, improving digestion, and stimulating metabolism. It helps in dispersing the energy throughout the body and can heal wounds, skin eruptions and nosebleeds. It is known to cure eye diseases, alleviate mental illness, restore a sense of taste and cure dimness of vision. It can also reduce snoring and lessen cardiac pains. It is supportive of the skull and head, ears, eyes, and health of throat and neck. It can relieve migraines, headaches; tighten the jaw, occipital pains and temples pain. It can also treat stress and high blood pressure and alleviate speech impediments, sore throats. It can improve public speaking too by removing the fear associated with it. 
It is found beneficial to deal with digestive disorders such as bulimia and anorexia too. It works with the spinal cord to regulate actions of the heart.  It can cure bleeding and improve the body's glandular systems if combined with zodiac stones. It can ease the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis.  It is known to cure mumps, whooping cough, and tonsillitis. When combined with Lodestone it can cure gout, circulatory problems, and deafness. 
Emotional well being: This topaz serves as an excellent tool for emotional healing and stability. With its positive energy, it teaches truth and forgiveness and removes negative energies,  doubt, and fear from oneself.  This brings confidence,  acceptance,  esteem,  worth, and self-reliance. It promotes creativity and helps one to realize his strength and abilities And helps in setting goals and achieving great dreams. It brings joy and good fortune that can be shared with others. It can help you recover from any shock or trauma and fought off mood swings. Out helps you find your inner sources of emotional nourishment leading to a more productive life. It can cure your anger and help you let go and forgive others. 
Chakra healing:  this is an excellent gemstone for cleansing the aura and helps in releasing tension. It directs its energy to the part that needs it the most and aligns the meridians of the human body. It is associated with the third eye and throat chakra.
Spiritual healing:  It can boost faith and invigorates the spiritual development of an individual.  It cuts all strings of doubt and uncertainty and develops confidence in the universe. It can connect with higher realms of awareness and channelize divine knowledge and wisdom to connect with one's angels, loved ones, spirit guides and ascended masters. It can help to recognize the symbols that one is sent to help in his daily life.
How to use Blue Topaz to get the best results? 
You should wear it on your body at all times or carry it with you. Placing at strategic locations in home or workplace also provides goof effect. If you are not using it, then you should clean it properly and store it somewhere. To clean the crystals make use of warm soapy water. Do not use a home ultrasonic cleaner or steamer. It is not good to expose the stone to rapid temperature changes, acids or heat. Do not keep it out in the sun too else it would lose its color. Although it is a hard stone, it can get cracked easily. Hence you should handle it with care. 

Untreated Blue Topaz Facts

This is the birthstone for December.
It is usually given on the 4th and 19th marriage anniversary celebrations as a symbol of affection and love.
The name topaz originated from the Greek word Topazion and the Sanskrit word Tapas which means fire. 
There was an Egyptian island named topazos which are now known as St. Johns island. 
It is predominantly found in Nigeria, Brazil, Burma, Australia, and Mexico. 
This stone was greatly valued by the Romans and Greeks and worn by rulers of Germany in medieval times.
It was selected by Aaron for his priestly breastplate. It is also a stone in revelation and apocalypse. Egyptians consider it as the symbol of the Sun god who is the giver of life. In Europe, this stone is associated with Apollo a heavenly being. 
The most abundantly found color of Topaz is blue and is highly valuable. 
Blue topaz is found in abundance because it is synthetically created by treating colorless topaz with gamma rays irradiation. This does not provide effects of blue topaz but is becoming increasingly legitimate in the trade. 
Blue topaz resembles aquamarine crystal but is more beneficial than the latter. 
Some topaz can be radioactive too, and hence you must get it tested before you buy or wear it.
It is one of the nine sacred stones used in a talisman and is considered sacred by the Hindus. They believe that this stone can relieve thirst, lengthen one's life and sharpen intelligence when worn. 
When you engrave a falcon on a topaz, it can bring goodwill and kindness to the wearer, and it can attract wealth too. 
Topaz is known to be associated with creative energies and can promote concentration. It is believed that wearing a topaz can control greed, lust, and insomnia and prevent premature death. 
If it is worn around the neck, it can cure madness. 
If you get a dream of topaz, then it is believed that good fortune is coming to you soon. 
It can protect its owner by losing its color to indicate the presence of poison. 
It can protect travelers from danger and homesickness. 
If it is set in gold and worn around the neck, then it can heal poor vision and dispel bad omens.

Untreated Blue Topaz Metaphysical Properties

Metaphysical properties of Blue Topaz: 

The topaz is available in color variations from pale to deep blue. This topaz is known to revitalize and regenerate the human body to a great extent. It can delay the aging process and is associated with beauty. It can disperse the negative energy and can strengthen our immune system and provide better resistance to illness. It is also known to energize the thyroid system and increase the metabolism. Hence it is recommended for people suffering from hypo or hyperthyroidism. If you are having issues related to poor vision, eyes, nasal passage, ears, throat and similar diseases then wearing this stone can lead to an enhanced healing process. Blue Topaz can also reduce the side effects associated with menopause. 

Blue topaz is associated with positive energy, divinity, and peacefulness. Hence it can be used to relieve depression, stress-related disorders, high blood pressure, and tension and it can uplift your mood and prevent mood swings too. It is a medicinal crystal that can cure chronic headaches and migraine too. You can use this stone to find and understand the true reason behind your illness and discover the best way to treat it. It is mostly worn by authors, speakers, artists, bankers, inventors, and musicians as it promotes creativity. 

You can bring your anger under control with this stone, and it can bring your hidden emotions to the surface in a calm manner. You can deal with people in a positive manner, and it gives a positive outlook towards life. This way you can achieve an emotional balance. It is also known to improve your communication skills and speech, especially in youth. It gives you the power of truth and honesty in all relationships but with gentleness and you can then move on from love or friendship based relationships without hurting anyone. It can help you control your emotions after a breakup. It makes you more aware of your feelings and can calm inflamed emotions and sex drive. 

If you are suffering from psychic attacks and nightmares, then you must use this stone. It inspires the leader in you and gives a natural authority. It inspires creativity and mental clarity. The heavenly blue color of this stone helps you connect with angels and guiding spirits. It leads to two-way communication with them so that you can communicate your issues and hear their messages too in return. When placed on the throat or third eye chakra it can help open them, and you can vocalize your desires and needs. It is widely used for meditation and connecting with your inner self. 

Untreated Blue Topaz Color

The color of the blue topaz varies from pale to deep blue color. It is known as the color of the sky, wind and the sea and is considered to have heavenly connections. The deeper the color of the stone, the better effect it has. But you should be careful while buying blue topaz as there are numerous vendors selling treated blue topaz which is white topaz treated with radiations. It should be stored safely without exposing to heat, acid or direct sunlight in order to protect its color and effect. 

  • CleavagePerfect basal cleavage
  • Other Names
  • Crystal HabitPrismatic crystals with faces striated parallel to long dimension; also columnar, compact, massive
  • Streak
  • Refractive Index1.610 - 1.638
  • Diaphaneity
  • Mohs scale (hardness)8
  • Sources Minas Gerais in Brazil,United States, in the Pala region of California, and in the Rocky Mountains.
  • Chemical formulaAl2SiO4(F,OH)2
  • LustreVitreous
  • ColorWhite, Colorless, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Pink, Purple, Gray, Multicolored
  • Chakra HealingThird Eye Chakra,Throat Chakra
  • BirthstoneDecember
  • Zodiacsagittarius
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