Toad Eye Silver Jewelry Collection

Why Toad Eye Jewelry Is Loved So Much?

Gemstones are any woman’s best companions ever for the reason of providing help in life and helping in ups and downs apart from enhancing their beauty. Everyone is well aware of the fact that different gemstones have different metaphysical properties, healing properties and thus making each one unique.

One such beautiful and unique gemstone is the ‘Toad eye’. This is a stone that is just not beautiful but has a lot above imagination. Did you know that this wonderful gemstone is capable of curing the effects of most dangerous poisons in the world? Actually, what in the world could protect us all from the effects of poisons? The answer is ‘Toad eye’. It is an antidote against poison. The amazing beauty and the healing properties of this stone are the chief reason as to why this jewelry is loved so much.


Historic Origin & Uses of Toad Eye Jewelry

The ancient men regarded this mythical stone to be the best of all as it resembled the head of toads or frogs. It is said that the body of toad contains poison and so, it possessed an antidote on its head. People who are well aware of this aspect of the gemstone wear it as a finger ring, or a pendant to protect them. This came from ancient times. Now, with the modernization, the jewelry pieces are customizable at the will of the people. Apart from being an antidote, the toad eye gemstone is also known to provide people with all kind of worldly pressures which is exactly what most of us are in search of.


What Are the Chief Sources of Toad Eye Gemstone?  

The one and the only source of this stone is from toads and frogs. The stone is present in the head of toads. Burying them is believed to deliver the stone with more powers. The stone can be taken out by putting the frog/toad under a red blanket. It can also come out when the ants skeletonize the toad. For the earlier condition, as soon as the stone is in front of you, you have to pick it up else the toad will swallow it up again. Did you know that this stone is known to be ‘recyclable medicine’?! We are sure most of you might not be aware of this fact. The reason for calling it recyclable medicine is that the royals used to swallow the stone in order to cleanse their bowels, intestines and all the toxins in the body. The stone was again extracted from the body and hence regarded to be recyclable one.


Toad Eye Jewelry Styles

For best results from the toad eye gemstone, it is always preferable to wear it in contact with the skin so as its magic can protect the person. Now, there is the number of designs available at Gemexi. Do check out our women’s jewelry collection. In order to make sure that this gemstone is much in contact with the skin of the people – finger rings are the best choice of all. Other than that, the pendants, bracelets also do a good job in protecting the person from all the harmful effects of venom. People can also incorporate this wonder gemstone into other pieces of jewelry for best results. Just the touch of this stone at the place of bite makes it curable.


Craftsmanship by Gemexi

At Gemexi, we have the best artisans in the store to design beautiful jewelry. They are all skilled and proficient to make latest design jewelry. Our craftsmen take utmost care in detailing the jewelry for our customers. We as a team make the best jewelry in the market. We have craftsmen and artisans from across the world that are quite expert in different areas. We take pride in designing the best jewelry of all times. Take a look through the designs in our available collections.  


Personalized Toad Eye Jewelry at Gemexi

Our specialty is customization like none other in this market field. We take the designs that the customers love to have and create them beautifully. Our stocks are made after calculating the customer pulse towards different designs. Women’s toad eye jewelry is customizable by our talented artisans. Bracelets, pendants, finger rings, earrings, necklaces, etc. are all customizable in here.


Check Out Wholesale Toad Eye Jewelry Collection at Gemexi  

Not all jewelry stores provide jewelry at wholesale price tags. Even-though some stores offer wholesale prices in different jewelry, their quality is not a reliable one. So, we have made our jewelry available to you all for wholesale prices. Now you can grab the best quality jewelry at wholesale price. We do not include any additional charges and so, you can take back home your favorite pieces of jewelry without hurting your pocket.

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