Toad Eye

Toad Eye - Healing Properties, Color, Power & Facts

Gemstones with different color combinations are the best for the reason of the smooth color texture. They make huge difference in the life of the people wearing them. The beauty of the gemstone is at its greatest when they have powers enough to deal with all that is unwanted in life. One such beauty is the ‘Toad eye gemstone’.  Just as the name of this gemstone suggests, it naturally comes from toads or frogs.  Just like it sounds, this stone has numerous powers to deal with life. People, who are well aware of all the benefits and the healing powers of this stone, love to sport for themselves.

Looking at this stone makes it feel like looking through a precious crystal. It is not just about the beauty of this gemstone but there is much more than that. The healing powers of the stone are unique and help in getting rid of all the negativity in life. This stone is known to be an antidote against all the dangerous effects of poison or venom on the body. Thus, it is one of the most desirable gemstones ever.

Healing Properties

Available in beautiful shades, the toad eye gemstone has the best healing powers ever. It is known to protect the realm by protecting the person from world’s evil. After the 14th century, people understood the real benefits of this stone and started to like them a lot. One of the best reasons for liking the toad eye gemstone is its protection against poison.

  • Amazing power to give protection from poison - Poison is one thing which is harder to cure because of the dangerous nature of poisons. Though not all of them are too poisonous, but it was hard to detect the reason behind the person’s illness due to poison infliction. The toad eye gemstones made detecting poison in human body easier. When this stone came in contact with the skin that had poison in it, the stone automatically started to heat up, sweat out the person, and change its colors. All these signs or reactions in the gemstone indicated the presence of poison in the body. Thanks to it, for making lives simple and adding a sense of protection around.
  • Beneficial for pregnant women - This stone protects people from painful sores, bowel problems, digestions, protects new born babies and also protect pregnant mothers. The pregnant women being most fragile or sensitive people need a lot of good powers to protect them. So, they chose the toad eye stone to do the job. Hereafter, the pregnant women did
  • Provides protection from any sort of loss - In the ancient times, people dreaded of the fear of sinking ships and boats. There was a lot of loss to both human life and the stocks that were being shipped. Just then people got to know the various powers and benefits of the toad gemstone and decided to place one in the ship that was out to export stocks. They were kept in boats that were set out for a long voyage. This prevented the boats from sinking and resultant loss.
  • Provides significantly positive results for kidney problems - Kidneys being one of the major organs in the human body tend to fail in their working due to reasons like kidney stones etc. Before the advent of the modern medicines and medication process, it was almost impossible for the people to detect kidney problems. Careful research about the problem gave a solution known as the toad eye gemstone. It prevented kidney disorders in people wearing them. Soon after that a lot of people started to wear the toad eye gemstone in a way that it is in contact with the body and prevents the happening of all the unwanted things.

Toad Eye Facts

  • This stone is known to protect the pregnant women from all the evils in world. The only thing that must be made sure of is that it is in touch with the skin of the pregnant lady. In folklore, the toads were removed from its eye i.e. the toad eye from the head and wrapped in a red cloth. Removing the same from the red cloth and putting it into ant hills was the further step for the extraction of this stone. Actually, the ant hill process is believed to extract the stone easily from the live toad as the ants tend to eat the toad leaving behind the stone.
  • In order to extract the stone or the toad eye from the live toad, people used to put the live toad in an earthen pot and cover it up with some earth soil. This made the toad pass away and the bones and the eye gemstone were left behind. Apart from this, they also wrapped the live toad in a red cloth and put in anthill. The ants ate up the toad and left the toad eye for our use. How natural is all this! Thus, these extraction processes majorly influenced the color of the stone. Though the colors of the stones might differ, there can never be the difference in their magical powers and the quality.
  • No further purification process takes places as there are chances of the stone to lose the magical power which is undesirable at any cost. This stone shows unique reaction when it comes in contact with poison. This means that the stone gets hotter when placed on the bite of poisonous animal. Retain the stone on the effected place and be ready and sure to see its magical healing. This might fascinate you all, but trust it just not to be a super fascinating story but a real one. With this stone on your side, be happy and feel protected because there is no evil power than can think of harming you.

Now, unlike the previous times it is easier to detect the presence of poison in the body of a person and initiate healing process. Even in the earlier times, there were people that did not believe in the magical powers of this stone. But as the time passed, people started to realize its powers and hence recognized it well.

Metaphysical Properties

The toad stone for the reason of its rareness has always been regarded as invaluable and unique. The kings, queens, princes and other aristocrat people used to respect and possess this stone as a treasure. This precious stone was regarded as prestigious reward for all the brave men in the kingdom or the realm. One could always see the toad eye gemstone to be in contact with the skin of the royals in some or the other form for the reason of protection from dreadful poisonous creatures.

The stone’s color being on the darker shade is a beauty when made jewelry out of it. Pieces of jewelry like the finger rings made out of the toad eye gemstone are always in demand. Care must be taken that the toad eye gemstone jewelry is not bought from uncertified jewelry as there are chances that unreliable sources can easily fake it. Fake stones are of no use as they do no show any impact as desired. Also, the fake stones simply looked like pieces of glass polished with some dark hues to give the effect of the toad eye gemstone. It is to be noted that this type of processed or the fake toad stones are of no use.

 So, if you are looking for an antidote and protection from poisonous animals and their venom it is time to get yourself the Toad Eye Gemstone and protect yourself. Get this wonderful stone for yourself before they are out of stock.

Toad Eye Color

Toadstone is also known to be ‘Bufonite’ which in turn is derived from a Latin word ‘Bufo’ meaning ‘Toad’. The toad stone in precise is a fossil remain of fish tooth. It is dome shaped and hence fits in well in finger rings forming beautiful pieces of jewelry. Usually, they appear in the colors of dark brown to wheatish colors having shiny strand in the center – this makes the whole thing look like the eye of the toad.

It is said that when this stone comes in contact with the body of the person bit by a venomous animal, it tends to heat or sweat out the body of that person. How interesting is that?! Isn’t it!

Not bigger than the size of the finger nail, the toad eye gemstone do wonders in treating poison. The royals back from the ancient times used to collect these from old toads and bury them up in the soil believing that would enhance its powers. This stone was also seen being a part of the crown of many royals earlier. They made it a point to incorporate this stone into the crown for reason that it will protect effects of poison. They were used to bring endless good luck and kick away all the negative impacts on life.

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