Shiva Shell Jewelry

Why Shiva Shell Jewelry Looks So Beautiful

Shiva shell gem consists of calcium carbonate. It is also known as Shiva Eye. The brown and black bands on this gem’s surface look very attractive. The Shiva shell is the protective covering at the Turban snail’s orifice. The shell is worked into many beautiful and elegant jewelry items. This shell represents the conception, conservation, and obliteration of everything in life’s flow. The shell is also believed to bring good luck to the fishermen and hence it is carried by many fishermen around the world. It also assists in the accumulation of wealth. The Shiva shell is also known by the name Pacific Cat’s Eye. It is said that this shell opens the third eye chakra and silent the negative vibes. 

Important Facts

The Shiva shell takes its name from Lord Shiva, who is worshipped in many places across the globe. The gem is also highly revered as a gem of transformation and prediction. It is also widely believed that this gem helps in discovering new ways in life. The Shiva shell is used for protection and also for attracting wealth. It also represents spiritualism.


The important locations for Shiva Shell include Australia, Brazil, India, Russia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, USA, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.

Beautiful Shiva Shell Jewelry Styles

The diaphaneity of shiva shell gemstone is considered transparent to opaque and it measures 8.5 in hardness on Moh’s Scale. Its luster is conceived as vitreous to greasy. The elegant earrings, pendants or necklaces carved out of Shiva Shell simply look very graceful.

Wonderful Craftsmanship

Gemexi treats its gemstones with love and care so that they can be worked onto fine pieces of jewelry. We do not leave any stone unturned to create unique jewelry pieces that match the expectations of our customers.

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