Shark Teeth Jewelry

Why the Shark Teeth Jewelry Looks So Beautiful

Shark teeth jewelry carries its own amazing charm and uniqueness that can be observed at the very first glance when we come across any beautiful shark teeth pendants, necklaces etc. Generally, the shark teeth can be found almost all across the globe. The fact that shark teeth fossils are around 450 million years old creates a curiosity and attraction towards this jewelry. The shark teeth jewelry looks very charming and trendy. Most of the shark teeth fossils belong to the Cenozoic era. Shark teeth jewelry can be found in several hues including blue gray shade, blue shade, orange shade, orange red, white and green color.

Important Facts Related to Shark Teeth

The Shark Teeth were called leiomano by the native Hawaiians. These teeth were used as tools and weapons by those people. Shark teeth represent masculinity and effectiveness. They are believed to bring positivity in luck. There are evidences that the shark teeth were worn by warriors for gaining power. The shark teeth are also believed to attract prosperity and wealth along with good luck. In the ancient times, these shark teeth were carried by people to stay safe from water dangers and bad spirits.

Important Sources for Shark Teeth

Though, shark teeth fossil can be sources from all over the world but the main sources for the same include Eastern USA and Georgia Coastal Plains.

Trendy Shark Teeth Jewelry Styles

The beautiful shark teeth jewelry has become a fashion trend. The chic shark teeth necklaces and pendants look quite fashionable. Today, you can also find the gold dipped versions of sharp teeth jewelry. The large as well as the mini shark teeth pendants immediately captivate anyone’s attention. Beautiful earrings, rings or necklaces made of shark teeth can be carried gracefully with many types of attire.   

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