Mother Of Pearl Jewelry

Love for Mother of Pearl jewelry

Mother of pearl is known to stir as well as awaken primordial memories of the origin of an individual in Infinite Ocean of the selfless love. It also stirs up the memories in the thoughts, feelings and in each and every cell of the physical body. As our memory opens up, the divine and selfless love flows into our inner self, repairing the deeply found wounds which are created by the unfulfilled needs. The energy of the mother of pearl sings a song of the deep and unconditional motherly affection as it is known to impart the feeling of being cradled and loved in the arms of the loving mother.

Mother of Pearl Jewelry in History

The luster and luminescence of the mother of pearl has gained it so much popularity for jewelry since centuries. Mother of Pearl has got a special symbolism in the South Asian countries where it’s highly valued as a gemstone which allures good fortune as well as happiness to an individual who possess it. It’s also known to be a god luck charm and is given often to the loved ones for wishing them a good fortune and luck.

Even though pearls are quite popular these days, some of the past cultures considered Mother of Pearl as the most desirable component of jewelry as well as other objects.

Mother of Pearl source

A very hard, smooth and shiny substance which is found on sides of shells of some of the shellfish like mussels and is used for decorating the objects is known as the mother of pearl.

It is a common name for the iridescent nacre, which is a blend of the minerals which are secreted by the oysters as well as other mollusks and then deposited in their shells, protecting and coating them from the parasites as well as foreign objects.

Nacre is the similar substance which is deposited around the object which becomes lodged in Mollusk either through the natural process or inserted by the humans for becoming a pearl.

Mother of Pearl Jewelry style

Jewelry which is made from Mother of pearl generally falls in groups which are known as Organic jewelry. Organic jewelry is the jewelry which originates from living creatures, organisms and plants.

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