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Mother Of Pearl - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

 Mother of pearl assessed as a coruscating coating of the shell, a home of pearls. The healing properties of this beautiful Mother of Pearl since considered as healing lore. It too attracts opulence as well as help to intensify intuitive abilities. It is a gem that too enhances psychic sensitivity along with imaginative skills. It is likewise professed to shield the soul from the off-putting energies and transform them into positive one. The soothing stone, Mother of Pearl too contemplates to shield the soul and evoke the motherly feelings in a soul to guard the family against evils. Since ages, Mother Of  Pearl is predisposed to cleanse the surroundings in addition to the surroundings.

Mother of Pearl or Nacre serves too obliterate the hurtful emotions of the past and shows the right path to lead a more serene life ahead.  It is extracted from the ocean bed and is predisposed to hold the energies of the sea, Mother Nature. The energies of the water stored in the Mother of Pearl proffers the feeling of well-being and relaxed sentiments. It is a gem nugget that holds the propensity to connect the soul to the beauty of nature as well as yield solace and gentleness like a gentle breeze of the air. It proffers base to the loving heart and allows the soul to accept the love and love passionately. It too brings harmony in relationships like harmony in the waves. The resonating energies of Mother of Pearl contemplate being useful in soothing the distressed emotions as well as the intellect by wiping out the past spiteful memories.

Mother of Pearl in traditions appraised for its grounding energies as well as for its abilities to pacify the emotionally disturbed heart. It too proffers the ability to handle situations and twists and turns of life. The appeasing energies of this alluring gem nugget too endorse the feeling of cooperation. Its vivacity keeps a strong check on others emotions and their feeling and then guide the soul to behave accordingly. The vivacity of Mother of Pearl likewise ease the flow of sentiments and allow to express of the emotions or feelings of the people around. It too helps to stay balanced as well as align the energies of the soul in that of the surrounding aura. Further, the vitality of Mother of Pearl serves to bring mellifluous harmony in the kinship.

Mother of Pearl often regarded as a gem nugget that connects the soul with family and their emotions. Creamy-white in hue, it is a fossil gem that is formed with a blend of two essences. The substances from it are made is mineral and organic. Further, the combining of these two minerals fashions the Mother of Pearl.

Aragonite speculates as a kind of calcium carbonate that appears in a hexagonal plate. It is fixed up in layers altering with conchiolin. Conchiolin, a supple protein seems like that of the silk that is excreted out by the mollusc. Now, if we talk about Aragonite, it is hard and brittle that when coalesced with the protein makes it strong and flexible stuff to use.

 The pliability of Mother of pearls appears due to its layered construction, as the layers are made due to the distinction in properties betwixt the mineral and organic layers. The hard aragonite when combines with the organic protein give it a perfect hardness in addition to the lustre. Thus, Mother of Pearl assessed as an organic gem that is tough as well as supple. The hardness of this enthralling gem nugget is about 3.5 on Moh’s scale. In comparison to other gemstones, Mother of Pearl speculates as a soft gem nugget due to the presence of organic material. Since traditions, Mother of Pearl often regarded to heal physical issues like high blood pressure, poor sight or vision, feeling of dizziness as well as wounded injuries. On the spiritual level, it holds the propensity to link the spiritual torso of the soul to that of the cleric for learning the divine purpose of the life.

Where is Mother Of Pearl found?

Mother of Pearls is extracted from the Persian Gulf, and conceived as the largest shopping mall of the pearl production. Other significant sources include coats of Australia, China, India, Japan, many Pacific Islands, Venezuela and the rivers of Europe and North America.

Healing Properties

Mother of Pearl is predisposed to hold the capabilities to heal the infections of the physical torso, moreover cures the irritation caused. A holder of the energies of water and water waves, it is a fossil gem that roots out the negativity along with the off-putting thoughts from the torso for attaining a balanced life. The vitality of the stone too helps to transmute unconstructive emotions into the enthusiastic one for maintaining an equilibrium within the surroundings. The energy it resonates too renders harmless vibes. Nacre holds the potency of nature in a true sense due to its creation as well as its extraction.

Mother of Pearl is predisposed to hold the potential that connects the soul to the water energies of nature as well as the energies of the living creature who formed it. It too infuses divine love and help to understand the power of true love. It evokes the pleasant memories and dole out distressing, hurtful memories. It too boosts up the physical torso by mending all the organs and tissues. The vivacity of this fossil gem revitalizes the intellect and memory to help the soul to attain the higher self. The energies of Mother of Pearl by rooting out the negative energies from the overall torso help to make a connection with the energies of the cosmos and understand the meaning of spiritualism.

The potency of Mother of Pearl aligns the intellectual torso along with the emotional and physical to attain balance in the circumstances that bring the life upside down.

Physical Healing:

Mother of Pearl is predisposed to hold the healing potential that cures the physical torso by curing every organ and every cell of the torso. It too infuses the strength to save self from every physical trouble, example infections. It brings the hidden physical troubles on the ground and root them out completely. It too balances the physical torso within the surrounding and environment to keep self physically fit.

Further, the energies of Mother of pearl holds the propensity to cure the muscle spasms and strains. It too contemplates beneficial for nerves as well as aids to stimulate the reflex action. It is meant to boost the immune system by removing toxins, moreover mend digestive system, gut disorders, gastritis, and constipation.

The soothing vibes of Mother of Pearl speculate to heal the skin problems in addition to the allergic rashes. It likewise increases the mental function and help to perk up the analytical powers. The resonating vibes of this enthralling fossil gem are effective on hollow organs and can too treat uterus and intestine troubles easily. Considered to be supportive on the physical torso, it strengthens the cardiac muscle moreover mends emotional dissonance that averts reception of love.

Emotional Healing:

Mother of Pearl contemplates holding the energies that heals the wounded emotions effectually and infuse the vigor of harmonious waves. Sices ages, water, are regarded to proffer tranquillity to the conflicting heart and imbibe the feeling of leisure and serenity. The holder of the water energies, it is a fossil, organic gem that helps the depressed soul to feel happy, as it suffuse peacefulness in the aura along with the love. It too helps to feel the true beauty of nature and understand the purpose of the gifted life. Traditionally, Mother of Pearl is thought to draw good fortune, so contemplated as a lucky talismanic gem that attracts opulence in life. It too controls the off-putting emotions as well as remove all the burdensome feelings. It is the gem that is known to call the good omen in life.

Spiritual Healing:

Mother of Pearl is known to heighten the wakefulness of the self. It too helps the wearing individual to encourage deliberation of his life experiences that contribute to spiritual augmentation furthermore inner steadiness. Habitually, this beautiful shell is known to cater the varied colors in life like purity, harmony as well as a virtue. It is known to carry the innate powers of the Mother Nature. It’s magnificent colors reflects the sun's light on the holder’s living life. Its natural colors manifest the wearer’s life with spiritualism. This shell as a talisman helps to unfold the spiritual universe to the holder.  It too serves to realize the spiritual knowledge that in spell helps to implement it to the life.

Heals and Balances Chakra:

Mother of Pearl is an influential gem nugget that turns on the  Solar Plexus Chakra along with the Throat Chakra. It is predisposed to send out the knowledge of the heart to others. Further, the resonating energies of the stone too help to enhance the communication skill as well as help to express self in a proficient way. Mother of Pearl due to its compelling potency serves to seek the inner soul to use the understand the hidden potential, moreover utilize them. The power of nature in the stone likewise helps to use the inner wisdom and converse the language of the soulful intellect and heart. It too endorses the courage to express the opinions ardently as well as in a reflective manner.

The triggered throat chakra facilitates to express the emotions and thoughts clearly, furthermore let others know about the beliefs of the soul. It leads to the easy flow of energy within the body and spirit.  Mother of Pearl will further help to attract in the congenial kinships and friendly relations with the people around. It too helps to take the changes in life.

Mother of Pearl is also acknowledged to set on the Solar Plexus Chakra that helps to search for the self.  It too assists to examine and guess the personal power in society that makes the soul more responsible, and dependable. This chakra is known as a substance of the self-esteem that serves to play a disciplined spirit. It will further direct the carrier to react to the stressful life circumstances in a confident manner.

Mother Of Pearl Facts

  1. Pearls are never be worn with diamonds as this combination creates conflict between heart and mind.
  2. Pearls lucky for Cancerian born people, mean people of Zodiac sign Cancer.
  3. Since ages, pearls have been worn for over 5000 years.
  4. Pearls are related to royalty.
  5. Pearl is the traditional birthstone for those who are born in the month of June.
  6. Pearls transpire in maritime and freshwater bivalve mollusks.
  7. It is regarded as a precious organic gemstone that is shaped by certain shellfish.

Metaphysical Properties

The substances from Mother of Pearl is made mineral and organic. Further, the compounding of these two fashions is the Mother of Pearl.

Aragonite speculates as a form of calcium carbonate that comes in a hexagonal plate. It is fixed up in layers altering with conchiolin. Conchiolin, a supple protein seems like that of the silk that is excreted out by the mollusk. Now, if we talk about Aragonite, it is hard and brittle that when coalesced with the protein makes it strong and flexible stuff to use.

The pliability of Mother of pearls appears due to its layered construction, as the layers are made due to the distinction in properties betwixt the mineral and organic layers.

Mother Of Pearl In News

Mother Of Pearl Color

Mother of Pearl appears in off-white, white and pale pinkish tones

mother of pearl colors

  • CleavageNone
  • Other NamesNA
  • Crystal HabitNA
  • StreakWhite
  • Refractive Index1.53-1.685
  • DiaphaneityTranslucent - Opaque
  • Mohs scale (hardness)2.5–4.5
  • SourcesPersian Gulf, Australia, China, India, Japan, many Pacific Islands, Venezuela and the rivers of Europe and North America.
  • Chemical formulaCaCO3 with H2O and other organic materials
  • LustrePearly
  • ColorWhite, Pinkish White, Gray
  • Chakra HealingSolar Plexus Chakra,Throat Chakra
  • BirthstoneJune
  • Zodiaccancer
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