31.56cts natural moroccan seam agate silver crescent moon star pendant r39126

Item Code: R2007-R39126

  • Model #R39126
  • Primary StoneMoroccan Seam Agate
  • Metal Type925 Silver
  • ColorBROWN
  • StylePendant
  • Design Patterncrescent moon star
  • Stone Weight (Ct)31.56
  • Weight (Gms)11.69
  • Size: (inch)2
  • Secondary StoneGarnet
Moroccan Seam Agate

Moroccan Seam Agate

The semi-precious gemstones Agates are indeed a popular name in the world of jewelry. Agates are actually the colored variety of chalcedony. In turn, chalcedony is silicon dioxide (available in microscopic fibrous quartz crystals form). Moroccon Seam Agate is a pretty looking semi-precious Agate which often occurs in shades of orange, yellow, red and grey. The inclusion of seams on its surface and the fact that it is mostly mined from various locations around Morocco are the two chief reasons why this Agate is known as “Moroccon Seam Agate”.  The question of how agates are formed has got an interesting answer. In fact, when the hollow pockets of host rock get filled in through layers and molecule-by-molecule, the agate i...

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