Leopard Jasper Jewelry

Why Leopard Jasper Jewelry  is Loved All Over the World

Just as the name suggests, this unique gemstone Leopard Jasper resembles the leopard skin. Its graceful appearance makes it a coveted stone for jewelry purposes. Leopard jasper gemstone  is actually a type of chalcedony and is also a form of silica mineral. The other popular names for this stone include the Leopard Skin Jasper and Jaguar Jasper too. This beautiful gemstone was first discovered at Mexico. This valuable stone is considered as a great physical healer. It provides beneficial effects on gall bladder and liver. It also helps in the detoxification of the wearer’s body. Those who want to get rid of stress can use this stone for positive effects as it removes tension from its wearer. Also, it is beneficial for lessening the stomach pain.

Important Facts Related to Leopard Jasper

Leopard Jasper is not only a good physical healer but is also a great emotional healer too. It induces emotional balance in its wearer. The jaguar jasper also encourages accord and constancy in its wearer’s life. People who are disappointed with their own confidence level can also benefit by carrying or wearing this stone as it enhances self confidence and self respect too. It is also a wonderful stone for handling difficult conditions in life in a relaxed and calm manner.

Important Sources for Leopard Jasper  

Basically, the Leopard Jasper stone is available all across the globe. However, the noteworthy locations for the same include Mexico, South Africa and Australia. This attractive gemstone comes in reddish beige and gray-brown tones with light and dark spots of brown and golden color. These spots occur due to the presence of iron and manganese in the stone.

Alluring Leopard Jasper Jewelry Styles

The jewelry comprising the beautiful leopard jasper stone looks very attractive and unique with its resemblance to leopard skin. It helps you stand out of the crowd with your stylish look. The diaphaneity of this stone is translucent, sub-translucent and opaque while its luster is dull.

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