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Jasper is one of the forms of chalcedony, which is opaque and impure variant of silica mineral. Leopard Jasper is reddish tape in appearance and it is redolent of a leopard skin. Hence, sometimes it is known as leopard skin jasper.

The alternate name of Leopard skin jasper is Jaguar Jasper, as it represents the appearance similar to the animal family. Indians of the Americas believe that this stone belongs to their culture and traditions. Although, Indians also think that Mexico is the centre of the world, as Leopard Japer was first discovered in that location. In ancient times, people also believe that the world is made up of leopard skin jasper stone. Most of the people consider Jaguar Jasper as a protective stone against wild animals and creatures. On the other hand, it is said that a harmonized connection can be established between a man and the animal world with this amazing stone.

Leopard skin jasper has the ability to provide a person major aspects for physical healing.

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Where is Leopard Jasper found?

This fascinating gemstone is very popular and can be found in all over the world. The major localities where Jaguar Jasper can be found are Australia, Mexico and South Africa.

Healing Properties

Leopard skin Jasper stone bestows some of the healing properties to its wearers such as:

  • Physical Healer

Leopard Jasper helps the wearer to fulfill all the requirements which a person need for physical healing. This amazing stone is excellent in detoxifying the body parts such as liver, gallbladder, and bladder. Stress, tension, and abdominal pain can be reduced with leopard skin jasper stone.

With the presence of Jaguar Jasper, a person can also get relieves from hiccups and nausea. It provides immense positive effects to the psyche of the wearer.

Renewed harmony can also be established between a man and his environment, with healing powers of leopard skin jasper. Moreover, it has the ability to calm the wearer and stimulates his imagination so that he can get connected with the creativity of the world. This stone also enhance the power of endurance of the wearer.

It is believed that the toxins and bad odors, present within the body of the wearer can be eliminated with energies of leopard skin jasper. Most of the people consider this stone helpful for self-healing and self-belief. Alleviating insomnia and other sleeping disorders are one of the most effectual healing properties of leopard jasper. It also produces healthful vigor and energy within the body of the wearer and creates effects.

  • Emotional Healer

As an emotional healer, Leopard Jasper is considered to bring the emotional balance into the wearer’s life. By promoting harmony and stability, Leopard Jasper helps an individual to boost his self-confidence and self-esteem.

Sometimes, Leopard Jasper provides support to the wearer in a difficult situation and makes him handle the situation peacefully and earnestly. It is also used to reduce emotional stress and keep the wearer composed in the certain situation.

Forgiveness can also be acquired with this incredible stone and it is believed to be helpful in reducing guilt, and make the wearer live happily. Past moments which hurt the wearer, can get alleviated with the powerful energies of leopard skin jasper stone.

Leopard Jasper stone is believed to be useful in diminishing negative emotions and feelings including hate, insecurity, anger, anxiety, apprehension and nervousness.

  • Spiritual Healer

Leopard skin Jasper is considered to enhance the communication and connection with an individual’s spirit and his ancestors. This stone has the ability to connect the wearer with the animal world.

It is believed that it provides protection to the wearer during physical journeys or shamanistic journeys, which lead the wearer to find wisdom. Crystals of this stone are believed to assist the wearer in resolving his past issues, which hurts him and also provides apparent perspective, which leads to some positive changes in the wearer’s life.

Helping the wearer with his creative visualization makes this stone a remarkable spiritual healer.

  • Heals and Balances Chakra

Leopard skin jasper is a well known spiritual healer, which works well for most of the chakras including Heart Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Root Chakra and the Solar Plexus.

This stone is believed to be used at the navel to stimulate the Sacral Chakra. It also works as a centering stone, which protects the wearer from negative thoughts and feelings.

Leopard Jasper Facts

Some facts about Leopard Jasper

  • In other cities, this stone is well known by its numerous names such as leopard rock, leopard skin jasper, leopard agate and leopard skin agate.
  • Leopard Jasper is considered an amazing stone during astral travel and it also protects an individual in shamanic journeys and dream recall.
  • This stone is believed to be a powerful conservative stone that works on particular areas where big cats live.
  • It is also used as an amulet for rekindling love.
  • Leopard Jasper is the ultimate stone for cats and their family.
  • This stone will help the persons to remain modest when they require keeping a low profile.

Metaphysical Properties

Jaguar Jasper is one of the forms of Jasper gemstone, which belongs to the chalcedony. It has leopard skin marks, which is created by the iron and manganese minerals. These stones comprise number of traits such as yellowish-brown, agile, perversion and refined. This fascinating gemstone can be found all over the world.

In fact, the forms of leopard jasper vary their names according to the location. For example, Jaguar Jasper which has been found at Rogue River will be known as Rougeite. Similarly, Biggs Jasper can be found at Biggs, Ochoco jasper can be found at Ochoco Lake and Owyhee Jasper can be found at Owyhee River.

Leopard Jasper at a Glance

Cleavage NA
Other Names NA
Crystal Habit NA
Streak White
Refractive Index 2.58-2.91
Diaphaneity translucent, sub-translucent, opaque
Moh's scale (hardness) 6.5-7
Sources Australia, Mexico and South Africa
Chemical formula SiO2
Lustre dull
Color Gray-brown-tawny with gold/brown markings
Chakra Healing Root or base chakra, Sacral chakra, Solar plexus chakra, Heart chakra

Leopard Jasper Color

Leopard Jasper stones comprise natural color in its appearance, hence they can only be found in reddish beige form with dark and light marks created with iron and manganese. The represented shade of this stone is similar to leopard skin.

Leopard Jasper Colors


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Leopard Jasper talisman is useful to alleviate the negative emotions and the feelings like nervousness, apprehension, anxiety, insecurity and hate. I was thinking that this gemstone will prove to be good for my uncle as he requires it a lot because he also has similar emotional problems. Suggest please. Should I go for it?
Reply on 26/11/14
Back in school, m doing so much learning..
Reply on 7/1/15
Thomson Denial
my astrologer has recommended me to try this gemstone...this charm makes the person free from negative thoughts and feelings...
Reply on 13/4/15
Hey Thomson you can't ignore the recommendation of your astrologer...you should try Leopard Jasper. If still you are having confusion in your mind then ask Mittens...don't you know Ask Mittens is a new section on Jewelexi page on which you may post your free question and their expert will get in touch with you with an apt reply.
Reply on 22/5/15
Thanks Thomson...I was waiting for such suggestion only. I was little confused. You really made me free from it. I will ask
Jewelexi whether Leopard Jasper will be an apt charm for me or not.
Reply on 16/6/15
Leopard jasper raise the self-confidence of the one who wears this gemstone. I was also searching for a gemstone with this kind of feature. What do you think? Should I go for it? Suggestions please...
Reply on 27/6/15
Leopard Jasper is a great crystal to use to strengthen your connection with animals—like your pets!
Reply on 1/7/15
Chloe - Rose Wilkins
I was recently going through an old draw and I found a bag of stones that I had used whilst I was at uni (about 7 years ago). I went through the bag of stones and got each one out and looked at them and tuned into their energies. All of the stones in the bag were black or dark coloured stones. I went to pick up the jaguar jasper (JJ) and felt such revulsion and hate coming from it. I put back all the stones but left out the JJ. Even know I cannot look at picture of JJ without feeling hate and revulsion. I want to try and understand this. I know that black stones can attract negativity and I wonder because it had been in a bag with them some long that it absorbed all of the negative qualities?
Reply on 7/8/15
Yes, chloe it will heal every single thing related to your issue. Just try it. Moreover you can ask miss mittens (its a free astrology service of jewelexi which heals all your problems So go hurry!
Reply on 29/12/15
I totally think that could have something to do with it ! Maybe it wasn’t repulsing you maybe it’s energy was so opposite from the black stones that it wanted out ?! Like it was repulsed by the energy of the stones ?? I have found that when I put very opposite energy stones next to each other there is almost a anti magnetic reaction apart ! Anyone else experience this ?
Reply on 14/10/19
michael jonas
Is it helpful in rekindling love.??
Reply on 20/5/19
Its healing properties are so much beneficial!
Reply on 23/6/19
Very fine quality beautiful gemstone!
Reply on 12/8/19
So pretty jewelry!!
Reply on 26/9/19
Happy to shop leopard jasper earring from gemexi and I am satisfied with the item I received and will shop again soon.
Reply on 3/12/19

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