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Italian Murano Glass - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Murano stone is a type of glass that simulates the appearance of semi-precious gems. The technique applied to make this "stone," called chalcedony, was developed by glassblowers in Murano, Italy.  The amorphous quartz material Silica is used as a starting material for its output. This is well known for its highest standards of its glass vernacularly called Crystal. Respected for its peach, it is grown in the mid 15th C. Mainly applied to produce sculptures; it is thus very suited for jewelry manufacturing. It is believed to be best specimens of semi precious gemstones. Cited for its milky tinge, the colorful semi-precious stone-like glass contains silver nitrate that is added to each pile of ice. The amount of banding and the exact shade of color cannot be controlled which in turn produces the singular visual aspect of the end product.

Since the basic material used for Murano Glass production is a rock crystal commonly called quartz, so this glass tends to own the same healing properties as of quartz. Being a symbol of unrestrained spirit, it gets the wearer sharp and intellectual. With a glazed appearance, it possesses a tendency to increase the vitality of the other crystals/stones worn along with it. Simultaneously, it is thought to cleanse the aura and promote the wellbeing of the wearing individual. It is predisposed to increase the frequency of vibration in order to enable easier communication. It increases the thought process leading the consciousness in an exalted state of consciousness along with the spirits.

Being a source of Light to mankind, it kindles the natural crystal present in the body tissues and fluids to vibrate at a new healing frequency and plays a major part in the evolutionary growth of the human organism. This wonderful glass in its sparkling light contains the entire color spectrum and each color made out its singular quality of healing. Though the glass is being created by some skilled technician, but the fundamental material used to create it is quartz which is the  supreme gift of Earth, even the smallest amount of it imbue the properties of a master therapist. Believed to incarnations of the Almighty, it acts with all the chakras and brings in the spiritual enlightenment. Also recognized as general healer, it heartens emotional clarity and pureness of the spirit.

Murano glass is perfect for healing the injuries of the wearing individual’s distressing childhood and bringing up his self-esteem. As a grounding stone, it beefs up the energy field when applied in meditation as well as enhance the intuition along with other psychic abilities. It raises the wearer up from self-pity for those things which one cannot change.

Where is Italian Murano Glass found?

Murano glass is a creation of the eminent island of Murano in close proximity to Venice, but now the technique is used all over the world to produce such  fine-looking crystals.

Healing Properties

Murano glass can be applied in all states of the wearing individual wellbeing, for instance, to stimulate our immune system and prevent some of the most dangerous diseases. It can clean the blood vessels with success, facilitating the proper performance of the heart and pumping oxygen to the head. Murano glass is known to possess the healing properties of quartz crystals it can stabilize critical words. It receives an ability to focus, amplify, store and transform energy in the mineral kingdom for healing, meditation, past-life recall, attracting love or prosperity. All the same, with this power, comes responsibility and employ as a filter against negativity. It's hypnotic quality is conducive to slumber, helping one to interpret the messages and lessons conveyed during the dream land. It is also a respected stone to death, included in many cultures in funeral rites and placed in tombs and runs.

  • Physical Healer:

Murano glass is a master healer crystal and is thought to stimulate the immune and circulatory systems. Said to amplify healing energy it enhances the energy flow as well as by performing diagnostic healing it brings the body into balance. It is believed to draw out the pain; it is traditionally used to treat migraine headaches, vertigo, and exhaustion also by assisting the human metabolism it tends to stabilize motion sickness and weight loss. Historically used to detect food poison, as an elixir it eliminates the toxins from the system and aid in the treatment of digestive disorders, kidney and bladder infections. It too soothes the painful injuries like burns, bone injuries, skin muddles, arthritis and so forth.

  • Emotional Healer:

Known to be a stone of clarity it is a deep soul cleanser and dispels negativity from the heart of the wearer. By purifying and enhancing the body's internal structure, it clarifies on the spiritual as well as mental planes too. It when surrounds the subtle bodies it connects the physical dimension with the mind because of these properties it becomes a powerfully protective crystal. By enhancing the spiritual growth, it focuses on inner negativity and by removing those it will stimulate positive thoughts and feelings in its situate. With a highly developed perspicacity of the world, it instills wisdom, perseverance, and love for all humanity. Being a stone of harmony it balances the vibrating energies, and is even helpful in romantic relationships.

  • Spiritual Healer:

Italian Murano Glass has a connector to the infinite octaves of light which causes each one unique and with a singular personality. As encompasses the Universal Life Force it facilitates personal development and consciousness. With the higher land of Light, it is conceived to be a glass of the mortal and the contemplation of its light will be given to bring blessings to the world. It works subliminally in unawakened minds, merely for those spiritually attuned to the universe, it is like beacons of light and positive energy to be utilized in daily thoughts, beliefs, words and actions and integrated onto the land. Its natural inclination is for harmony and brings a sense of purpose to those who resonate with it.

  • Heals and Balances Chakra:

Italian Murano Glass with the metaphysical properties of the quartz, it is along the whole  associated with the crown chakra. The prismatic ability to vibrate its energy at all of the color frequencies, it works efficiently to balance and invigorate all chakras. It not only complement all of the chakras, but also teaches one to keep the complete alliance of all seven chakras with the igniter. Crown chakras act as a gateway for the wearing individual to the expanded universe beyond his body. Known to control the thoughts and responses, it conducts itself as a wellspring of the faiths along with the source of wearer’s spirituality. By boosting up the power of the wisdom, it is the origin of universal energy and accuracy.

Italian Murano Glass Facts


  • Murano glass is a creation of the eminent island of Murano in close proximity to Venice.
  • In an around 10th century the beginning of Murano glass making commences.
  • The Murano glass manufacturers held a cartel on quality worth glassmaking for centuries and have developed diverse technologies together with enamel glass, it too comes in with traces of gold.
  • More varieties in which they are found or produced are Millefiori and milky glass.
  • Some of the finest and most refined jewelry and charms can be made from Murano glass.
  • It is known that even if quartz melts it will not lose its metaphysical features, as the melting is taking place in the guts of the land as well. 

Metaphysical Properties

Quartz pebbles are used instead of ordinary sand for the preparation of this form of quartz meth. The crystal are chosen from the watercourse in a way to take in as little as possible of impurities of any sort. And so they are being heated at high temperatures and then quenched in water so that they can be well demolished. At the closing of whole cycle, manganese is added to help remove any vestiges of color from the glass to be used later for the production of best Murano jewelry.

Italian Murano Glass Color

Curate like chalk and cheese technologies, the colors may vary too they are found as enamel glass or a glass with traces of gold. They are also seen in multi-colors, in milky shades of glass or accordingly to need as transparent smoky brown to dark and in gray pale to deep reddish-pink.

Italian Murano Glass Colors

  • CleavagePerfect {010}, imperfect {100}
  • Other Names
  • Crystal HabitPrismatic crystals with striations; massive to columnar
  • StreakWhite or colorless
  • Refractive Index
  • DiaphaneityTransparent to opaque
  • Mohs scale (hardness)
  • SourcesGabbiani, Venini, Salviati, Barovier & Toso, Pauly, FerroMurano, Berengo Studio, Seguso, Formia International, Simone Cenedese, Alessandro Mandruzzato, and many others
  • Chemical formulaSiO2
  • LustreVitreous
  • Colormulti-colors, Millefiori, milky glass
  • Chakra HealingCrown Chakra
  • BirthstoneMarch
  • Zodiacleo
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