Gem Silica Silver Jewelry Collection

Why Gem silica jewelry is loved by all?

Some jewelry is quite expensive for various reasons like the metal of the jewelry, the type of precious stones used in the jewelry piece etc. So, there goes in a lot of careful thinking just before someone decides to shop for jewelry. People often look for best designs that are available at cheap and reliable rates. It is not always possible to grab jewelry for low prices but yet there is a lot of demand for the same. One such gemstone with which beautiful jewelry is made is named as ‘Gem silica’. This greenish-blue gemstone is a beauty for the sake of the color hue that it carries.


History & Origin of Gem Silica  

Well, this beautiful and precious gemstone is found in the Philippines, Mexico, Taiwan etc. Though it is not available in abundant this gemstone have the best physical properties ever. Depending upon the quality of the stone, the jewelry makes use them to make different jewelry pieces. It is said that the presence of copper in the stone is the main reason for the color hue of this stone. The gem silica is most found nearby the copper deposits and so there is always the presence of copper in it. This gemstone is primarily associated with malachite, quarts. In recent time, Arizona is in the news for identifying the highest amount of Gem silica. It is definitely the best news after checking the quality of the stone found.


Chief sources of Gem Silica  

It is easy to identify the presence of gem silica by identifying the presence of copper. The gem silica stone is mostly found adjacent to the copper mines. So, the gem silica is majorly found in South America, Peru, Philippines, Mexico, USA, and China. These are the major sources of gem silica productivity in the world. Research statistics have shown that due to the constant mining activities of the copper mineral in the mines in Arizona, there is no production of the gem silica in the last 20 years. This is definitely one reason for the gem silica to become one of the precious stones ever. Thus, there are few ores of this gemstone that are around the world in lesser quantities, probably not enough to meet the demand.


Gem silica jewelry styles:

The current trends that are seen nowadays keep changing almost every now and then. So, there is no particular style that is preferred by the people. But in fact, people choose the best designs and skill put in to make the finest pieces ever. The most desired and preferable pieces of jewelry are the elegant pendants, earrings, finger rings and so on. The elegant color of this gemstone is a game-changer for sure. It enhances the outlook giving a royal look to the person wearing it. Usually, people get their favorite shapes cut and designed so that the stone doesn’t look its quality. This also enables people to design their own jewelry.


Craftsmen at Gemexi:

Designing elegant and beautiful pieces of jewelry is not a cake walk. It requires the best skill and experience to do so. This specially applies to women’s jewelry. So, we have brought in the best artisans and craftsmen who do wonders in craving out the finest jewelry designs and also have a Gem Silica loose gemstones collection.


Personalized gem silica jewelry at Gemexi

If you are looking for a perfect jewelry customization task, just try us once. We are known for our best services around the world and deliver you simply the best, keeping in mind all your jewelry personalization needs. Not all the jewelry makers are ready to do the customization for you. We take immense pride and honor to customize the jewelry as per your tastes and preferences.

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