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Generally considered as a stone that imparts personal power in the wearer, Eudialyte is an uplifting, lively and energising stone. It is occasionally considered a "Fine Tuner" as it facilitates with materialization, clairaudience, and telepathic significance and abilities and is a defensive stone.

Ardour, rationale and implementation are the gifts that Eudialyte holds into it to impart into whosoever wears it. Eudialyte Silver Jewelry is known to kindle amounts of happenstances and synchronicity in one’s life, which may help the one who wears it to see their dreams converting into reality. It helps to eliminate and unblock the blockages to originality and creativity, which lets the innate gifts given to everyone by the divine to flow as they were meant to be.

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Where is Eudialyte found?

The deposits of this amazing stone have been found in Greenland, Madagascar, Russia, Canada, Arkansas, and the USA.

Healing Properties

The beneficial qualities that Eudialyte holds are:

  • Physical Healer

As a physical healer, Eudialyte is said to heal all the skeletal and bone deformities. It aids in healing the bone related ailments, like arthritis, rheumatoid, bone cancer, cracking of bones, etc. Eudialyte is also regarded as the healer of the heart chakra and thus it is also believed to heal the heart-related diseases as well. It is also helpful in treating eye problems, trouble in the pancreas, thyroid, and purifying the blood.

  • Emotional Healer

Eudialyte is an energising and uplifting stone that supports the wearer when he is emotionally weak. This stone is meant to strengthen the heart chakra as a result of which it helps out those who are very sensitive in nature and feels deeply hurt even on small matters.

  • Spiritual Healer

Spiritually, Eudialyte is believed to receive and communicate love. It makes the wearer feel grounded and helps him to be more at peace. Sometimes few situations arise when the human being blames god for whatever is happening, in those cases Eudialyte soothes down the wearer and helps him in maintaining his trust in god.

  • Heals and Balances Chakra

Eudialyte is believed to heal the heart chakra. The heart chakra is regarded as a mediator of the expressions and feelings of the wearer with that of the outside world. By cleaning heart chakra, Eudialyte also cleans up the thoughts and emotions of the person who wears it instilling in him the feeling of compassion, empathy, and contentment.

Eudialyte Facts

Facts about Eudialyte

  • An altered form of Eudialyte is known as Eucolite.
  • This violet colored Eudialyte has been known to be used as a Feng Shui amulet. It contains wood energy to bring prosperity in home or office, one should keep it in the South area.


Metaphysical Properties

A member of the family of cyclosilicate mineral, Eudialyte is formed in Trigonal hexagonal scalenohedral crystal formation. The name of this stone has been taken from a Greek phrase, which in English means well decomposable. Eudialyte first came into existence in 1819 when some deposits of it were found in Greenland.

Eudialyte is regarded as the minor ore of Zirconium. The other minor use of Eudialyte is as a minor gemstone but because this stone is a little hard to find, this use becomes very limited. It also has a very poor crystal habit, and hence these reasons make it more of a collector’s stone.

On Moh’s scale the hardness of this stone range in between 5 to 6. The alternative names for this stone are Saami Blood, almandine spar, and eudalite.

Eudialyte at a Glance

Cleavage Perfect, in one direction, Poor, in one direction
Other Names NA
Crystal Habit Crystals short rhombohedral to long prismatic, granular, irregular masses
Streak White To Pale Pink
Refractive Index 1.591-1.633
Diaphaneity Translucent - Opaque
Moh's scale (hardness) 5-5.5
Sources Canada, Russia, Greenland, Norway, and Arkansas
Chemical formula Na4(Ca,Ce)2(Fe,Mn,Y)ZrSi8O22(OH,Cl)2
Lustre Vitreous
Color Red, Pink, Reddish Brown, Brown, Yellow, Yellowish Brown
Chakra Healing Heart chakra

Eudialyte Color

The various colors available in this stone are brown, red, magenta, and sometimes blue and yellow. Eudialyte has a vitreous lustre, which is available in translucent to transparent diaphaneity.

Eudialyte Colors


I have read that Eudialyte is a popular Feng Shui element that is well composed of the wood power that attracts the prosperity towards the work premises. Should I try it for my end use? Suggest please.
Reply on 8/11/14
Yeah Tim, Eudialyte is used as an effective Feng Shui element that attracts prosperity and abundance at your work place and home also. So, if your requirements match with the powers of this talisman then you should go for it without bringing any question in your mind.
Reply on 15/11/14
Hello Jewelexi… I was looking for the facts of Eudialyte which may help me to take appropriate regarding donning this talisman. Please help me out by providing some facts about it.
Reply on 25/11/14
Eudialyte is the best charm that is used as a Feng Shui element which attracts prosperity towards home and office area. For more you may read the article above.
Reply on 29/11/14
i have read information above about Eudialyte and find it apt and helpful...thanks for sharing...i was searching for such a helpful information only...thanks once again..
Reply on 17/4/15
hey Lily...i am also much thankful to Jewelexi...they have offered useful information about various may also try its Astrology and Jewelry sections that are exclusively launched...and doing well...quite apt and the designs of the jewels are much fact sometimes i can't stop myself to buy more than one jewelry items...i just love all...why don't you try...and do share your views....Thanks u...
Reply on 29/4/15
oh thanks Emma for showing me the way towards the world of designer jewelry. There I felt similar to you..wished to buy all the jewelry..but yes it's quite impossible..any way thanks for helping me was lovely visiting these two sections of Jewelexi
Reply on 18/5/15
One of the place where Eudialyte is found is USA. Actually i reside here only. So, I want to ask when I will buy it from any collectors in USA how can I be sure whether it's original or not. Please suggest me.
Reply on 13/6/15
The vibration of Eudialyte stone helps me to learn from my mistakes and helps me to more at peace within myself.
Reply on 3/7/15
Hey friends.. i want to share my problem with you all.. I'm christian and i have bone cancer.. yes, i'm suffering from cancer and its killing me from inside.. i had consulted many doctors and took many treatments but nothing worked on my disease.. i need help of you all ..please suggest me is this stone will help me in curing my illness??
Reply on 5/10/15
Your jewelry designs are so unique. I like them.
Reply on 21/6/19
Nice stone !! Interesting article as well..
Reply on 15/8/19
Very different and unique stone!
Reply on 30/9/19
I like the texture of this stone. How many kinds of jewelry you can provide me in this stone?
Reply on 25/11/19

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