Elestial Quartz Jewelry

Elestial Quartz is a beautiful, enchanting gemstone that is one of the rarer stones known and used in jewelry making. Elestial quartz jewelry is known by other names such as Jacare quartz crystal jewelry, skeletal quartz jewelry or alligator quartz jewelry. Essentially Elestialis multi-layered with tiny crystals that follows a step and repeat pattern. You can easily find Elestial quartz women’s jewelry in colors of pale pink, rose, lavender, yellow and grey. 

Meaning of Elestial Quartz

Elestial quartz gets its name from the word celestial indicating the vastness of the sky and the divinity of the heavenly bodies. Elestial means ‘crystal of the angels’. Elestial Quartz is known for its strong connection with celestial beings which helps a person feel connected to divine powers. 

Source of Elestial Quartz

Elestial Quartz is primarily mined from the Minas Gerais region of Brazil though it is also found in parts of USA, Madagascar, Romania, Tibet, and Africa. 

Why Wear Elestial Quartz Jewelry

Leaving aside the fact that Elestial quartz is ethereally beautiful and is great gemstone jewelry, there are other reasons why you should wear it. The metaphysical properties of Elestial Quartz indicate that it brings love and wisdom to a wearer’s life and helps look at things from all dimensions. It has the power to harmonize all energies found within a wearer’s physical body. Wearing this crystal regularly helps to regulate emotions relating to love and affection. Wearing the stone also helps to de-stress and feel a greater connection with divinity. 

One Gemstone, Various Styles

Elestial Quartz is found in various colors which makes it a great gemstone to make silver jewelry. You can have a unique Elestial quartz jewelry collection simply by wearing its different colors. You can wear silver jewelry styled with Elestial quartz in the form of rings, earrings, necklaces, and pendants.

Assured Excellent Craftsmanship

When you shop from Gemexi among the various things you can be assured of, one of them is excellent craftsmanship. Our generations of craftsmen assure that their years of expertise and skills are showcased in each jewelry item displayed on our online platform. The distinctive nature of Elestial quartz gets exhibited in the highest form by our excellent craftsmen.

Lookout for Personalised Elestial Quartz Jewelry

We at Gemexi understand that everyone can have a different jewelry need. When you are looking for elestial quartz jewelry online, you may also want something personalized. Our dedicated customer support service ensures that we always take our customers’ needs into consideration and design jewelry that is custom made for them. You can literally give wings to your imagination and get particular designs made using Elestial quartz right here!

Only Place to Buy Authentic Silver Gemstone Jewelry

Gemexi is literally your one-stop-shop that meets all your silver gemstone jewelry needs. You can buy elestial quartz jewelry from the store with the guarantee that only authentic gemstones and sterling silver have been used to make your jewelry item. We also assure excellent craftsmanship and responsive customer service. 

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