Elestial Quartz - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Elestial Quartz is a gemstone that emits high-quality vibrations that are useful in enhancing your spiritual growth and in setting the crown chakra open and allowing get deeper awareness of and energy so that you can feel the divine joy and healing. 
Elestial Quartz is an excellent gemstone holding a large amount of energy. When you are in the passion of the gemstone, you are likely to get the effects from the Angels. 
The effectiveness of Elestial quartz attributed to the vibration that makes it so useful for various healing effects. Elestial Quartz crystals are known to be Angel's crystals. It is because of the gemstone’s attributes. Elestial Quartz is variously named including Jacare quarts, Crocodile quarts, and skeletal quarts and so on. 
One of the most common designs that Elestial quartz occur in is the recurrence of the pattern. It appears many smaller crystals clubbed on a single surface.


Where is Elestial Quartz found?

Primarily Elestial quartz is found in Minas Gerais in Brazil. It can also be sourced from Romania, the United States, Tibet, Africa, and Madagascar. 
Electoral quartz is a gemstone that is sought after for many genuine reasons. The very word Elestial implies angels’ crystals and therefore, is said to bring an excellent effect on human life. It will bring all the right attributes – love, wisdom and the quality that makes you ready to help others in distress.


Healing Properties

Elestial quartz shows numerous healing properties. The gemstone is a great boon for people suffering from the rare but fatal illness – an illness that finds doctors to be challenging and hard to cure. 
Elestial quarts can help in skeletal illnesses
It is useful in various common diseases allied to the bones and skeletons. In case of problems in pituitary and other endocrine glands, the gemstone is a great tool to reduce the adverse effects of hormones. 
If your kid or anyone in your family has schizophrenia resulting from drugs, Elestial quartz is a useful healing tool. 
Helps rebuild brain cells
The most important benefit is that the crystal can assist in restoring brain tissues. It is also a great crystal that could heal fractured bones, and accelerate the healing of bone surgery. It can go a long way in helping bone cancer treatment. 
Further, it can help you get good quality sleep. And, will get rid of nightmares or any other kind of such feeling. 
It can also help in case epilepsy, vertigo and any ailment affecting the sense of balance. 
Be aware that just placing Elestial quartz in the area where you suffer the pain will make it vanish within a short time span. 
Along with Hiddenite, Elestial quartz may become a great remedy to get rid of the toxins in your body. 

Elestial Quartz Facts

Elestial quartz is one of the many varieties of quartz.
Elestial crystals are built from crystals of quartz and have a smoky look. 
In Skeletal Elestial quartz, the crystals are placed in the form of layers just like the different layers in an onion. 
Elestial Quartz is the best source of spiritual energy. 
The real meaning of the word Elestial originates from the phrase celestial (removing the C) to get the word. The prefix El in Elestial means beyond the horizon. It is related to something out of the world - heaven, divine. Individuals in the Angelic realm are said to belong to the celestial worlds, and the Elestial quartz has strong attributes to contact angels. 
The gemstone is associated with Scorpio, Capricorn, and Sagittarius of the Zodiac.

Metaphysical Properties

Elestial quartz – a magnificent gemstone to boost your relationships
Elestial Quartz is an excellent healer when it is coming to confronting the challenges in everyday life. The gemstone will stand supportive in times when your relationships sour. It will make the relationship soothing by removing all the apprehensions and negative feelings and will make you feel great. It will prevent happing anything that makes you unhappy.
It will make your heart light by removing all the feeling of guilt. It will impart to you the ability to appreciate things in their right context. 
Elestial quartz helps you reach the next level of your psychology. 
Elestial quartz calms you
You will feel the calm because of your confidence, and you think that you can win all the hurdles that confront you. You feel energized to take action; you get motivated to do better. 
Elestial quartz fills you with love
The gemstone gets rid of such negative attributes as hatred, jealousy, personal grudge, or anger. It will remove all the resentment you had in the past and helps build the best relationships. It will remove anything that is destructive to your relationships.
You can see the past
The power of Elestial quartz is so incredible that you can check why your current state of life is so. It can enable you to reasonably attribute the present state of your life to various factors that you confront.  
Elestial quartz enables you to do the right
It will enable you to use your mind and heart in a balanced manner when you are building a relationship or are in love with someone. When you are in love and a relationship, you may feel happy to do things as you like, which may or may not be suitable for your partner. It is because what is right at one point of time may not be so in another. Elestial quartz will make sure that you abstain from doing things that could potentially hurt the other party. 
It will bring some changes in the effects of your past deeds (karma), so you could overcome the hurdles resulting from it. It will be 
You can make smart decisions
Elestial quartz will enable you to take the right decision at the right time.
Great source of spiritual energy
Elestial quartz brings you spiritual energy in abundance. These crystals enable to allow the energy flow into you and will affect individuals wearing them as well those around them. Thus, all will get a significant amount of energy and spiritual light.
Elestial quarts clean up your emotions
The gemstones are of great help when it comes to cleaning your feelings. It cures the emotional wounds that you bore in the past. It will help you overcome the negative attributes. You will learn how to deal with painful emotions rather than running away from them. 
You can get rid of feelings from inside
You might have emotions that you have held for many of hers and those feelings which are in you, but you are unaware of them. You can get rid of all such feeling by Elestial quartz. The gemstone will relieve you from all the tentacles of the past emotions and will help take a great path.
You can get everything in your love
Elestial quartz will make you show what you wish to get from your passion. Ir will make feel great, and you think op0tmal regardless of what happened in the past. 
Elestial Quartz is an excellent gemstone in its realms. Just having it in your and starting meditation will take you to a deeply relaxed state. Of course, if you do not prefer to wear the gemstone in jewelry, you can carry in your pocket or wallet. 
You will get emotional wellbeing
You might have personal grudges, but you are unable to express them. It will create a harmful effect on you. The gemstone will help remove such deleterious effect.
You can protect yourself from jalousies
When you are financially are better off, looking better physically, there might be many people who cannot tolerate it. So their evil influence will create an adverse effect on you and will result in the great attribute. Elestial quartz will help you get rid of all such negative energies. It will neutralize them all. 

Elestial Quartz In News

Elestial Quartz Color

Elestial quartz occurs in diverse colors. You can find the color to be mild pink (as is the case of |rose quartz, as the lavender like the amethyst crystal, smoky (as in case of smoky quartz). The colours also include purple, gold, pink, orange, yellow, red, black and other colours. 

  • CleavageNone
  • Other Names
  • Crystal Habit6-sided prism ending in 6-sided pyramid (typical), drusy, fine-grained to microcrystalline, massive
  • StreakWhite
  • Refractive Index1.54-1.55
  • DiaphaneityTransparent
  • Mohs scale (hardness)
  • SourcesMinas Gerais, Brazil, USA, Romania, Madagascar, Tibet and Africa
  • Chemical formulaSiO2
  • LustreVitreous
  • Colorpale pink,lavender,yellow and smoky
  • Chakra HealingCrown Chakra
  • BirthstoneDecember
  • Zodiacsagittarius
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