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Green may not be the most flamboyant of colors, but it sure is not shabby - thanks to Eclogite, the leafy-colored gemstone sourced directly from the depths of the mother earth. This super rare and significant gemstone is one of its kind, in the true sense of the words. Eclogite happens to be a dubiously dense rock, birthed through the metamorphism of mafic (high iron and magnesium silicate) igneous rock in the mantle or the bottommost part of the earth’s crust. And in case this gave you the impression that the stone’s viscosity is the only feature that makes it just as sought after as it is, then you are horribly mistaken. 

Eclogite is a stunning gemstone, not admired by the masses just because of how beautiful or beautifully dense it is, but mostly because this gemstone is also believed to be a bearer of some truly mesmerizing healing powers. It is almost as if this arduous and robust rock evolved into an extremely precious and astonishing gemstone to prove how beauty and power are derived from intense pressure. Isn’t this mystical gemstone a true wonder of nature? Let’s unravel more about this all things extraordinary gemstone called Eclogite.

Where is Eclogite found?

This instinctively powerful and scarcely occurring gemstone is found mainly in different parts of Norway in abundance. Eclogites have also been spotted in the craggy northwest highlands of Scotland and in the rugged highlands of France, famously known as the Massif Central. Other than that, this stone is also found in North America, Central Australia, China, Germany, the United States, Austria, and Brazil. 

Healing Properties

Eclogite is a rock that is possessed with a number of healing properties. Trust us when we say this - this rare gemstone is a goldmine of soothing properties. From bringing in emotional stability to deeply rooting a sense of confidence within its bearer - this stone is not limited to being appealing to the eyes. But alas, as rare as the gemstone itself, the healing qualities that it beholds are also arcane and most of the time, out beyond the premises of one’s imagination of how powerful can a gemstone be. However, this does not change this very fact - this treasured gemstone is brimmed with several uncanny, mesmerizing healing traits. 

Physical healing

Eclogite has a variety of healing properties immersed in it. Especially for the body, the power of this precious stone is not to be underestimated. In the connotation of physical healing, Eclogite is considered to protect and strengthen the heart. Similarly, this stone is famous for keeping one’s blood circulation, hemoglobin, and plasma count in check. Besides this, Eclogite is believed to be a godsend for healing organs such as the liver and the kidneys. Moreover, this stone also amplifies the sexual potency in both males and females. 

Emotional healing

For individuals who struggle to find a balance between their different paradoxical emotions, Eclogite is a must-have gemstone. This stone is said to relieve emotions of anger, hatred, agony, and sorrow and help the individual in finding “the light at the end of the tunnel”. Eclogite is one of those stones that beams out positivity. It unleashes one’s inner strength and promotes the feeling of self-respect, courage, and confidence. 

Spiritual healing

To awaken a person’s spirituality, Eclogite is a stone that is nothing short of a benediction. This bright red and green stone is primarily known for establishing one’s connection with mother nature. Other than that, the stone is believed to reflect positive energies that enable the individual to attain a sacred level of self-growth, abandoning all the strings and attachments that no longer serve them. 

Connection with the chakras

If you are an ardent yoga enthusiast, chances are you already know about the “Chakras” or focal points of the human body. Out of the 7 significant chakras, the Eclogite gemstone is believed to protect and heal the lower 4 chakras: the heart chakra; the solar plexus chakra; the sacral chakra; and the root chakra. So, if you are a person who has faith in the power of precious gemstones, using an Eclogite while meditating or simply introducing this stone in your yoga regimen is strongly suggested to help you reap the best benefits. 

Eclogite Facts

A normal Eclogite stone is made up of red garnet and green omphacite. It contains a trace of other minerals, most significantly rutile. Accessory minerals like quartz, paragonite, dolomite, lawsonite, kyanite, and zoisite are also identified in naturally occurring Eclogites. In fact, premium quality Eclogites also seem to have traces of diamond minerals included in them. Due to the vividity in the number of minerals found in Eclogite, it is believed to be a super rare mineral, generally used in making extravagant gemstone jewelry - from dainty danglers to regal necklaces and what not!  

Eclogite is believed to bless its owners in a number of ways. It does away with negative emotions like fear, anger, and guilt and streamlines inner happiness.

Metaphysical Properties

Just like everything that is off the limelight, Eclogite has its fair share of facts and myths surrounding it. Let’s take a dig at some of the most famous, mind-boggling facts about the rare gemstone :

•    Eclogite is a gemstone that is seldom met with and fairly pricey. But surprisingly, this mineral’s composition closely resembles that of a common Chondrite stone.
•    Eclogites are found deep down the earth under extreme heat and pressure - with the temperature ranging anywhere from 1200 - 1800 degrees Fahrenheit!
•    The oldest Eclogite deposits were found in Brazil and Mali - the estimated age of the same being over 650 million years!
•    Eclogite is a cherished member of the Pyroxene crystal clan - a certain crystal that is famous for being a mineral component of popular gemstones like Ruby, Jade, Quartz, and even Sapphire. 
•    It is sometimes referred to as the “Christmas rock” because of its illuminating bright red, green, and white hues. 
•    Thanks to its sturdiness, the Eclogite rock was used to make axe in the Neolithic era. 

Eclogite Color

Owing to the presence of a vivid number of minerals, the very beautiful Christmas rock AKA Eclogite is found majorly in striking red and green shades. Very unusually, Eclogite is also found in white color. The green rendition of the stone is called Pyroxene Omphacite, the red version is referred to as a Garnet, and the mellow white one is called what we know of as Quartz. At a premium, this gemstone is found in a mix of all these staggering hues.

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