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Eclogite is a beautiful metamorphic rock that has been used in gemstone jewelry making for quite some time. It is a rock that is formed under great pressure, usually at the crust of the Earth. Eclogite is a dense rock that plays an important role as a driving convection to the Earth. Eclogite is noted for being a dense rock – something that is very unusual. Eclogite rock is composed of several minerals such as kyanite, quartz, rutile, lawsonite, phengite, amphibole, ziosite, paragonite, corumdum, dolomite and coesite. Sometimes, though rarely,traces of diamond have also been found in Eclogite. Another mineral plagioclase is sometimes found in the rock but it is not a stable mineral that can be considered. Eclogite is known for its striking colors which is not common in rocks. There is a pink to red garnet hue which is a result of the presence of almandine –pyrope and sometimes also a green matrix color that is the result of the presence of sodium-rich pyroxene. The green colored Eclogite is most common variety of the rock that is found.

Eclogite is a rare rock but is considered to be very significant. While Eclogite is used in various ways, one of its emerging uses is in jewelry making. Eclogite silver jewelry is slowly becoming popular. The rustic appeal of the rock combined with the sheen of sterling silver makes it an ethereal jewelry that can easily catch one’s attention. 

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Where is Eclogite found?

Lawsonite Eclogite is one of the types of the rock that is found rarely and only in some parts of the world. Lawsonite eclogite is composed of hydrous calcium-aluminum silicate that is rarely exposed at Earth’s surface. Eclogite, of the Lawsonite variety, are found in parts of California and Arizona, USA; Guatemala, Corsica, Australia, Canada, Dominican Republic and Turkey. 

Healing Properties

In life there can be many causes of distress. Some are due to financial problems, some due to physical ailments and other traumas can be caused due to emotional upheaval.It is in trying times such as these that the healing properties of gemstones are tested. Though there are no scientific evidences proving the effectiveness of gemstones in healing, but it is otherwise universally accepted that they have unseen properties that work wonders on the physical body, emotional condition and the general well-being of the human being. Eclogite is one such gemstone that has several healing properties. 

Eclogite is said to work wonderfully for the heart chakra – the fourth chakra in the human body. The rocky gemstone helpsa person heal emotionally. It is believed to help a person recover from any kind of emotional trauma. Wearing this stone a person gets the ability to introspect and reflect within himself and see what is making him suffer emotionally. Eclogite is also known to help a person who is finding it difficult to express himself in matters of love. After wearing this stone you can actually feel the difference in yourself, especially when it concerns your heart. With the help of the stone you can balance your thoughts, weigh what you think and communicate properly and efficiently. The stone helps to share our ideas and thoughts coherently. 

While Eclogite essentially works on the heart chakra and deals so much with emotions, there is another aspect to the stone as well. It also balances the throat chakra, helping us say our “personal truths” far easily.  

Eclogite Facts

• Eclogite gemstone comes in the form of a highly polished palm stone
• Eclogite is a metamorphic rock that has traces of minerals such as Pyrope Garnet, Kyanite, Ruby, Rutilated Quartz, Ziosite, Dolomite, Ruby and many other minerals
• Eclogite is found deep within the Earth’s crust in the form of a rudimentary rock
• The stone is usually available is small sizes of 1 ½ to 2 inches in length in palm shapes
• It is most commonly found in the color green
• As a rare stone, it is categorized as a AAA rare stone
• Eclogite works on the heart chakra which encourages a wearer to express feelings such as love, compassion and love. The stone helps improve one’s self-worth and guides one towards spiritual growth
• Eclogite is a strong stone that helps a victim of sexual abuse, shame and guilt deal with the trauma in a more matured manner. The stone helps a person recover
• Eclogite is known to help treat physical ailments related to the heart and lungs. It also helps improve one’s metabolism


Metaphysical Properties

Eclogite is a powerful gemstone that helps in numerous ways. The stone is considered to be a barrier strengthener and helps a person become powerful. It is believed that the stone has the inner powers of a trapezium – that is – it has a flexible structure with no rigid angles but which nevertheless strengthens a person’s core. The stone works as a barrier from attacks – whether emotional or physical. It is considered to be a talisman which helps protect one from many misfortunes. According to many believes, Eclogite is associated with the yin and yang – with men and women. It helps personal partners stabilize and protect their relationship.Often used as a meditation crystal, Eclogite helps break emotional barriers, fears and resentments that hamper a person in the long run. The stone helps bring a person closer to the Divine powers. 

Eclogite at a Glance

Cleavage NA
Other Names NA
Crystal Habit NA
Streak NA
Refractive Index NA
Diaphaneity NA
Moh's scale (hardness) NA
Sources NA
Chemical formula NA
Lustre NA
Color NA
Chakra Healing
Zodiac Scorpio

Eclogite Color

Eclogite is mostly found in green color and is considered to be a birthstone for those born during the mid-spring season, especially between 20th April and 20th May.


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