Cotham Landscape Marble

Cotham Landscape Marble - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Some gifts of nature simply leave us mesmerized and Cotham Landscape Marble is one such example. Cotham Landscape Marble is a stromatolite or fossil. This beautiful stone is truly matchless and exceptional when it comes to its looks. At the very first glance at this stone, you will feel as if God has decorated the stone with beautiful landscape including fields, plowed lands, and trees. This is the reason why it is called Landscape Marble or Cotham Landscape Marble. This stone is actually a limestone and not marble. It is considered as an exclusive semiprecious cabochon material gemstone. 

Healing Properties

Helps you fetch more achievements in a career – It is highly believed that people who wear Cotham Landscape Marble become lucky to get more achievements in their careers. Hence, if you feel that your career has come to a halt, you should try taking help from this pretty stone. 
Brings success to your business – Are you experiencing failures and stagnant stage in your business? Have you been craving for long to achieve success in your business? If yes, Cotham Landscape Marble can definitely help you as it is believed to attract success to your business. 

Opens up more opportunities – Many people often complain that they do not get enough opportunities in life. If this is the case with you, Cotham Landscape Marble can prove to be a savior. It will pave the way in such a manner so that more opportunities open up for you. 

Add brilliance and quality to your environment – If you want to enhance the feeling and ambiance of your environment, you can take help of Cotham Landscape Marble. This stone adds excellence and value to your environment.

Helps you embrace new concepts and changes – Sometimes we become too adamant to accept changes and thus, we start feeling a lot of despair and irritation. Cotham Landscape Marble helps you combat wonderfully in such situations too where the wearer of this stone experiences a wonderful feeling as he or she starts embracing new changes as well as ideas in a positive manner.

Cotham Landscape Marble Facts

• Cotham landscape marble is also known as Cotham Marble or Landscape Marble. 
• It is a type of Rhaetian limestone. 
• The stone name is inspired from Cotham House (Bristol). 
• The stone has an amazingly lovely pattern which resembles a landscape including trees, fields and ploughed lands.
• Crazy Cotham is also considered a variety of Cotham Landscape Marble. However, the origin for both differs. 
• There are many suggested reasons for the patterns that occur on Cotham landscape marble. These include the gas bubbles, evaporation processes, algal reasons and few more. 
• It is found only in South Wales and southwest England. 


Metaphysical Properties

The stromatolites of this beautiful stone figure domes. Apart from domes, the flat structures as well as the branched structures can also be found. This amazing stone called Cotham Landscape Marble is quite thin. It is just 20 centimeters in thickness. As the stone is formed in mounds, no continuous layer can be noticed in the stone. 

When it comes to exterior uses, Cotham Landscape Marble is considered very soft. That is why; it is not usable for external purposes. However, this unique and exceptional looking stone is used for adornment objectives. Today, you can find many jewelry items that are finely done in Cotham Landscape Marble. These jewelry pieces do not only make you look great but they also speak about one’s classic and matchless taste in choosing jewelry. Apart from this, Cotham Landscape Marble is also used as an insert in furnishing. For example, it is used as an inlay in chimneys, etc. 

Cotham Landscape Marble Color

Cotham Landscape Marble comes in a mix of beautiful shades which includes grey, blue, yellow, and brown shades. Each of these colors can be found in the varying degree of dominance in different specimens. The various changes in shades occur due to few natural reasons including the weathering of rocks, exposure to surrounding atmosphere or water. No matter what the color is, the Cotham Landscape Marble stone looks amazingly exquisite. 

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