Campo del Cielo

Campo Del Cielo - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Campo Del Cielo is one of the most beautiful gemstones that could bring sweeping change in human life when used correctly. The name Campo Del Cielo seems to have been discovered in Argentina where a meteorite with the name of the gemstone was found. 

Where is Campo Del Cielo found?

Campo Del Cielo can create a substantial positive impact on the body when touched. In the 1500’s when the Spanish were on the colonizing campaign, they are said to have discovered this astonishing gemstone. Campo Del Cielo is believed to have come from a meteorite and carries supernatural properties. 

Healing Properties

Campo Del Cielo is a wonderful gemstone that can bring you the energy to recuperate from a state of ebb many times. It is widely used as an amulet to bring success when one is in trouble. 

The gemstone will help you overcome all the hardships. It improves your mental and physical strength, and you can now work harder and focused on accomplishing your goal. It will aid you in achieving the next level to pursue in your endeavors.

Campo Del Cielo will fuel your growth

As you keep on using the gemstone, it will bring you new insights on how to work and perform efficiently. You can achieve greater success as you keep on planning based on the past setbacks and failures. You will get the additional energy to win all obstacles. 

Campo Del Cielo can improve your competency

Campo Del Cielo is a gemstone that helps boost your skills and your hone your competencies that are dormant in you. It will propel you to use your competency in the right manner.
The gemstone will help in stress, deficiency of iron in the body, tension in the muscles, and issues in fertility and headaches.

It will influence your chakras in a positive manner

Campo Del Cielo is a valuable gemstone that will show you the way what you need to work for the future. It will enable you to get joy because of the chakras.

Positive influence on the immune system

Campo Del Cielo will strengthen your immune system. It will help you in curing illnesses related to blood and issues like joint pain, arthritis, inflammation, and swelling.

Campo Del Cielo will improve your creativity

The gemstone will prompt you to accept new ideas that are acceptable and good for your business, career, etc. You can conceive new ideas and go according to those ideas that are beneficial for you as well as those around you. It will improve your imagination and enable you to find a diverse set of solutions that are easy and workable for the existing problems.

You will be able to resolve issues in the inventive way, which may surprise all. And you can find new solutions that are more efficient than the existing ones. 

You will get the ability to revive progress by reversing the trend. It will help you win people who are hitherto being not supportive of your plan or proposal. 

It enables you to work had consistently even in challenging situations. It will make the hard experience that you realize into a useful episode your career. 


Campo Del Cielo Facts

  • Campo Del Cielo is said to have come to the world close to four thousand to six thousand years ago. 
  • Campo Del Cielo implies heaven’s field or the meteorite of the sky. 
  • The location where the gemstone was discovered is Campo Del Cielo - the name of the meteorite.
  • It has a large amount of energy. You may not feel it immediately. However, you will be able to realize the effect of energy soon. 
  • Campo Del Cielo is one of the rarest gemstones. It is of extraterrestrial origin. Because of the shortage of the gemstone, it costs higher than other gemstones. 
  • Campo Del Cielo contains 6.67% nickel, 0.43% cobalt, 87 ppm, gallium, 3.6 ppm iron, 407 ppm germanium, and 0.25% phosphorus.  It has an octahedrite crystal structure.

Metaphysical Properties

Campo Del Cielo is a gemstone that has metaphysical properties that are barely exhibited by other gemstones.

Campo Del Cielo will influence your chakras – crown chakra and base chakra. 

Thus, Campo Del Cielo enables positive energy to circulate evenly across the body by activating the crown chakra. Let us tell you that this chakra is situated at the top of the head. It will have a positive impact – will lead to the healthy function of all the organs in the body. You can stay focused for long hours.

Campo Del Cielo influences the base chakra or root chakra located in the lower regions of the spine. By adequately balancing this chakra, Campo Del Cielo will enable the proper function of all the chakras. It will impart you stability. Stability in this context refers to having the resources in enough quantities. Food, shelter, safety and emotional health - when you have all these aplenty, you feel safe and stable.

It will protect you against the evil influence of others

Campo Del Cielo is an amazing gemstone that can protect you against psychic influence. It will prevent such impact on you. 

Campo Del Cielo has enormous energy

Campo Del Cielo has a considerable amount of shamanic power. Shamanic power is the ability to feel and communicate with spirits. This power will help you muster all the attributes critical to success – endurance, strength, and commitment to upholding values under all challenging situations.

Campo Del Cielo boosts your confidence

It will make you stay focused and committed to the values. It will make you realize that only hard experience can you reach success. You will feel more optimistic about what you do. You will gain resilience which will help you in recovering fast in case you encounter setbacks. It will connect all the energies and will bring the positive effect on the body and mind. 
Campo Del Cielo contains iron. The iron will have a positive influence on your positive energy assist in bringing a balance in the body and mind as a whole as well as strengthen it. 

Will protect you from negative energies

It will get rid of all the negative attributes like anger, resentment, jealousies and will bestow on you with supreme quality such as compassion, forgiveness, peace, and happiness.  
Campo Del Cielo influences the mind and auric energy so that your body can use all the positive powers of the body optimally. 
You can use the gemstone in the form of a talisman to protect yourself from all the evil influences. 

It will steer clear of the karmic influence

You might be hurt because of the deed (karma) you committed in the past, which caused a significant emotional or any other sort of distress on the person you inflicted it on. Campo Del Cielo will help you get rid of all such mental agony and bring you the much needed mental peace.

Makes Kundalini active

Campo Del Cielo is an excellent gemstone that can influence Kundalini energy. When you achieve Kundalini awakening, you will feel experience a profound effect. You will no longer have any reaction because of the events that happened around the world. You will be one of the most compassionate people that you ever know. 

Will help in your kids’ poor academic performance

If your kids are not doing well in academic because of issues such as poor memory, lack of focus Campo Del Cielo will bring distinct change in your kids. They will be focused and will be keen to on learning more and achieving more knowledge. 

Campo Del Cielo focuses energy to your benefit

The iron content in the gemstone is of great value. It will help get your strengths channelized in the right direction so you could get optimal results. 

In meditation

Campo Del Cielo is going to be of great help in your regular meditation. It will clear all the blockages in your energy channels. You can use the gemstone in meditation to reach a higher level of spiritual consciousness. 


Campo Del Cielo In News

Campo Del Cielo Color

Campo Del Cielo varies in color. It has silvery to a grey color. The typical color is because of iron and nickel content. 
Meteorites are said to symbolize bringing good to the world. Hence, it is one of the most sought-after gemstones. 


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