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Cacoxenite is known to be the stone of ascension, which is believed to raise the awareness and spirituality of the human being by providing a compassionate and unearthly connection with the vast universe. Cacoxenite is something that is believed to make something good even better. It is apparent as amazing inclusions in the host stone, like quartz or amethyst and enhances the healing properties of the stone by adding its own properties into it. It forms radiated clumps or strands of earthy, gold, and yellow colors.

Cacoxenite encourages the conscious and insight of the person who wears it, and guides him towards the right path. It helps the person in sensing the kindness of others and the beauty of the one who has created the universe.

The inclusions of Cacoxenite in Amethyst, in particular, are extremely regenerative. It not only re-programmes the cells of the body, but also invigorates the mind.

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Where is Cacoxenite found?

It was first found in 1825 in the Hrbek Mine area of Bohemia, in Czech Republic. The other noteworthy places where Cacoxenite has been found are Sweden, Germany, Alabama, Arizona, New York, Arkansas, France, and England.

Healing Properties

The beneficial properties of Cacoxenite include:

  • Physical Healer

Cacoxenite is considered as a holistic healer, which treats the whole body by recognizing the integral relationship between all the parts of the body, emotions and mind. The vibrational energies of the stone alleviate all the hormonal troubles, relieve stress, and replenish body cells. It is a supportive stone to the thyroid and adrenal glands of the human being and keeps him away from the diseases related to these glands.

Cacoxenite is helpful in proving the relief to all sorts of digestive issues, upset stomach, and difficulty in the incorporation of the nutrients in the body. Moreover, this amazing stone is thought to relieve colds and flu, respiratory ailment, tumours, warts, moles, and parasitic infections.

  • Emotional Healer

Cacoxenite is a highly sustaining crystal when a person is facing some sort of emotional turmoil in his life. It creates a peaceful space in one’s life where one can withdraw himself. Cacoxenite strengthens the connection of the wearer with others emotionally and mentally. It dispels fear from one’s mind about various issues and cut off the reason for stress and tension. It lets the wearer recognize himself in a true sense.

  • Spiritual Healer

Cacoxenite helps in augmenting the dream work and meditation to bring the wearer more close to the divine. It heightens spiritual awareness and let the wearer know that every human being including him carries divine energies in their bodies. The need is to just explore and utilise them.

Cacoxenite increases the level of spirituality in a broader sense. It connects one with the life energy force that provides the person the healing energies of the earth.

  • Heals and Balances Chakra

Cacoxenite is believed to promote and heal the third eye and crown chakras. It establishes a connection between the one who wears it with spiritual spheres.  It cleanses the energy centre of the body by dispelling out all the negative thoughts and energies.

By balancing the crown chakra, Cacoxenite helps in controlling the thought process of the person, and how he responds to the world. Crown chakra is the source from where a person gets his beliefs and philosophies of life. It assists the wearer in letting him know his place in the universe.

Cacoxenite is considered the healer of the brow chakra as well with which it directs the sight and awareness of the person. The consciousness of the human being is positioned in brow chakra only. A balanced brow chakra balances a human being’s thought and internal communications as well and makes them healthy and energetic.

Other than this, Cacoxenite is also believed to repair the solar plexus chakra also, which is the centre of all the relationships of the human being. An unblocked solar plexus chakra cures the digestive and immunity related troubles as well. A balanced solar plexus chakra provides the person the strength to fight the infections and allergies.

Cacoxenite Facts

Some facts about Cacoxenite

  • Cacoxenite is neither a traditional birthstone nor it is related to any zodiac sign.
  • The Feng Shui element of Cacoxenite is believed to use the fire energy that brings cheerfulness, vivacity, and warmth in one’s office or home, wherever it is kept.
  • In ancient tribes of Czechoslovakia, Cacoxenite was used widely in combination with Moldavite to bring in higher energies during spiritual ceremonies.
  • Cacoxenite is believed to easily sort out the financial troubles.

Metaphysical Properties

Cacoxenite is the major mineral in the super seven crystals, which is known as the sacred seven or melody stone. Cacoxenite mineral is commonly present in the form of inclusions in quartz, especially in amethyst. The pure purple color of the amethyst is also somewhat dampened by the brown inclusions of the Cacoxenite.

Cacoxenite is basically an iron aluminium phosphate mineral, which is associated with iron ores.

The hardness of Cacoxenite on the Moh’s scale is 3-4, which is poor. It has a glossy lustre and a semitransparent diaphaneity.

Cacoxenite at a Glance

Cleavage None
Other Names Cacoxene or Cacoxitite
Crystal Habit Acicular, radial, stellate
Streak White
Refractive Index nω = 1.575 - 1.585 nε = 1.635 - 1.656
Diaphaneity Semitransparent
Moh's scale (hardness) 3 to 4
Sources Bohemia in the Czech Republic and other locations in this world
Chemical formula Fe3+24Al(PO4)17O6(OH)12·17(H2O)
Lustre Silky
Color Yellow to brownish yellow, reddish orange, golden yellow, deep orange, green; yellow in transmitted light
Chakra Healing Solar plexus chakra, Third eye chakra, Crown chakra

Cacoxenite Color

The color of Cacoxenite ranges from yellow to brownish yellow, golden yellow, reddish orange, deep orange, and green.

Cacoxenite Colors

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Cacoxenite originates in various colors. It is effective in meditation and dream work that helps the owner to come closer to the Divine. As the properties of this talisman meet my requirements so I think I should go for it. Thanks Jewelexi for apt and useful information.
Reply on 8/11/14
Cacoxenite is a Feng Shui element that attracts warmth, vivacity and cheerfulness using fire energy when it is placed in home or at work place. I was also searching for such a charm for my office. Thanks for sharing this useful information.
Reply on 20/11/14
Now-a-days I am facing the problems related to finance. I have heard and also read in your article that Cacoxenite is a gemstone which easily solves the similar problems. Should I go for it? Please suggest as I need a gemstone like this immediately.
Reply on 27/11/14
Jewelexi may try it out if you find it suitable for be more may seek advice from your astrologer..!!
Reply on 7/4/15
cacoxenite gemstone comes in various hues...which one should i astrologer has suggested me to try it...can you please help me out...
Reply on 16/4/15
yeh I have also found the information offered by Jewelexi quite fact I have gone through their jewelry and astrology section too...these are also should also view them...
Reply on 28/4/15
Hi Emily, I have also explored the astrology and jewelry section of Jewelexi and found it quite nice..I want appreciate Jewelexi for its efforts...good work!! Best of Luck!!
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Reply on 16/6/15
Using Cacoxenite during meditation brings an awareness of the abounding nature of one’s existence. It may also be used for past-life regression, revealing core soul memories that require healing before current spiritual
Reply on 6/7/15
My aunt has brain tumor and i'm very upset about this. I would like to know that will this stone cure my aunt's tumor. If yes then i would be very happy. Somebody please advice?
Reply on 17/12/15
Hello jemmy. I ma very sad to know about your aunt. I believe that gemstones really help in curing all kind of medical and emotional issues and this gemstone does just wonders. I love being in my self peace which i gained by this stone. OI think you should buy this for your aunt !.

Reply on 21/12/15
Helo! selena Thank you so much for the support and your advice. I was in need for this I hope this gonna work for me well. Cacoxenite is beautiful too :)

Reply on 23/12/15
Holla!! Cacoxenite is a beautiful stone. According to my experience, it heals the mental pressure as well as physical disabilities. It's also a good wealth maker. I'm very impressed from this stone and its basic properties.

Thank you jewelexi for the apt information.
Reply on 26/1/16
Awesome! What a beautiful collection.
Reply on 22/7/19
What a beautiful collection of jewelry..I like it so much!
Reply on 12/11/19
Cacoxenite is one of my favorite stone and Its jewelry is just splendid with very interesting facts and figures.
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