Brazilianite - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Brazilianite is considered as a competent healing stone and used as an amulet by the primitive people of South America. The name of this gemstone is derived from the country name, where it was first discovered. In 1944, this yellow-green phosphate mineral was found in Minas Gerais, Brazil and it was implicit as chrysoberyl. Then a mineralogist, F.H. Pough discovered that it is completely a distinctive mineral, and then it was named for its discovered location i.e. Brazil.

This rare and unusual gemstone was cut for stone collectors and jewelers, due to its sparkling yellow-colored crystals. The similar appearance of Brazilianite crystals has been confused with chrysoberyl, beryl, apatite, and topaz in ancient times.

Stone of return – Brazilianite comprises rich and purified energies, which helps the one get back the natural health and healing system in their previous state, and this process brings harmony and balance within one’s life.

Where is Brazilianite found?

The major localities of Brazilianite are in Brazil such as Minas Gerais, where up to 15 cm crystals can be found easily. Small sizes of crystals have been mined in New Hampshire, United States.

Healing Properties Of Brazilianite

Benefits of Brazilianite

Some of the healing properties of Brazilianite are illustrated as follows:

  • Physical Healer

Brazilianite is one of the rare and unusual healing stone, which has been used to cure the disorders related to nervous system. This stone is also helpful in treating the problems associated with brain and spinal cord. Therefore, Brazilianite is considered as an effective remedy for multiple sclerosis.

It is believed that Brazilianite cures the center of inflammation and safeguards the wearer from auxiliary attacks of the same disease. Damage to nerve tissue, which is caused by pollution, pesticides, paint or varnish, can be treated with the effective energies of Brazilianite.

Psychologically, Brazilianite solves many problems by providing positive energy to the wearer. This stone encourages self-expression of the wearer, by providing him joie de vivre. Brazilianite also strengthens the nerves of the wearer and ensures that all the organs of the wearer will work together in a harmonious manner.

This amazing stone is also beneficial in the treatment of Jaundice and other diseases, which are related to liver. Furthermore, newborn babies who are suffering from jaundice can be treated with the powerful energies of Brazilianite.

  • Emotional Healer

Being a stone of return, Brazilianite provides affluent and purified energies that help the wearer to return back to the most stabilize form of natural health and healing system. Harmony and balance in the wearer’s life can be achieved with a chaste energy of Brazilianite stone.

Brazilianite is considered as a gemstone of creativity and passion, which helps the wearer in encouraging him to fulfill his dreams and aspirations. The presence of Brazilianite allows the wearer to acquire his ambitions while walking on a harmonious path.

In a relationship, the crystals of this stone are considered to build the healthy relationship, by providing the energy of self-empowerment and confidence. Those persons who face difficulties in saying “no” to any task, can be benefitted with the effective vibrations of Brazilianite.

Promoting creativity, helping in decision-making and manifesting the dreams of a person, makes Brazilianite a tremendous healing stone, which works physically, emotionally and spiritually.

  • Spiritual Healer

Brazilianite is considered an effective spiritual healing stone, which facilitates deep spiritual understanding of the wearer while connecting him with the Earth’s energies. It also provides support to the wearer, for his personal growth and recommends the right path for his success.

This wonderful stone provides strength and encouragement to the wearer for his self-empowerment. It comprises amazing energies which connect the wearer with his ancestors during meditation. The powerful crystals of Brazilianite assist a higher vision through an individual’s heart and make the remaining journey more creative.

With the divine vibrations of Brazilianite, the wearer will be able to release perceived fears and experience positive inner transformation. The crystals of this stone also support self-love and make the wearer be happy and positive in each and every bad situation.

  • Heals and Balances Chakra

Brazilianite is considered as one of the most popular gemstone, which works efficiently on all the chakras. But particularly it has an immense effect on the Base Chakra, Sacral Chakra, and the Solar Plexus.

With an extraordinary connection between the Earth’s energy and high vibrations of Brazilianite, it stimulates the Base Chakra. It is believed to facilitate the wearer with the amazing energy of liberty, magnificence, and harmony with the Earth.

By stimulating the Sacral Chakra, this wonderful stone assists the wearer to open the way for creative ideas and thoughts and also arouses the power of the feminine within women’s body. This crystal is perfect for those, who do not reveal their talent and endowment in front of other people.

When it comes to the Solar Plexus, Brazilianite is considered to support the balance and harmony of this chakra and also articulate the will of creation. Courage, determination and self-belief are the aspects which can be acquired with the powerful energies of Brazilianite.

Brazilianite Facts

Some facts about Brazilianite

  • Brazilianite can be mistaken with golden beryl and yellow topaz though it is much softer.
  • In ancient times, it is believed that Brazilianite is either green quartz or pale chrysoprase.
  • In the country of origin of Brazilianite, Brazil has a long tradition of wearing this crystal as an amulet stone.
  • This sparkling stone is one of the only phosphate minerals which is being used as a gemstone.

Metaphysical Properties Of Brazilianite

Brazilianite stone belongs to the phosphate group of mineral and it is said to be the precious mineral as compared to phosphate and apatite. This gemstone comprises phosphate mix which contains the sodium aluminum phosphate hydroxide mineral. The pegmatites of Brazilianite are rich in phosphate, which provides perfect cleavage to these stones. 

Crystals of Brazilianite are fragile and brittle by nature, with the conchoidal fracture and perfect cleavage which is perpendicular to their length. Their vitreous lustre provides numerous colors which range from pale yellow to prominent yellow-green hue.

It is considered one of the hardest mineral which falls under the phosphate group of minerals. On the Moh’s scale, Brazilianite measures in between 5.5 to 6. Brazilianite stones can be transparent or translucent, which represents its feeble pleochroism.

Being a gemstone, Brazilianite is considered softer than the other common types of gemstone.

Brazilianite Color

Brazilianite crystals can be found in various colors ranges from pale yellow to yellow-green shade. Mostly, it occurs in yellow, greenish yellow and light green shades. It can also be found in the colorless form.

Brazilianite Colors

  • CleavagePerfect, in one direction
  • Other Names
  • Crystal Habit
  • StreakWhite
  • Refractive Index1.602-1.621
  • DiaphaneityTransparent - Translucent
  • Mohs scale (hardness)5.5
  • SourcesBrazil, US, New Hampshire
  • Chemical formulaNaAl3(PO4)2(OH)4
  • LustreVitreous
  • ColorYellowish Green, Greenish Yellow, Rarely Colorless
  • Chakra HealingRoot or base chakra,Solar Plexus Chakra,Sacral chakra
  • BirthstoneJuly
  • Zodiacpisces
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