Blue Copper Slag

Blue Copper Slag - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

For the very first time when you take a close look at ‘Blue copper slag gemstone,’ you will be pleased with the soft swirls in light tone over a dark surface. It is one thing that you cannot let go without observing. Not entire from the agnate group, the blue copper slag seems to be like the glass. Such is the diverse beauty of it. People invest in this gemstone over the other kinds as it helps the chakras in the body. 

If you are not well aware of this gemstone and its various aspects, you will have to check this. In the end, you might find it useful for yourself. 

Healing Properties

The current gemstone is definitely of great value in terms of providing a hold on ones oneself in various ways. What can they be? How do this gemstone exact help? All the answers are right here. The one prominent feature of the blue copper slag gemstone is that it enhances the cognition senses of the human brain. For this, people are requested to wear a piece of jewelry made with blue slag gemstone near the ears, or in the form of neckpieces for best results. 

If the best natural remedy for brain fog is to be suggested then, it can be nothing but this stone. As this gemstone is usually available in 5.5 mm thickness, it is lightly weighted to wear a piece of jewelry made with it. 

Did you know that many love this gemstone for a special reason? Well, the blue copper slag gemstone helps the person in remembering every detail of his/her dream. This is one useful aspect of this gemstone because it is considered that dreams talk and recollecting every minute detail of dream is equally important. 

Blue Copper Slag Facts

Source of amazing healing powers – Blue Copper Slag is an awesome source of healing powers. It does not only help you awaken your chakras but also helps you in many other ways.

Used in jewelry – The beautiful gemstone is used to make various types of enthralling jewelry pieces.

Needs care - Just like these gemstones seem to be like the glass, it is also delicate and needs to be handled with caution. Apart from that, it is advisable to keep this gemstone from the contact of water, because it is believed by many that when this gemstone comes in contact with water it tends to lose its power. 

Metaphysical Properties

Helps enhance concentration - This blue copper slag gemstone helps in enhancing the concentration levels in the person. It also works wonders in guiding you towards the path of righteousness and saves you from any kind of bad influence.
Helps awaken chakras - It is almost impossible and difficult to get the awakening of the different chakras in the body, but with blue copper slag gemstone it is no one difficult. Today, in the world of fashion, there are statement earrings or jewelry pieces made out of this gemstone. Since most of them are not original ones, people fail to get the desired result and thus disappointed. 

Helps in better meditation - If you want to experience good meditation, take a blue copper slag gemstone and with the help of it drive all the darkness and negativity away from you. Buy this right away and get your life and dreams driven in the right direction. 

Blue Copper Slag Color

Just like the name suggests, this gemstone is present in midnight blue color as the surface or the background accompanied by lighter shades of blue in the form of a lovely swirly pattern. Not thick, but capable of treating you with all its powers. 

As this gemstone is available at cheaper price tags, almost any and everyone can get them. The blue copper slag gemstone can be worn by paring with sliver for best result and also this is a cost effective means. 

It is just not only silver but combing blue copper slag gemstone with amber, kunzite, zircon, larimar, sapphire, blue topaz, lapis lazuli and so on will also result to be fruitful. So, with the current trends you no longer need to wear boring gemstone pieces, but get them customized as per your preferences. Now, isn’t it exciting and advantageous too! 

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