Black Feather Medicine Bow Agate Jewelry Collection

It is often found that rare and nearly unknown gemstones are more powerful than the ones commonly known and found. This is exactly the case with black feather medicine bow agate – a gemstone that is not only rare but also very powerful. The gemstone belongs to the agate family and is actually a type of dendritic agate. It is mostly found to be opaque or translucent in nature and can be identified by the black dendrite inclusions that resemble the branches of a tree. These dendritic inclusions are composed of manganese or iron oxide. Black feather medicine bow jewelry is considered to have powerful metaphysical properties that can influence and change the course of one’s life. 

Where Does Black Feather Medicine Bow Agate Get Its Name From

It is believed that the gemstone gets its name from the dendritic inclusions that resemble a thin leaf or feather. Since this gemstone is typically found in the color black and so it is named. Agate is believed to be named after the Dirillo River which was in ancient times known as Achates River that flows on the island of Sicily, Italy. 

Where Is Black Feather Medicine Bow Agate Mined From

Some of the locations where this gemstone is found are Germany, India, Brazil, and Mexico. However, it is also believed that small quantities of it can be found in many other parts of the world. 

Metaphysical Properties of Black Feather Medicine Bow Agate

If you decide to wear black feather medicine bow agate women’s jewelry you must know its numerous metaphysical properties. The gemstone is known to help heal numerous physical ailments, especially those related to the uterus, stomach, pancreas, and eyes. The gemstone is known to provide emotional support to those seeking it. It is believed that black feather medicine bow agate helps to control one’s anger. It also brings in love and compassion. The stone is believed to be a balancing factor in emotional matters.  Black feather medicine bow agate also helps the mental orientation of a wearer. It strengthens one’s memory, improves concentration and analytical powers. The stone is also believed to cleanse the body, mind, soul, and emotions and thus is considered a great cleanser. 

Designs That You Simply Cannot Ignore

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Trustworthy Craftsmanship and Service

Apart from the fact that we have quite a collection of black feather medicine bow agate jewelry online, we also take pride in our craftsmanship and customer service. The best silversmiths of Jaipur work with us using all types of gemstones. Moreover, whenever you buy black feather medicine bow agate jewelry from our store you are assured of uncompromised customer service. 

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