Feather Medicine Bow Agate

Black Feather Medicine Bow Agate - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

A Dendritic Agate belonging to the Agate family, the impactful looking Black feather medicine bow agate is translucent to opaque in appearance. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it contains black dendrite inclusions (consisting of manganese or iron oxide) that resemble the branches of a tree. This stone is respected and demanded for its ability to attract victory and affluence in life. Using this stone, you can even say goodbye to your own restraints that you put on yourself. It also brings about positive changes in your behavior so that you can achieve the expected results. Wear it in form of jewelry or carry it along to promote constancy and confidence.  

Where is Feather Medicine Bow Agate found?

The chief locations for this stone include Germany, Asia, India, Brazil, and Mexico. However, it can be found all across the globe.

Healing Properties

This stone has amazing healing properties. Working on various levels and using different powers, the black feather medicine bow agate provides physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing to its user. 

• Physical healing

It is said and believed that this beautiful looking black agate called Black Feather Medicine Bow Agate can help you sort out physical issues related to uterus, eyes, stomach, and pancreas. Improving the health of your blood vessels and purifying your body from within, this black agate is a wonderful option for improving your health. The stone also helps fetch attention towards any disease that exits in the wearer’s body. 
• Emotional healing

This lovely stone helps you get control of your anger. Rather, it replaces your anger with love and kindness. The Black Feather Medicine Bow Agate has an amazing emotional capability of creating a balance between the yin and yang force. It can also invite a superb feeling of tranquility towards you so that you feel stronger and better than before. Use it for gathering courage. It will also help you to speak and support the truth. Using this stone, you can even recognize your veiled feelings.
• Mental healing

Apart from physical and emotional healing, the stone also provides great support mentally. It is a great option for those people who want to strengthen their memory. It improves the power of concentration and analysis. It gives you a better perspective in life. When you use Black Feather Medicine Bow Agate, you start removing negativity out of your life. Depression also stays at bay when you use this stone. 

• Spiritual healing

This stone acts as a great cleanser for your mind, body, emotions, and soul. You can use this stone to attain stability and enhance spirituality in life. 

Feather Medicine Bow Agate Facts

• The chief locations for this stone include Germany, Asia, India, Brazil, and Mexico. However, it can be found all across the globe. 

• The stone belongs to the class tectosilicate and has a hexagonal crystal system. 

• The specific gravity of Black Feather Medicine Bow Agate is 2.64-2.57. 

• The luster of this stone is greasy to dull vitreous. 

• The stone is opaque or transparent. 

• The fracture type is splintery to conchoidal. 

• It has a white streak. 

Metaphysical Properties

• Invites prosperity - Those who wish to gain wealth and opulence in their lives can use this precious stone with full confidence and trust. It will attract prosperity to you.
• Invites conquest - It is often recommended for inviting conquest in life. Thus, it is also recommended to the sportsperson. Filling the wearer with bravery and connecting your strong bond with reality, this black agate combines both the heavenly and earthly chi forces in such a way that you are able to feel unique spiritual energy around your aura. 

• Fights physical problems - Using Black Feather Medicine Bow Agate also helps you fight the physical problems of cramps as well as indigestion. 

Feather Medicine Bow Agate Color

Black feather medicine bow agate can be found in clear appearance, white hue, whitish gray, black, brown, pink and red. Use this stone for enhancing insistence and tolerance in your life. It will also give you internal and external tranquility. 

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