Axinite Jewelry Collection


The Axinite gemstone derives its name from the Greek word ‘axe’. The gemstone has the attractive golden brown color, that is basically the presence of calcium aluminium borate silicate in different proportions makes the color vary from lilac to violet and from brown to reddish brown.

The gemstone Axinite is very rare and hence popular amongst the collectors.

The Axinite, a very popular gemstone crystal.

Axinite gemstone is pleochroic which means the it reflects different colors when seen from different angles.The gemstone is not treated or modified.  The gemstone remains untreated throughout the production and hence increases the popularity of the stone.

The Axinite (borosilicate, Magnesio-Axinite) gemstone is a famous gemstone that helps to explore the inner truth of the wearer. The wearer of the gemstone gains benefits with increased communication and a reduction in resentment.

The gemstone is especially preferred by the people with the birth sign of Capricorn.

The Axinite is thought to support the people who want improvement in the bone alignment and maintenance of the spinal cord.

Exploring Axinite Jewelry at Gemexi

The Gemexi has gained the finesses over the collection of the gemstones as well as the manufacturing from last  many years. The entire family is in the jewelry business making it the sole concentration of the manpower. The skilled labor at the Jewlexi works hard to create magic and unique jewelry pieces. We have collected and sourced the gemstones that fits perfect for the jewelry. We wish to lead the jewelry industry and tap the largest market with the most authentic gemstones and jewelry. The attractive brownish golden color of the gemstone makes for the demand of the Axinite jewelry. The gemstone and the jewelry made of Axinite is very affordable.

The designs are latest and the fitting of the gemstones is accurate for you to be confident enough while you wear your jewelry piece. Jewelry in todays time is an accessory and not the special occasions matter.

Excellent Craftsmanship by Gemexi

The craftsman at the Gemexi are skilled enough to get you the best crafted gemstone that will definitely catch your attention. The designs and the final pieces are so alluring that it will motivate you to buy the jewelry. We are present online and plans to expand the market base online only. The company of the skilled craftsman has enabled Gemexi to bring the best of the jewelry pendants, earrings, and other jewelry.Our Each and every piece of work speaks for itself and our experience in Jewelry making.

Styles of Axinite Jewelry

The craftsman at Gemexi knows and understands the tastes of people.They modify it with the changing times and the changing demands. You may check the beautiful and the unique pieces of jewelry that includes nose pin, necklace, earrings, pendants, pins and brooches that are made in 925 sterling silver.

The craftsman with us always takes it as a challenge to serve the best in terms of jewelry designing and its manufacturing. The on demand or the customized jewelry is also made at Gemexi. Well, for the rest and the existing ones, you can visit our web page.

Axinite Source

The Axinite gemstone deposits are found in Brazil, France, Mexico, the USA, in different parts of Sri Lanka, Russia, Pakistan and Tanzania.

Personalized Axinite Jewelry

Jewelry in today’s time does not restrict its use on special occasions like a wedding or an engagement ceremony. For some, they just do not need a reason to wear and own a jewelry piece. And imagine all that is done in your very personal style. We manufacture jewelry that is made to order. We have a trained and experienced customer support, that help our clients to make ultimate selections for themselves.

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