Australian Pilbara Jewelry

Why Australian Pilbara Jewelry is Loved All Around the World

Australian Pilbara is a wonderful gift of nature to mankind. It is a charming stone full of immense healing properties along with unique beauty. Also popularly known as the Picasso Stone, this excellent wonder of nature helps us gain self discipline and inner strength. Australian Pilbara is actually a metamorphic limestone that gets geologically formed deep in the ground. Apart from the beautiful jewelry, this amazing stone called Australian Pilbara is also used as a protective and healing stone as it is believed to soak up and convert the negative energy. Generally, the stone comes in different shades of black, grey, cream and red with impressive streaks of red, black and grey hues

Historical References for Australian Pilbara

This stone was considered holy in many ancient cultures because of its powerful healing attributes. The stone is believed to be very nurturing as it absorbs all negative energy. It is also considered to be a stone of protection.

Important Sources for Australian Pilbara

This stone is commonly found in Australia and that’s the reason why it is called Australian Pilbara. However, the other important sources for this stone include Brazil, China and India

Amazingly Attractive Jewelry Styles of Australian Pilbara

The jewelry made out of Australian Pilbara looks very alluring, impressive and ultra modern as the stone displays superb patterns of hues on its surface, just as we see on any modern painting. The diaphaneity of this stone is translucent to opaque while its hardness is 6.5 – 7 on Mohs scale. The stone displays a unique luster of vitreous to greasy. You can find beautiful Australian Pilbara jewelry in form of pendants, earrings and many more other items.

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