Amethyst Jewelry Collection

Silver Gemstone amethyst jewelry is the symbol of royal and wealth cause of its deep purple color. The real amethyst stone is the official birthstone of the people who are born in February, and when it gets a fix with 925 sterling silver then it creates the best combination of genuine amethyst pendants. Real amethyst jewelry makes the wearer humble, gentle, and polite. The powers of a sterling amethyst ring include dreams, love, spiritual connection, stabilizing the mind, and healing.

Types of Collections of Amethyst Jewelry

Gemexi Provides you with whole accessories from head to toe. Jewelry always grabs the attention and gemexi has crafted genuine amethyst jewelry for all attention seekers. Let know about the types of best amethyst jewelry and list as follows:
  1. Necklace/Pendants

This stone belongs to the quartz family, and if you want to enhance the beauty of your jewelry collection. Do shop and flaunt with our natural sterling silver amethyst necklace. We also offer heart-shaped necklaces, hand of god hamsa, tree of life, and many more necklaces.
  1. Rings 

Stone rings are always in demand for men and women. Silver amethyst jewelry looks stunning, go with everyday style. We also offer amethyst gemstone jewelry boho rings, heart shapes rings, and many more.
  1. Earrings

Amethyst Earrings and studs are the top priority of a woman that's why we have a wide range of luxurious to modest amethyst earring jewelry at affordable prices. Do come and check our collection once.
  1. Bracelets

If you want and want to gift someone luxurious gemstone jewelry then an amethyst jewelry bracelet is the best choice for you. Gemexi offers you a vast collection of sterling silver bracelets with different colors of amethyst gemstone. 

Buy Best Amethyst Jewelry Collections for women

Jewelry enhances the beauty of women on every occasion and celebration. Women always want to look just perfect all day with the best jewelry pieces. Just add a piece of simple gemstone jewelry and this will glorify your personality. At Gemexi, you will find 925 sterling silver amethyst jewelry for your causal meetings, official functions, and get together.

Buy Best Amethyst Jewelry Collections for men

Gemexi has the best trending jewelry for men. We have designed exclusive genuine amethyst rings at the wholesale collection for men. At Gemexi find the best amethyst stone bracelets. On your special days like anniversaries, birthday presents, you can gift your men the best amethyst jewelry and other gemstone jewelry.

How to find and shop, an original silver amethyst jewelry 

The genuine amethyst gemstone comes in different hues of purple from light mauve to lavender to deep purple. Yes, it's hard to identify the original amethyst gemstone and experts are also fail to identify it. But Gemexi makes you sure about the quality and authenticity of the best sterling silver amethyst jewelry collections at wholesale price. From across the world, we have collected and sourced the real amethyst gemstones that fit perfectly for the 925 silver sterling jewelry. We wish to lead the jewelry industry and tap the largest market with the most authentic gemstones and Amethyst silver jewelry, and you can also visit our blog 'How to identify if amethyst is real or fake', it will help you to identify the genuine Amethyst gemstone. 

Genuine Amethyst Jewelry Partner- Gemexi

Gemexi is a trusted leading company in handcrafted silver gemstone jewelry brand located in Jaipur, India, with its global purchasers. Our company offers a wide range of silver jewelry and other gemstones jewelry pieces at wholesale price. We make sure that the collection of real amethyst bracelets created by Gemexi will use the highest quality gemstones.

We also help you to find the best gemstone according to your birth and Astro, along with this we provide free shipping all over the world. We create genuine amethyst earrings purchase experience smooth for our worldwide clients. Update your gemstone jewelry collection with the best amethyst jewelry necklace and add in your cart other gemstones labradorite, Onyx, and moonstone jewelry. Log in today with Gemexi to get the best collection of amethyst rings at wholesale prices.

Trending Silver Amethyst Jewelry Accessories for men?

Yes, men's jewelry. At gemexi, you will find the best collection of unisex jewelry, a wide range of boho rings, snake jewelry, and many more other trending jewelry for men.

Amethyst Heart shape jewelry for men and women?

This is the best jewelry gift and the best valentine's gift for your love. Gift your love and family the silver handmade heart shape jewelry. At gemexi, you find a wide range of heart shape rings, pendants, bracelets, and many more.

Why Silver Amethyst Jewelry is good for health?

  1. Physical healing of Amethyst: This gemstone is the cure for insomnia and sleeping disorders. It calms and soothes many energies like stress, migraine pains, traumas, and physical tensions.
  2. Emotional Healing of Amethyst: this is the best stone to heal emotional tensions and anxiety. It helps a person to understand the things that are good or bad for a person.
  3. Spiritual Healing of Amethyst: The real amethyst gemstone protects you from ill wishes, psychic attacks, paranormal activities, and negativity.

How to style the Amethyst Jewelry? 

Wear this amethyst gemstone jewelry with plane colors of outfits like beige, orange, yellow, black, and pastel shades, do not carry this with block prints. This gemstone comes in royal stone, so this will go with your all royal and cocktail parties.

How to take care of an Amethyst Ring?

The best way to clean the amethyst ring is warm water with shop, keep the ring in soapy water for five to ten minutes and clean this with a soft cloth. After this, your ring will look like a new piece of amethyst jewelry. 
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