Actinolite Jewelry

Why Actinolite Jewelry is So Adorable

Actinolite stands for a beautiful gemstone that can be found in attractive hues of grey, white and green. If the iron content is high in actinolite, it shows dark colors. The stone exhibits lighter shades when the iron content is less. The stone is also called “The stone of dreams”, as it helps in the recollection and examination of dreams. Actinolite belongs to the Amphibole family of Asbestos. The translucent variety of Actinolite is found rarely. Fine jewelry pieces can be created out of this wonderfully attractive gemstone. 

Historical References for Actinolite Jewelry

The word ‘Actinolite’ comes from aktis which is a Greek word. Aktis means ray. The gemstone looks even more beautiful and captivating when sun rays fall upon it. Hence, this gemstone is known as actinolite. Actinolite is believed to possess many powers and energies. The stone is used in strengthening the immune system. It is often recommended in many therapies that require better function of various body organs. Those who feel stressed can also take help of this gemstone as the stone is believed to lessen stress. It is said and believed that by wearing actinolite one can recognize his inner self in a better way.

Important Sources for Actinolite

Some of the important locations for Actinolite include Taiwan, USA, Canada, New Zealand, China, Brazil, and Russia.

Delightful Jewelry Styles of Actinolite

Actinolite is a relatively soft gemstone and hence is used in specific jewelry items including rings, earrings, pendants, brooches and pins. The diaphaneity of actinolite is translucent to transparent. It measures 5-6 in hardness on Moh's scale. The actinolite jewelry looks enthralling and adds glamour to your personality. Frequently, this gorgeous actinolite gemstone is used in making adorable rings.

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