How to wear & care coral jewelry?

By Gemexi Team | Jewelry Education
  • Updated On May 9, 2020
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How to wear & care coral jewelry?

Coral gemstone is considered as one of the most precious stones among all the valuable gems. The vivid bright color and awestruck glow of this stone lift the overall standard of this stone. Also, Coral has been applauded as one of the most exquisite shades for spring/summer fashion, as it's easy to incorporate in your looks.

Whether you're going out to lunch with friends, hitting a party, attending a job interview, or just chilling out, chunky coral jewelry is a must-have in your ensemble. Here are few styling tips for you to wear your quirky coral jewelry:

  • The little black dress is an example of the ultimate fashion pieces one can wear. Although, wearing it alone can leave it looking a little dull. A chunky coral necklace is an excellent way to add a pop of color to your appearance; it will bring your unique style to this timeless masterpiece. You can also combine it with coral shoes for an extra hint of color.
  • Adding bold coral earrings or pendant to an outfit that's full of loud prints can create a really attractive effect that's assured to turn heads. You can also do this by picking a monochrome outfit by picking some patterned black trousers and pairing it with a white plain top.
  • Styling Denim with a piece of jewelry can be a tricky one to get right, but a bold statement necklace is a fabulous way to add color to a contrarily simple outfit. If you want to stand out, you can add coral brooches to your jacket to complement it with the complete outfit.
  • With a regular denim jacket also, patches, colored stitches, and buttons will work well.
  • Pairing coral shoes with a coral necklace works beautifully and can be accustomed to all sorts of different looks. You might blend leather coral shoes with a chic bodycon dress and chunky coral necklace for a look to turn heads around.
  • If you guess you can't wear jewelry with a turtleneck top or dress, think again. There's no concept that says you can't be fancy by being cozy and show off your beloved statement piece. Pick a piece of jewelry that complements the color of your turtleneck and goes neatly around the neck or ears. A necklace is an exceptional choice if you love jewelry but find it bothersome against the skin. It's also perfect for those colder days when you need to stay warm without negotiating on style.

Genuine coral has some recommendations for their wear and care. Whatever kind of coral jewelry you select to purchase, care must be taken to stop any damage. Coral is an incredibly delicate, porous stone and must be kept away from sharp objects and hard chemicals in order to maintain its beauty. By correctly taking care of a piece of coral jewelry, you will have an article that will look striking and elegant for life.

Be sure and take off your jewelry while applying cosmetics, skincare products, and particularly hair sprays or perfume that consists of alcohol. These beauty products are made of chemicals and acids which can hurt the coral. You should wait several minutes after using these products before you put on your jewelry. Stock your jewelry in delicate cloth sacks or inlined boxes. Contact with other pieces of jewelry may scratch them, so precisely lay each piece in a separate section of your jewelry box. Never keep them in plastic containers; they will serve from air circulation.

Remember that statement jewelry is about showing off your unique style and standing out. Whether you want to look sophisticated, easygoing, grungy, or anything in between, there's a style to wear chunky coral necklaces to complete the look you want.

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