Blue Scheelite

Blue Scheelite (Lapis Lace Onyx) - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Sometimes you need a magical touch that can solve all your problems and can make life better for you. This magical touch can be anything – from a warm embrace of your dear one to a product that works wonders on your self-confidence. Many consider gemstones, minerals and crystal to have magical powers that can miraculously solve problems, calm the mind and take care of many physical ailments. There are undoubtedly many well-known gemstones that are easily available and can heal the inner soul beautifully. However there are also stones that are lesser-known, have been discovered recently which are as effective and sometimes give surprising results. You can literally feel the energies of the stone vibrate through your entire body just by holding such a stone. 

Blue Scheelite is one such stone which is surprising gemologists and healers by its amazing powers. Considered to be a very recent discovery (Scheelite has been known for a long time but this particular variant is a newer discovery) it has been creating waves due to its startling metaphysical and healing properties. In its truest sense Blue Scheelite which is also becoming popular by its alternative name Lapis Lace Onyx is composed of quite a few minerals which gives it so many amazing qualities.

It is a gorgeous mineral which has a rare combination of Calcite, Scheelite and Blue Dolomite. The base rock of the stone mainly consists of Calcite which gives it a pale color. The high alkaline content increases the base energy. There are dark cream, gold and yellow areas in the middle of the stone which indicate the presence of the mineral Scheelite while the blue strips above are due to the presence of Blue Dolomite. It is in this area that the masculine and feminine energies are balanced. Though Dolomite and Calcite are quite similar in composition yet can behave differently, in a Blue Scheelite stone they come together as supportive minerals. 

Where is Blue Scheelite found?

Scheelite was discovered in 1781 in Sweden’s Mount Bispbergsklack, Säter, Dalarna. The mineral was named after Cark Wilhelm Scheele who discovered Tungsten. Scheelitecomes from the ore of Tungsten which is a rare Earth metal. Scheelite is most commonly found blended with other elements, crystals, and mineral. Blue Scheelite is one of the forms which has gathered gemstone like quality and is thus used in jewelry making. Scheelite is often found in tin-bearing veins and can be found close to areas where gold is mined. It has been mined from Switzerland, Arizona, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil. Some of the best qualities of Blue Scheelite is found in Turkey. 

Healing Properties Of Blue Scheelite

Blue Scheelite is known for its grounding effect. It is quite a heavy stone which helps in keeping a wearer grounded. It also detoxifies the energy system by repelling bacteria, toxins and other harmful microbes. The stone helps to stabilize and support the energy system in such a manner that we are able to truly connect and feel safe in our surroundings. It helps a wearer unleash her creative abilities, allows her to travel through the astral world, allows spiritual awakening and deepens one’s consciousness. It also helps in the psychic development. Holding a Blue Scheelite in your hand can change the course of your life. 

Physical Healing – While Blue Scheelite is primarily associated with emotional, spiritual and chakra healing, it does leave its mark on the physical body as well. One of the most defining jobs of this mineral is that it increases the physical body’s energy levels. It allows you to go about your day in a focused manner. If you keep the stone close by, you will not feel low or de-motivated.
Emotional Healing – Blue Scheelite can help to make you stronger from within. The stone helps you to understand yourself, delve deeper into your inner self and find the things that are troubling you. It helps to trust yourself before trusting others. Blue Scheelite also enables you to trust and respect yourself before respecting others. It brings humanity, discretion and honor back to your life. 

Spiritual Healing – Blue Scheeliteacts as a filter through which you can look at the world in a much better way. It helps drive away negative energies and keeps you cushioned comfortably with positive energies. With the help of this stone you can see the best in a person, giving him the benefit of doubt. The stone teaches you to see the good in everything and everyone. Instead of saying that a glass is half empty, Blue Scheelitewill nudge you to see it half full. You will not think of your partner as being unavailable but as a rather hard-working, dedicated family man trying to fulfill all your wishes. This is the power of Blue Scheelite. 

Chakra Healing – Blue Scheelite is celebrated for its powerful chakra healing powers. It works miraculously on the Throat Chakra – the voice of the body. When the throat chakra is blocked or there is an imbalance it can affect thecondition of the other chakras since in idle condition it acts as a pressure valve for other chakras. Keeping the throat chakra balanced is crucial for the well-being of the body and this is exactly what the Blue Scheelite does. 

Blue Scheelite Facts

Also known as Lapis Lace Onyx

General mineral composed of calcite, scheelite and blue dolomite

The stone has powerful balancing capabilities which allows femininity and masculinity go hand in hand

Dark cream, gold and yellow colors found in this pre-dominantly blue colored stone

Scheelite was discovered in 1781 in Sweden's Mount Bispbergsklack, Säter, Dalarna

Named after Cark Wilhelm Scheele who discovered Tungsten

Scheelite mined from Switzerland, Arizona, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil

Best qualities of Blue Scheelite is found in Turkey

A heavy stone holding which you will immediately feel grounded 

Helps understand one's creative abilities

Give self confidence 

Teaches to respect oneself before others

Brings humility, honor and humanity back to one's life

Teaches to look at the world positively

Works wonderfully on the Throat Chakra 

Metaphysical Properties Of Blue Scheelite

Blue Scheelite or Lapis Lace Onyx is a grounding stone that helps to stay calm and composed. The stone also facilitates shamanic and astral journeys by widening one’s psychic visions and capabilities. It is generally believed that meditating with the stone helps improve one’s sensibilities. 

Blue Scheelite Color

As the name suggests it is a predominantly blue colored stone with traces of dark cream, gold, and yellow colors. 

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