Process To Remove Negative Energy From Your Home

By Gemexi Team | Gemstone Healing
  • Posted: Saturday, February 22, 2020
Process To Remove Negative Energy From Your Home


Negative or positive energy cannot be seen by us but it can be felt. Energy demonstrates itself through the many activities around us. Through these, we can sense if the energy is depressing or positive.
There are so many practices that can help you perceive negative energies in your home. Today we will show you the easiest one which will detect depressing energies and clear them from your residing place and continue the accord in your family.

We dwell in certain energies where we live. Our homes are a room of unity where different types of energies meet like our feelings, emotions and thoughts emit a certain type of energy, but at the same time they also attract other energies. Family members, visitors or neighbor’s visits in our homes can sometimes bring in negative energies which may influence our mood and health.
The energy remains can be a result of depressing emotions, occurrences, thoughts, and stress that you may experience in your space.

Your house is like a sponge; whatever comes to existence in your environment, it is absorbed into the walls, carpet, ceiling, furniture, and objects. Normally, these negative energies collect in the corners and pushed away places. If you think that you have faced negative events recently or a lot of sadness and fear, it is time to cleanse your space immediately!

Once these energies penetrate your home, they tend to impact your whole life. They can cause your budget to swing, break the relations between family members and disturb the harmony in your home. As a consequence, you will feel uneasy, restless and broken, with no willpower to live. However, the symptoms may not be obvious in the early stages, which is why it’s significant to know how to distinguish the negative energy in your place.

However, if you can’t discover the fundamental problem, these things might help you to detect negative energies:

  • Get a clear (see-through) glass and dispense sea salt in it – it should cover about one-third of the glass. Top the rest of the glass off with water, and then put it in the room or area where you believe the bad vibes are most controlling. It is vital to know that you need to throw away the water and salt from the glass in the toilet and flush it, this will clear all the depressing energy absorbed in your house. You can repeat the same the next day if you feel that the bad vibes are still around you. 


  • Try airing everything out - The first step to moving negative air out of your home is to open up all the windows and generate a breeze to let the air come through, do this even if it's freezing outside. Please keep in mind that fresh Air is everything, while you're at it; even try shaking out your pillows and blankets.


  • Carefully burn some incense - The aromatic smokes have been considered very vital in spiritual and meditation practice. It is widely said that incense sticks are used to elevate the energy, and Nag champa is one of the best used in cleaning home for meditation as it has properties of creating a calm and serene atmosphere. Spraying orange essential oil around your home will help in reducing the impact of negative energy. There is something about the aroma of oranges that takes you back to the smiles and sunshine. It clears the negative energy and also uplifts your mood. You can also diffuse some drops into water or using an organic essential oil spray will also help.


  • Be sure to repair or remove broken things - According to a Feng Shui and holistic living expert, broken things bring that stuck negative energy into your home. Remove clutter as soon as possible.


  • Protect your space with crystals - Black Tourmaline gemstone is known to defend against and dissolve negative energy. Rose Quartz stone is known to replace depressing emotions and feelings with positive vibes and energy. It is recommended to keep these kinds of stones close to electronic devices if possible. Amethyst stone is one of the most excellent crystals to employ for removing negative energy in the home. It presents gentle caring energy that transforms negative energy into encouraging energy.


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