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The beautiful prismatic Beryl crystal immediately captures the attention of any onlooker. With its brilliant transparent and vitrous to translucent luster, the Beryl gemstones look quite charismatic. It is worthy to mention that Beryl is not a single gemstone. Rather it is a family of gemstones! Beryl (beryllium aluminium cyclosilicate) comprises aluminum and beryllium along with silicates. Beryl is frequently found in the colorless form. However, the presence of different impurities gives it various shades like green, pink, or more. Let us now discuss the Beryl history and Beryl meaning.

Beryl Meaning or History

Goshenite is the name of beryl when existing in colorless form. The ones with dark green shades are called emeralds. The blue-colored beryl gems are known as aquamarine while those with rosy pink shades are called morganites. Also worth mentioning is one more variety of Beryl, that is, the beautiful Alexandrite which is found in dual tones. It is worth mentioning that the beryl stone is coveted and valued much more when it is found in colorful varieties. The colorless ones are comparatively lesser in value and price.

The historical pieces of evidence suggest that Beryl uses existed even in the ancient times. The gemstone gets its name from the Greek term ‘beryllos’ which was commonly used for green gems initially but gradually, the name was specifically implied to Beryl. During ancient times, the beryl stone was connected with mystic powers and uses.

Where is Beryl found?

The chief sources of Beryl include Russia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Madagascar, and the USA. The deposits of Beryl have also been discovered in Sweden, Germany, Colombia, Norway and Austria.

Healing Properties Of Beryl

The healing properties of beryl will impress you immediately and one must discuss and know the same while planning to buy the beautiful beryl jewelry or beryl gemstones. The gemstone has the power to provide calming beneficial results in problems related to kidneys. This gemstone helps the body organs perform better than before. One can use it to improve the overall blood circulation in the body. The pulmonary issues are also addressed well with the help of beryl gemstones. Anyone who is facing trouble because of poor resistance and immunity against diseases caused by toxic elements or a polluted atmosphere can use beryl to find relief and comfort. This gemstone is also considered beneficial for treating problems related to the heart, spine, liver and stomach. The stone is also respected for its ability to treat ailments related to bronchitis, asthma and throat infections. The gemstone is also used as a sedative in form of elixir. Beautiful beryl gemstones are also recommended to people who wish to get healing results and positive soothing effects in ailments related to the heart and respiratory system. 

Beryl Facts

  1. Beryl is not a name of single gemstone, rather, it is a family of gemstones including aquamarine, alexandrite, morganite, etc.
  2. The term Beryl originates from the Greek term beryllos meaning green.
  3. Beryl gemstones are highly coveted and respected for Beryl spiritual properties and beryl healing properties. 
  4. The beryl gemstones in colored forms are more valuable than those in the colorless variety. 
  5. From warding off tension to providing relaxation, better focus, healing, health and wealth, the Beryl gems are used for a variety of purposes worldwide. 
  6. Beryl gems can be worn in form of tempting jewelry pieces available in a variety of designs and styles.

Metaphysical Properties Of Beryl

Let us now discuss the amazing Beryl metaphysical properties.

The gemstone creates suitable conditions in your life for attaining wealth and opulence. It is said that this gemstone forms the right kind of conditions that are favorable for attracting good luck and wealth. You can also trust this stone for helping you improve your reflex actions. Aiding in better and wise decisions and giving you a clear thought procedure, the gemstone guides you in the right way and ensures that you take the right decision at the right time. Anyone who feels that his or her power of expression needs improvement must take the help of the beautiful beryl crystal. The stone gives you confidence and clarity. It aids in the clear and confident expression of your thoughts. It is also strongly believed that the wearer or user of beryl gemstone gets the ability to impress others. Thus, when you start using this gemstone, you will notice that your professional promotions that are due for a long period have started to happen in reality.

If you are confused about the goals and ambitions of your life, the use of beryl will bring clarity and better judgment power. It will help you see things clearly and will also give you indications that will help you move in the right direction. Warding off all types of negativities and dullness around you, it will inspire you to stay firm in your goals. The aforementioned point also supports the fact that how this stone will help you gain wealth and prosperity. Beryl gemstones are believed to have mystic energy that helps in understanding spirituality in a better way. This energy also helps you hone your psychic powers and abilities. 

Why Would You Use Beryl?

One must know about the Beryl healing properties and beryl spiritual meaning that convince for using these superb gemstones embedding immense powers and benefits. Some of the most important uses of Beryl are mentioned below.
  1. The gemstone is known for guiding you in the right direction. Steering off all sorts of chaos and confusion, it will show you the path that is right for you.
  2. The gemstone is also loved and respected for its ability of warding off any type of tension from your life.
  3. Do you want to know your true potential? If so, having Beryl with you will truly help you out. 
  4. If you are feeling the burden of any emotional stress, using beryl gemstones will calm down your mind and help you feel relaxed. 
  5. It is worth mentioning that low levels of energy are not the only problem. Sometimes, the high energy levels can also become a problem resulting in exertion and hyperactivity. The use of beryl is beneficial in this regard too as it balances the energy and calms down a disturbed mind and body that is exhausted because of unusual energy levels. 
  6. Use this beautiful gemstone to enhance the levels of bravery and confidence -the most important personality traits that help you come out as a winner in tough situations of life. 
  7. Many people are unable to proceed further and pursue their future goals because the past keeps on distracting them. If that is the case with you, using Beryl will of utter help. The gemstone helps forget the painful and disappointing past and aids in moving further without any feeling of burden or guilt. 
  8. One of the most important uses of beryl gemstones include the power of providing optimism and hope. Be it your own negative thoughts or any types of negative vibes surrounding your aura, having beryl crystal with you will create hope and optimism and you will be able to get a fresh perspective full of positivity and hope. 
  9. Keep the distraction away from your life and stay more focused on your objectives by using the lovely beryl gemstones. 
  10. This gem is quite helpful for those who need courage and the right aptitude for accomplishing various tasks. Hence, the stone is quite beneficial for achieving different goals in both personal and professional life. 
  11. The gemstone is also known for aiding a person in recognizing his or her talent and skills. 
  12. Beryl spiritual properties are of extreme significance. It is strongly believed that the gemstone helps you find answers to complex spiritual issues that cannot be understood easily.

Beryl In News

Beryl Color

As we mentioned earlier, Beryl is a family of gemstones. Thus, the variety of Beryl gemstones are found in different colors. Apart from the colorless form, the Beryl gems are found in pink, yellow, green, yellowish green, and golden shades. The golden-colored beryl is simply called the Golden Beryl. Sometimes, this stone is also found in dual tones (the alexandrite stone). You must have heard about the Heliodor gemstones. The Heliodor octagon gemstone looks very beautiful and belongs to the beryl family. It is found in a range of attractive yellow shades including the orangish yellow, green-yellow, dark bright yellow or light-yellow colors. The Heliodor octagon gemstone in its faceted form is used widely for jewelry purposes.

  • CleavageImperfect on {0001}
  • Other NamesYellow emerald, Golden beryl and heliodor Octagon
  • Crystal HabitPrismatic to tabular crystals; radial, columnar; granular to compact massive
  • StreakWhite
  • Refractive Indexnω = 1.564–1.595 or nε = 1.568–1.602
  • DiaphaneityTransparent to translucent
  • Mohs scale (hardness)
  • SourcesBeryl found in Russia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Madagascar, USA.
  • Chemical formulaBe3Al2Si6O18
  • LustreVitreous to resinous
  • ColorGreen, yellow, golden beryl, Aquamarine (blue beryl), White Beryl, colorless, pink
  • Chakra HealingNA
  • BirthstoneMay
  • Zodiacscorpio
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